Trump Rampages Through China Closet Of Treaties and International Relations. Perhaps Now Emerging and Beginning to be Tamed.

US Sovereignty and National Interest Begins to Free Itself from Israel


Evin Brar for VT

Under the pressure of Europe and EU’s plans for creation of an alternative to the US-dominated SWIFT financial transaction system, the US finally has begun to see it is not in its national interest to lose control over financial transactions in the world, give up its own influence and power merely to always act in the interests of Israel. As the NYT reports, “During the war on terror, the United States quietly turned the world financial system into a hidden empire.“  Now the US has had to agree for Iran to continue to be in the SWIFT system.  As we approach Nov 4th, the start of US sanctions against Iranian oil sales, the US has also had to agree for India and South Korea to continue to buy Iranian oil.  Other reports indicate “The concessions have reportedly sparked outrage among US officials who take a hardline attitude towards Iran, even causing White House National Security Advisor John Bolton to decline to participate in the sanctions rollout on November, 4.”

As career staff and diplomats at State Department have persuaded Pompeo to act in US national interest, and he in turn has persuaded Trump to do so against the outcries of Bolton and Haley, we may be witnessing a tipping point in the administration’s policy, and in reclaiming our independence from Israel.  When Secretary of State Pompeo referred questions about Iran at the joint press conference of the trio to Bolton, it was clear that Bolton had been in charge of Iran policy, normally the purview of the State Department working with the President with the NSC having a dotted line on the org chart.  Bolton’s Israel-first policies over the years and the “Protector of Zion” award he received in Israel recently indicate he was the favorite of Netanyahu when McMaster was forced out.  McMaster supported staying in the nuclear deal with Iran. Tillerson likewise saw it in US national interest to stay with the Iran nuclear deal. He too was forced out by the instigations of Netanyahu, who often gives these assignments to his agent Kushner in the WH to carry out: Whisper in Trump’s ear over dinner.  Now Netanyahu the man who had publicly disinvited Trump as candidate from visiting Israel.  Early on when Trump took office, Netanyahu made it clear he wanted foreign policy run out of the WH, where he could control it, and not State with its professional career diplomats. Circumventing the State Department, Netanyahu assigned Kushner a mission to go to Saudi Arabia, see the Crown Prince MBS, plan for Trump’s visit and plot against Iran.  The degree of manipulation of the US government by Israel is offensive. Why is Israel, whom President Carter reported of having over 150 nuclear weapons afraid of Iran? It is not because the Lebanese Hezbollah, trained by Iran have been the only force to have defeated Israel or forced it into a draw. They did so in 2006 and several years before that.  Israeli general Golan Yair in Washington to lobby for Israel against Iran, explains why, comparing Iran to the Palestinian or other such threats : “they are a higher form of civilization” …   “they are very similar to us, and because they are similar to us, they are much, much more dangerous.”  If indeed as Italian President Francesco Cossiga told the world, Israel’s Mossad carried out 9/11 then, given Israel’s control over the US and Europe so that they are powerless to act, that puts states such as Iran in the position of potential liberator and savior of US, Europe, and of all mankind, including righteous Jewish people who form the majority of Jews, from that evil influence.  Hence the Israeli Deep State sees Iran as its enemy.

For Netanyahu’s plan and his influence through Kushner to be effective and carried out by the WH, those who stood in the way had to be replaced. That meant McMaster, Tillerson and a few other s one or two rungs down the hierarchy.  Pompeo received the blessings of Israel. But now it is career State department employees who have taken the initiative to keep Iran in the SWIFT system and keep India and S. Korea buying Iranian oil.  This perhaps has served to show Netanyahu, in his possible protests to Trump about the matter, that no matter who is in charge of the State Department, Israel’s pick or not, career diplomats as a group are apt to act in the best interest of the US. He cannot control them all. In this case they believe it to be in the US’s national interest to continue the SWIFT system with Iran in it, thus forestalling European attempts at creating a competing system.

