To the United Nations Anti-Terrorism Committee,

It looks like Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was blocked from recently planned strikes in Europe and South America as advanced warning stopped him.  But he is behind the French riots along with Steve Bannon from his HQ in Brussels.

Bannon is aided by Erick Prince mercenaries inside France and Africa and also by decades old NATO clandestine networks once run out of Libya.

Israel fears loss of power in Paris and London, based on the crucial vote on Brexit.  It is predictable that when terror attacks are foiled that they will turn to the use of WMDs, including biological or chemical weapons.  (There have been several strange outbreaks of late that may well be tests of new weaponized flu virus)

It is time to deploy more troops on the ground in France to protect the poulation against a demonic agenda of chaos, civil war and destruction before the current riots begin looking like Gaza.

The intelligence we have suggests that peaceful demonstrators will be targeted by snipers that flew all over Europe recently.  They have been armed and protected by Israeli based networks across the region as was done on 9/11 when dozens of “art students” were brought in by charities and billeted with families in and around New York, only to set explosives, jam radio communications and provide needed artifacts to blame non-existent terrorists.

The French security services are, according to our reports, fully cooperating with these terrorist cells, due to a long history of moles, and traitors.

While Macron is also a part of the very dangerous financial sect currently exercising power in France, little will be done to protect the French people.

Intelligence confirms that hundreds of mercenaries are currently operating across Europe with financing from the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, MBZ.  The first targets are Italy and France.

We suggest that it is time to act strongly against the Israeli Prime Minister (facing prison at this time)  and his fifth column networks inside the French, British and NATO intelligence/terrorist networks.

There is a longterm plan afoot here to take down, and by that we mean replace all European regimes with Israeli controlled Nazi cells, a battle that will play out between 2020 and 2022..  With real terrorists heading governments, even Germany and France, a wave of worldwide terror unimagined will set the world aflame.

There is still time to neutralize these plans, clear the agents out of Europe’s security services, round up the mercenaries and those aiding them, all of them are known and have been for some time, before things go into motion.



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  1. In my book, “The Secret History of the Twentieth Century” I reveal that the Council on Foreign Relations was a project of the Secretive British Roundtable. This secret Illuminati organization had the goal of extending British Rule over the entire globe and peacefully regaining control over England’s former American colonies (The U.S.). Other Roundtable projects were the Federal Reserve Bank, and the graduated income tax.

    When all three of these projects were fully operational, the Roundtable considered their plan to peacefully regain control over the U.S. as accomplished. After all, the CFR controls virtually all U.S. foreign policy and the Fed gives Banks in the City of London access to the wealth of the U.S.

    • Erm, no, it’s not the British or a ‘secretive roundtable’, it’s a handful of bloodline families that are nominally Jewish and long ago infiltrated and gained control over all of the powerful nations, their names include Rothschild, Sassoon and Goldsmith. They gained control of England in the 1690s when William of Orange invaded and seized the throne at their behest and backed by their finance. They have controlled the Bank of England since it was founded at the end of the 17th century. A century later they were responsible for creating the American revolution and through their agent Alexander Hamilton, established a privately owned central bank in the US. Andrew Jackson fought hard to undo the nefarious work of Hamilton and successfully destroyed the private central bank, therefore the US remained without a central bank until the foundation of the Federal Reserve.

      Paul Warburg created the Federal Reserve, and he was also working for that handful of bloodline Jewish families; his brother was Max Warburg who was both the head of Kuhn, Loeb & Co, the largest Berlin bank and the Kaiser’s intelligence chief. It was the Warburgs who financed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, the funds came from the Fed & Wall St and were funnelled to Trotsky & Lenin via Kuhn, Loeb & Co. One of the key reasons for creating the Fed was that it enabled them to finance huge wars on a scale never before seen, wars that lasted years and bankrupted entire empires – most notably the British, who lost their empire and their massive wealth due to the two world wars. Those wars also destroyed the Russian, German and French empires, leaving the US as the world’s sole great power and allowing them to create the state of Israel as their global power base, although they still retain bases of financial power in the City of London and Wall St.

    • Cecil Rhodes worked for the Rothschilds. Dorsey’s books are self-published, anyone can self-publish anything they like.

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