Anniversary, the USS Liberty and JFK


As went The USS Liberty, So Goes our Legal System?

A badly corrupted court of inquiry

The navy lawyer who convened the court of inquiry, and its chief counsel, have both exposed the proceedings as wired by the white house to cover up the crimes.

Rear Admiral Merlin Staring, the navy captain who convened the court, later served as the Navy’s top lawyer, its Judge Advocate General. He is firmly on record, that the Court was corrupted by the white house from the beginning, to cover up a carefully planned and brutal attempt to sink a world class noncombatant US vessel, and kill every one of the 300 or so Americans on board.

Cpt Ward Boston, chief counsel for the court, said the same in his January, 2004 Declaration, and his 31 minute video interview. He pointed out the evidence of a deliberate “slaughter” was overwhelming. Boston had flown as a combat aviator for eight years, prior to his decades as a navy lawyer.

Their conclusions are supported by Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Undersecretary George Ball, Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Thomas Moorer, CIA Director Richard Helms, NSA deputy director of operations Oiver Kirby, and others.

The attack included at least three war crimes against the U.S. – unmarked planes, jamming emergency frequencies and machine-gunning life rafts.

That is aside from the war crimes against others–including murdering Egyptian prisoners in the Sinai, and the clearly offensive rather than preemptive nature of Israel’s June 5 attack. (The US, Israel and the Arab neighbors all knew that even if all 5 neighbors attacked Israel at once, Israel would clean up within a week or two. Israel wanted the land, and started the war.)

Nuremberg mocked. The shocking Nuremberg violations in the Liberty attack were addressed by Ralph Nader. Any Israeli pilot, who refused to attack the American ship, was arrested.

An “automatic” Congressional investigation never happened. See Senator Fulbright’s assessment that jews have too much power over the Congress, later thoroughly documented by Walts and Mearsheimer, in The Israel Lobby.

Reflecting a pattern in America’s legal system?

Abe Fortas with LBJ

Jewish presence on the US Supreme Court did not start well. According to Versailles insider Benjamin Friedman, Louis Brandeis went on the court, in return for Louis Untermeyer paying off a woman whom Woodrow Wilson was involved with at Princeton.

If true, this was bribery, extortion, or both, akin to the game that sent Governor Blagojevich of Illinois to prison in 2011. Untermyer was a major Zionist, and Brandeis had changed his middle name to Dembitz, after his Zionist uncle.

The 5th jewish justice, Abe Fortas, was appointed by heavy Zionist supporter Lyndon Johnson, and was forced to resign under impeachment pressure, over a 20 year bribery program set up by the Wolfson family.

Presidential Portrait Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964 (Wallace Seawell Photograph)

A monster rooted in US money. Churchill, the US foreign service, Sever Plocker, Kruschev, Solzhenitsin, Universal Jewish Encyclopedia and others confirm the dominant role of jews– with Jacob Schiff and many of the others from the U.S. — in the Bolsheviks and soviets.

(Wikipedia’s entry on Jewish Bolshevism sweeps them all aside and says its just anti-Semitic drivel, reflecting founder Jimmy Wales’ jewish roots, and the massive program by Israel and its supporters, to rewrite Wikipedia. See Israel’s Internet Censorship, If Americans Knew.)

The abuses of civil rights, including summary executions for active anti-semitism, were much larger in scale under these groups, than anything by the Nazis. The same mindset surfaced in the torturing of witnesses and victor’s justice at Nuremberg, described as a fraud by Chief US Justice Harlan Fisk Stone, even though Justice Jackson, with the weakest academic credentials on the Supreme Court, participated.