We may be witnessing an inflexion point where Iran policy formulation has shifted to its rightful venue the State Department.  Another sign of such shift may be the proposed replacement of the delusional Niki Haley who was in effect Israel’s spokeswoman, by the more sane State Dept. spokeswoman and former Fox anchorwoman Heather Nauert.

The State Department must have realized that EU’s special purpose vehicle, a financial institution that it is creating for Iran’s transactions and beyond may lead to the loss of its SWIFT system for global financial transactions or loss of its control t keep tabs on such transactions. Experts must have looked back how many times the US benefitted from having that visibility, essentially intelligence, in the workings of other countries and what it would lose by weakening the SWIFT system. Normal men of wisdom in positions of political leadership would know that or could see that. But the ignorant have to actually do it in practice, cause damage, to witness the results in action and only then begin to understand.

At the start of the Trump administration, several reports on the mainstream media indicated, Kushner went to see MBS in Saudi Arabia and they stayed up till late into the night, In doing so of course he and his real boss Netanyahu bypassed the US State Dept. A couple of thirty year olds were designing policy for the world. A consequence of this mission from Netanyahu, effectively, was to rip apart what American and European statesmen had carefully built in the years since WWII. They had come out of an experience seeing first-hand the horrors of war, the death of millions of civilians, the misery of many millions more, the destruction of whole cities as well as the loss of men in arms. In such a state a human is most aware of the impermanence of mortal things, the meaning of life and destiny of the world. You could see that in the words they put into such treaties and agreements after World War II. These became a model for America’s statesmen for decades thereafter. It lasted until the neocon Zionist takeover over of the US government around the year 2000.

In unraveling the work of America’s great statesmen today, Israel through agents would roll back civilization into the savagery they have created in Gaza and the rest of Palestine.  The breach and then cancellation of a series of treaties like JCPOA UNSC Res 2231, most lately the INF Treaty with Russia, all of which as any ratified Treaty are part of the supreme law of the land in the US Constitution, are highly irresponsible acts showing utter and complete ignorance of the ramifications and dire consequences of such acts. Trump and those who carelessly led him to commit such acts have now begun to witness in practice the consequences of some their actions.  Soon we may be faced with a crisis of Russia seeking to achieve parity with the nuclear threat it faces from nearby US nuclear-armed cruise missiles in Europe by placing equivalent missiles in Cuba.  As Trump says of the crises that occur in America, if the other side had weapons, the outcome would have been different. The Russia Federation is now the other side from us in the US.  Their act, if they go through with it, balances that of the US act and helps parity, non-aggression and the cause of peace. Yet it is unlikely they will do so because of the impact of the past.

Trump, famous for being the President who doesn’t read, is heedless of the cumulative wisdom of the elder statesmen of the US, UK and other states since WWII. He made himself the tool of Israel from the very start. A relationship between the US and Israel that was structural, institutional and at the state level became a personal and family matter. The story of Jared Kushner as a boy giving up his bedroom so that Netanyahu while visiting could sleep there has been widely circulated. Ordinarily, families of politicians should not be brought into the politics. But since family relations under Trump have become part of the politics of the state, any political analysis would be lame without considering family relations to that extent. Trump’s four children’s spouses are Jews. To get ahead in the environment of NYC, “a strong Christian,” what Trump pronounced himself to be, it seems, he saw it advantageous.

It took Trump two years of on the job training at our expense to attain a degree of learning. It is the professional staff of the State Department who knows the interests of America and how relations between nations must be decoupled from personal and family relationships.

EU Foreign Policy Chief Mogerini and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif working together have achieved another success, they have acted as checks and balances in a democracy do, and indirectly benefited the US. Their success deserves high praise.

The legal and financial international structures put in place carefully and thoughtfully brick by brick by the great statesmen of America after WWII have worked themselves into the fabric of the world’s economy and norms of interaction between nations. The President who doesn’t read is one who is highly influenced and impressionable by those around him.  Under that influence he came in rampaging like a bull through a china closet wrecking such structures those men of wisdom had put in place. But after two years of on the job training, the inflexion point of foreign policy shifting from NSC to State may have been reached and serves as a sign that he may finally be realizing and restoring US sovereignty.



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