Israel’s Public Relations and Propaganda War Machine Against Palestine and our World of Sanity


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A Braveheart series

Palestine is facing a Public Relations (PR) war of epic and historic proportions.  The problem is that while the Israeli/Zionist media machine rules the game in defining the global narrative about Palestinian and its people, the Palestinian leadership appears to be clueless in understanding this reality and in establishing a larger strategy to shift the global narrative that Israel continually drumbeats:  “Every baby delivered by a Palestinian mother comes with a manual on how to train your child to become a terrorist.”   

Here is how the Zionist / Israeli media machine steers the rudder of humanity’s, apparently naive and malleable, collective consciousness: 

Gordon Duff, Editors note:  “For the first time in 70 years, nations around the world, not a few but the vast majority representing 90% of the planet’s population, are declaring Israel a “rogue state.”  Remember, this is the tiny nation that so many had held in their hearts as a bastion of freedom, an island of safety for a Jewish population who claimed to have been near wiped off the face of the earth by the Nazi juggernaut of the last century.

Why a rogue state?  How many have heard of Rachel Corrie or the USS Liberty?  When evidence is presented of Palestinian children playing on the beaches of Gaza who were shelled and murdered by a naval gunboat, when F-16 fighter jets drop laser-guided one ton phosphorus bombs and Apache helicopters machine gun strafe civilian areas and UN schools where people have nowhere to run, hide or take cover … all paid for by the American taxpayers … when a Palestinian people, people just like you and me,  are challenged every day, year in and year out by: Getting to work or visiting family or friends by hour delaying and humiliating checkpoints, Having their homes illegally seized and bulldozed … power and water supplies that are constantly turned off or available for just hours at a time…witness their infants and children choking on tear gas that has been launched into their home… endure water cannon trucks that spray the foulest and most putrid smelling substances imagined in neighborhoods…when parents witness their children being kidnapped by the Israeli military only to know that they will be imprisoned and tortured in Israel’s gulags…what could a reasonable person or world council of governance conclude?  Yes, Israel is a rogue state.

Through all of this and more the Palestinian people serve as a living testament to the power, courage, determination, and resilience of the human spirit that will not bend or break until they secure basic human rights, freedom and peace.

Thus far some 300,000 Palestinians are among the disappeared filling the mass graves of the Negev.”



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  1. 40 million american evangelical christian zionists, apocalyptic war mongerers have literally destroyed and gifted away their and others birthright of freedom and dignity to the state of criminality known as the occupied state of zionist israel.
    “Dragging us all down with them”!
    “I don’t think so”!
    Their misguided belief has belittled & held hostage those Christian Americans who call for Peace & love in the name of their Lord and Savior, Jesus The Christ master of Love and most certainly not war.
    Christian church speak out now or forever lose your chartered hope for redemption and grace for all of God’s servants.

  2. We are allowed to express a negative opinion about anyone and anything in the whole world…..BUT “democratic Judaism says should we DARE to talk the truth about Palestine and Holocaust we go to jail !!! Politicians they are oblige to bow to their control …..why the people of the world does not raise in protest to this type of slavery???? are we all cowards?

  3. They are mixing up religious mythology and the benefits, in the form of tax exempt status, with the affairs of state. They are using institutions fostered by the federal government, like the so called “airwaves” or electro magnetic wave spectrum, to promote their religious mythology self interest at the expense of the public interest. Laws are being willfully broken every day like the requirement for AIPAC to register as a foreign agent. Improper, undue and illegal influence is brought to bear on elected whores in Congress and President and even Supreme Court. Science has placed a well established wall between religious mythology and the laws of physics and mathematics long ago now. If we are to return to the dark ages of religious suffering again, let’s appoint Rabbis as engineers for a day and design our cars, airplanes, ships, buildings, bridges, even weapons, and observe how they do. They would be fired before the end of the day. We must keep the evil religious mythology of religion at bay lest we all end up back in the dark ages of human suffering again. Freedom of speech also has responsibilities which are not being honored by the whores and pimps and prostitutes promoting the international unindicted war criminals in Israel and all over the world today. Shame, shame, shame on them. We already know if we turned all engineering over the Rabbis and priests and pastors that would be the end of civilization. Man is obviously a fool and slow learner.

    • Galileo Galilei (Italian: 15 February 1564 – 8 January 1642
      Isaac Newton” January 4, 1643 to March 31, 1727
      Our modern civilization today largely began with the births and lives of the two intellectual giants above, both among the world’s greatest physicists with Newton one of the greatest mathematicians too. This was about 4 centuries ago. Mathematics and physics are the basis for all engineering decisions today. All engineers today, are required to take the most rigorous courses of study which include both of these subjects, along with the well recognized “Scientific Method” for the design of virtually everything from cars, buildings, bridges, ships, airplanes, etc. in our modern world. Public safety is paramount in this effort. If religious superstition were and adequate foundation for such an endeavor why was it not used? Because it is inadequate and would risk the safety of the human population of engineering decisions were turned over to Rabbis or similar folks in other religions. Here is a challenge for Israel: Send all your Boeing commercial aircraft back to the U.S. Allow only Rabbis of the Jewish religion to do the design and engineering of your commercial aircraft and produce their product in Israel. After they finish tell Netanyau he, and his 40 body guards, must fly to the U.S. in one of these planes designed and constructed by these Israeli Rabbis. You will likely have to use force, which Netanyahu knows well, to get him on the plane.

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