Other deeply troubling examples include the Great Sedition Trials beginning in 1944, ultimately dismissed after inflicting much hardship repressing critics of jews; the 1945 assassination of George Patton for vocal opposition to the white house-soviet collusion; lack of prosecutions after the Lavon Affair of 1954, in which Israelis were caught planting bombs in US facilities in Cairo; a likely pivotal role of Israel and supporters in the public execution of Pres Kennedy in 1963 (see separate flyer); many powerful commentators calling 9/11 a Zionist/imperialist inside job (see separate flyer); ensuing Zionist/imperialist wars urinating on the Nuremberg principals; the “fraud” at Guantanamo, as described by former chief prosecutors; and the Holy Land Foundation kangaroo trial in Dallas (2009).

Bankruptcy Courts – “As jewish as kosher butchering”

That is a description of the bankruptcy courts historically, from Former general counsel and pres of Xerox Saul Linowitz has written about the “stripping of the bone” in supposed “reorganizations”, and the need for legislation to curb it. 

Bankruptcy fee experts like Lynn Lopucki of Harvard Law have described skyrocketing fees as “like the guy who robbed the bank, because that’s where the money was.” For them and other commentators, see Stop the Plunder in Bankruptcy Court , appendix 5 to

Gadfly Sherman Skolnick, who got several judges forced off the bench or into jail, talked about bagmen for Israel, reportedly waiting in the wings of bankruptcy proceedings.

I watched a speaker, in an Indiana Continuing Legal Education bankruptcy presentation for lawyers, talk about “billing as much as possible.” I watched another bankruptcy specialist, former president of the state bar Tom Yoder, point out that U.S. district courts “rubber stamp” the bankruptcy courts.

This rubber-stamping concern was confirmed for the US court of appeals as well, by Judge Richard Posner, when he quit in September, 2017 over treatment of unlawyered parties, about half of all cases. Identified by the Washington Post as the most prominent judge in the US, outside the Supreme Court, Posner published a book about it, Reforming the Federal Judiciary. Posner said he and the other appellate judges in his circuit had been dumping on pro se parties for decades, relegating them to staff lawyers with 0 to 2 years experience, and the judges commonly just signing off on stacks, put on their desk on Friday afternoon.

Posner was one of the 3 judges, 2 of them jewish, who signed off in 2007 on the denial of my own appeal, which was both pro se and bankruptcy, as a chapter 13 reorganization. Posner writes that he and Easterbrook, chief judge in 2007 have been 2 of the 3 worst, in dumping on pro se’s. Overall, at least 4 of the 10 active judges at the time were jewish. The law firm that devastated my chapter 13, tenants and neighborhood, by billing as much as they could as fast as they could (Krieg De Vault) is the Indpls member of Meritas, a network of jewish law firms.

Disciplinary Abuse to Punish Critics

The Indiana Supreme Court disciplinary commission recognized the above flyer, Stop the Plunder in Bankruptcy Court, as protected by the First Amendment. The key US Supreme Court cases are Garrison v Louisiana (1964) and Gentile v State Bar of Nevada (1991). But then the executive committee became heavily jewish, and the author was suspended for three years, without automatic reinstatement, by a generally ungifted court. This dumped on the public, which depends on insiders who speak out, to protect themselves from such exploitive patterns.  See speech for lawyers, and courts.

What is needed?

Greater gentile awareness of the chauvinistic and exploitive content of Torah and Talmud, the core documents of Judaism; less of a Jewish “stranglehold” (per Billy Graham and Pres Nixon) on the media; and more gentile sophistication and resolve, in uprooting the historically dishonest dog whistle of “anti-semitism.”

The Execution of JFK–indicators of a pivotal zionist role

Ben Gurion wrote that JFK threatened Israel’s survival, by blocking nukes for Israel, and resigned over it. JFK was also taking steps to bypass the Federal Reserve, and tighten the screws on American Zionist Council, predecessor to AIPAC, to register as a foreign agent. He was close to shutting down the CIA, historically symbiotic with Mossad.

Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein until 1947) told his lawyer Wm Kunstler at least 3 times, that he shot Oswald to prevent exposure of the pivotal jewish involvement. Ruby took calls and visits from Al Gruber, who worked for LA mob leader and major Zionist Mickey Cohen, just before the assassination, and Ruby was at temple Nov 22. Texas journalist Penn Jones tied Ruby to Mossad.

