Breaking: Trump Orders Israel to “Evacuate” ISIS Leaders, “White Helmets,” to America, Canada

VT was right, Trump bringing ISIS and al Qaeda's worst to America with Israel's help...but why?


Israel evacuates 800 “Clooneyite” White Helmets from Syria to Jordan for resettlement in the West

Editor’s note:  VT has been tracking this group, paid out of MI6 and CIA black funds, for years.  Their record is clear, staging phony terror attacks even when they had to hire crisis actors, something we have film evidence or, or doing the killing themselves.

At best, they kidnap and abuse children, sometimes returning them.

At other times, they have butchered up to 1500.  From RT and Sputnik:

According to the German newspaper, Bild, they are heading to Canada, the US, Germany and Britain, after killing thousands of Syrian civilians, particularly children.

Moscow and Damascus have accused the White Helmets of helping to stage a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta’s Douma on April 7 that prompted the United States, the United Kingdom and France to launch more than 100 missiles on multiple targets in Syria one week later.

Israel evacuates 800 White Helmets from Syria to Jordan


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  1. Mr. Duff, please be more careful with headlines. Trump can not order Israel to do this or that.
    The last president who gave an order to Israel ended up assassinated in Dallas.

  2. “Although ‘terrorism’ has become a term our media, state officials, and politicians have grown accustomed to throw around – an expression, more often than not, of their respective world views, the word has yet to be defined objectively, and more to the point under terms the international community as a whole could get behind.
    Terrorism, because of its intrinsic subjective nature sits today a euphemism for political coercion – the covert expression of political thoughts, powers seek to impose through violence and bloodshed while arguing impunity. …

    • … A political label used to single out those deemed unfit, unworthy, or altogether unwelcomed, the word terrorism has been often grossly misused to reflect opinions as opposed to facts.
      Just as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, terrorism is tied up to one’s subjectivity and political interests.
      Admitting to such impartiality in judging what constitutes terrorism, or rather, what makes a group a terrorist entity, does not take away from its nature. Terrorism exists outside moral and ethic. It stands in a space of rationalized violence and crimes to serve hegemonic ambitions. Whomever wields it, stands indeed guilty – particularly those hands which, from behind convenient curtains play patrons to Terror.”

    • 75 “journalists” working in Syria call for Israel’s help
      Voltaire Network | 20 July 2018

  3. Gordon: Disappointed you left out the most compelling video on the savagery of the White Helmets that would have stirred deserved anger at allowing this scum anywhere near the US or any civilized country bar Israel who were in cahoots with them all along – the one provided by the Swedish (?) group of medical personnel (it lies somewhere in the VT files) that showed members of the White Helmets giving purported intracardiac injections where they just shoved hypodermic needles into the chests of young children who, if they weren’t already dead, were killed on the spot.

  4. If George Clooney is a good man he will back out of any white helmets movie deal as I plan on giving him a chance to do so as I will be branded an alt right heretic course, the devil is in the details Mr. Duff….

    Like you said its best to lay off the computer keyboard and keep ones mouth quiet until the facts if any come in as I believe the cloon would be way better than our current loon as always what would I know as I sit retired from one of America’s great institutions as I did logistics for them in a big way.

    The facts on the ground are that there is a huge difference between America’s two political parties and the local American has a clear choice on local election day.

    The Dems are far less crazy…

    I must remind you how our last civil war went for the locals…..


  5. Please take care in published comments. It is not our intent to motivate anyone to violence. We are not Fox News.

  6. I have written a detailed letter to my (Canadian) government, slamming the decision to provide aid and comfort to these terrorists. In my letter, I included multiple cases where the White Helmets have staged videos to be used for propaganda purposes, records of their funding which prove they’re not volunteers, a brief background of their history including their multiple connections to terrorists and examples of the effects of their propaganda, which include the recent illegal attacks conducted by the US, UK and France against the Syrian government.

    • Hahah…It could happen! But, it’s not the first critical letter I’ve written to my government…I wrote one after Canada abstained from voting against recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. I laid into them pretty hard for about 7 pages, accusing them of bending over for Israel. I asked them how they could apologize to our native community for the way the were treated in the past, while ignoring the 70 years of suffering which the Palestinian people have endured, as if their lives are less valuable. I got a reply from the Manager/Gestionnaire Executive Correspondence Services for the Prime Minister’s Office Services, JP Vachon, thanking me for my input. He forwarded my email to our spineless foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, who didn’t have the sack to write me back.

      I may well be painting a target on my back, but I don’t care. I just want my government to know that not everyone is as ignorant as they think we are.

  7. Bring those Criminals into United States and have a nice photo shoot with Cloony and Trump. What could go wrong? Maybe bring them to Baltimore, let them find work, heck they might become taxpaying citizens. After all they are going to vote Repulican, right?.

  8. Mr. Duff,

    I really hate to say this but Israel treats it’s merc’s who got the job done even though losing the war better than any US vet gets treated after any war.

    Medical care? Relocation services for you and ones family?

    Pensions to?

    Inquiring minds have to ask….

    Israel is more loyal to those that serve than the VA I guess as this is sad and damming if one is an American!


    • It has all the makings of a Terrorist/Terrorism fingerprint.
      Who are the individuals that put this act into motion?

    • And now that overthrowing Damascus is no longer a possibility, the White Helmets are being evacuated to lie another day.

      An Acting Troupe
      The White Helmets were never “rescuers,” but a public relations wing of Al Qaeda and its various affiliates. The US did not arm and funded terrorists for years to ravage Syria only to “also” fund groups to help save lives. Instead, the White Helmets’ only real mandate was to augment the proxy war, exploiting humanitarian themes similar to how the US and NATO justified and justified executed the destruction of Libya.

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