Should Israel pay for attacking Syria and Violate International Law?


…by Jonas E. Alexis

What do you do with a country that refuses to follow international law and the political order? What do you do with an entity that continues to violate virtually every single principle of war? Wouldn’t you send the entity an ultimatum saying that it will face severe consequences?

The West has been playing dice with a diabolical entity for far too long. The entity we are talking about is none other than Israel. This Zionist regime does not care whether innocent people live or die; it doesn’t care what Western officials say; it doesn’t care whether you like its move or not. What it cares about is fulfilling a Talmudic ideology which continues to send much of the world into complete chaos and disaster.

What has the entity done lately? Well, Israeli officials have ordered an aggressive attack on Damascus International Civil Airport. Keep in mind that it is an airport which presumably contains thousands upon thousands of civilians. Listen to an IDF staff: “We struck thousands of targets.”

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, responded by saying:

“Isn’t time now for the UN Security Council to stop the Israeli repeated aggressions on the Syrian Arab Republic territories? Or is it required to draw the attention of the war-makers in this Council by exercising our legitimate right to defend ourself and respond to the Israeli aggression on Damascus International Civil Airport in the same way on Tel Aviv Airport?”

Russia Today reported:

“Air strikes against alleged ‘Iranian targets’ in close proximity to Syria’s busiest airport have become a norm for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), whose former chief of staff openly confessed last month to running a large-scale bombing campaign in Syria for years. Besides causing casualties and material damage by their “near-daily” strikes, Israeli combat missions into Syria have also repeatedly endangered flights operating over the conflict-torn country.

“While the IDF rarely acknowledges striking specific targets in Syria, the Russian military has been keeping a close watch on IDF maneuvers over the Arab Republic. On Christmas Day, Israeli jets endangered two civilian aircraft while engaging targets in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said, noting that the IDF F-16s flew in as civilian jets were landing at Beirut and Damascus airports. In September, Israeli actions resulted in the death of 15 Russian servicemen after Israeli jets deliberately used Russian Il-20 recon plane as a cover and placed it into the path of a Syrian air defense missile.”

The excuse for the recent attack? No one can flesh out a good reason. We certainly have a problem here. Russia in particular cannot allow Israel to run like a wild buffalo in Syria without challenging the regime to behave properly. Why? Because Russia has done much to stop ISIS and other terrorist cells in Syria. Russia has also established a powerful alliance with the Syrian government. So if they do not put a chain around Israel’s neck, then Russia’s political investment in Syria was in vain. If Russia doesn’t know what to do, then we can help them here.

How about Sicut Judaeis non, which basically articulates the principle that no one is allowed to harm the Khazarian Mafia and Bankster Cult, but they are not allowed to destroy countries, nations, true economic enterprises, and cultural harmony. If they do violate that principle, then they must be ready to taste their own medicine. I’m afraid it’s just that simple. If the West is not prepared to challenge the diabolical cult which continues to create hell on earth, then Israel will perpetually summon some of the dumbest excuses to commit wicked acts.



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  1. As money is printed from thin air by a group of Jews, what does it matter to Israel? If it were ordered to pay, the cost would be passed on to the tax payers of every nation via inflation? The current banking system must be up ended, no matter the cost in blood or property.

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