Persons in Dallas near Nov 22 included Jim Braden, spotted in the Dal-Tex building; Frank Sturgis, and Yitzhak Rabin. Braden was a carrier for Meyer Lansky, “the mob’s accountant”, who had arranged hits in the past, and later moved to Israel to escape tax prosecution. Sturgis, who had worked with Lansky in Cuba, and with Mossad, told others he participated. Rabin became Defense Minister shortly after his return.

French intelligence officer Peter Neuville said Yitzak Shamir arranged for at least one of the assassins through Deputy Chief of French Intelligence Georges De Lannurien. (Shamir had formed Lehi, which carried out serial assassinations in Israel, and Shamir was assigned to Paris in 1963.)

De Lannurien was sitting in the office of James Angleton, “the mossad mole,” at Langley on Nov 22. Angelton had been the pivotal CIA contact with Israel since 1951, with several monuments honoring him in Israel today, and by 1963 was CIA chief of counterintelligence. A known French hit man was deported from Texas shortly after Nov 22, but the Commission was never told.

The “symbiosis” of the CIA and Mossad was also confirmed by Zionist Jay Cristol, in his book on the USS Liberty. A jury for the Hunt defamation trial found the CIA had killed the president, and Sen. Schweiker reported that the CIA and FBI had collapsed the Warren investigation “like a deck of cards” from the beginning.

Marcello and Trafficante, mob figures most often mentioned, were very close to if not underlings of Lansky.

New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw was a director of Zionist financial group Permindex (from Stone’s movie), and tried to hire a lawyer for Oswald. The lawyer was later convicted of perjury, for denying he knew Shaw. (Denver oil man John King, who tried to talk Garrison off the investigation, was also connected to Permindex. )

Asst AG Katzenbach, who wrote to LBJ on Monday, Nov 25 that the public must be convinced Oswald acted alone, had a card kept on him by the Jewish Welfare Board during WW II.

Within a few minutes of Rubenstein shooting Oswald, Zionist Eugene Rostow called PRESIDENT JOHNSON about sweeping the investigation into one commission controlled by Johnson.

Part of the Senate Photos series of the Arlen Specter collection, this image shows the young Senators Specter and Joe Biden in the early days (1983) of their decades-long friendship. Item id: Senate photo 111183-18236-0010. (Photographer unidentified.)

The main author of the magic bullet theory, widely disbelieved even by Commissioners, was jewish staff lawyer Arlen Specter. Commissioner Gerald Ford, who rewrote the report to move the point of entry up 6″ to make the magic theory work, was beholden to financial angel Max Fisher, a major supporter of Israel. John McCloy had close ties to the Warburgs and Empire Trust, and Allen Dulles had been fired as head of the CIA by Kennedy.

Ten of the 22 Commission staff members were jewish or married to jews, and many of the others had close ties.

The 5 Towns Jewish Times claimed LBJ’s great grandparents Hoffman were jewish, which would make him one fourth jewish if true. His aunt belonged to the American Zionist Council, and LBJ actively supported jewish causes from an early age. LBJ led the cover up, and soon reversed the opposition to nukes for Israel; let up on registration of the American Zionist Council or successor AIPAC; scuttled bypassing of the Federal Reserve; and began boosting aid to Israel.

The heavily jewish major “news” media has studiously ignored this evidence and promoted confusion, from the beginning.

Compare to the “formal inquiry” into Israel’s brutal attack on the USS Liberty. Also to my own suspension under a heavily jewish disciplinary commission and generally ungifted court, for sharply criticizing values and behavior patterns in a heavily jewish sector of the legal profession–after the previous commission recognized the flyer in question as protected under the first amendment. speech for lawyers. The major media leveraged the corruption, by omitting my side entirely from the online story.


This article from and the Warren Commission, po Box 22542, Indpls, IN 46222, is a website of Gordon Dempsey. Gordon served as pres of the city student council and his national honor society (GWHS ’66), qualified for debate nationals, and served on the brain game team. Edging Al Gore on his SAT’s at 1358, he attended Wabash on a full tuition scholarship from the Geo F Baker Trust, passed the written and oral exams for the US Foreign Service (pass rate 3-5%), and studied law at Duke, ranked #1 this year by National Law Journal in placing graduates in prestigious jobs, and #4 overall by Above the Law. He chaired 4 trial seminars for the Indpls Bar Association, and practiced in various state and federal courts from 1974, until suspended in 2013, after exposing exploitative values and behavior patterns in the heavily jewish bankruptcy cartel.

Raised in a jewish sect (protestant Christian), he is now Unitarian. He can be reached at, or 317-925-8000.


Three Powerful Assessments of the Liberty Attack

Admiral Thomas H. Moorer

Thomas Moorer, longest actively serving 4 star admiral in US history: “If the American people understood what a grip (the Israelis) have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.”

Undersecretary of State at the time, George Ball:

“Israel’s leaders concluded that nothing they might do would offend the Americans to the point of reprisal. If American leaders did not have the courage to punish Israel for the blatant murder of American citizens, it seemed clear that their American friends would let them get away with almost anything.”

(To see how prescient Mr. Ball was, look at the quotes on the back.)

Ray McGovern, who gave daily briefings of the President for the CIA for years: The attack was ”the most convincing example of Israel’s power over the US.



The trailer for Justice for the Liberty (3:17), Alex Jones’ USSLiberty Exposed, (5:07), and The USS Liberty Attack in a Nutshell (6:19).

The 2002 BBC video Dead in the Water, The Day Israel Attacked America , and Loss of Liberty are each about an hour, and The USSLiberty-the Unmentioned Parts is 35 minutes.

9/11 Newspeak Rolls Over Us Again

“Are You a Mind Controlled CIA Stooge?” asks Paul Craig Roberts, former Asst Secr of the Treasury, and Assoc Editor of the Wall St Journal

What those who should know say–

Col Ron Ray, USMC, former Deputy Asst Sec of Defense– the official 9/11 story is “a dog that does not hunt

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein is calling for a new investigation.

Commander James Clow, former chief, Nat Response Center of the US Coast Guard, addressed “the fallacies and ineptitude advanced by the government investigators.”

Alan Sabrosky, former MacArthur Chair at the Nat War College, Pres Cossiga of Italy, and Former BBC Correspondent Alan Hart—all say 9/11 was a mossad operation.

VT’s Able Danger source took this photo of the granite melted by the mini-nuke under the WTC.

Fire Engineering Magazine–World Trade Center investigation a half baked farce.

Wm Christison, Dir of Regional Analysis for the CIA—government explanation “almost certainly a monstrous series of lies.”

Terrell Arnold, Int’l Relations Chair, Nat War College—the war on terror is a “gigantic fraud”.

Louis Freeh, FBI Director, summer of 2001—Able Danger was stifled.

Michael Scheuer, chief, CIA Bin Laden Unit—the 9/11 Commission was there to whitewash

Former Defense Ministers of UK, Canada, Australia and Germany—reject Commission Report

Roland Dumas, former Foreign Min. of France “The official version does not hold up

Steve Pieczenik, Dep Asst Sec of State, 3 presidents—false flag

Lynn Margulis, Nat Medal of Science Winner—false flag

Col. Robt Bowman, Star Wars Director under Ford and Carter—Govt explanation “a bunch of hogwash”….”a cover up

1500 architects and engineers, 3 governors, generals, pilots, scholars, etc—

Did Israel’s Mossad Do 9/11?; Alan Hart of BBC Breaks the Silence;  and 9/11: Explosive Evidence—Experts Speak Out on PBS.


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