Outrageous Holocaust Sermonizing From Puppet President in Lamest State of the Union Ever


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by Gregory Conte

Jared Kushner’s puppet, Donald Trump, has achieved new heights of Holocaust fervor and reality denial. He devoted a good portion of his State of the Union to eulogizing “history’s greatest crime,”

Tonight, we are also joined by Pittsburgh survivor Judah Samet…. [M]ore than seven decades ago, he narrowly survived the Nazi concentration camps. Today is Judah’s 81st birthday. Judah says he can still remember the exact moment, nearly 75 years ago, after 10 months in a concentration camp, when he and his family were put on a train, and told they were going to another camp.

So, we are supposed to believe that in the maelstrom of spring, 1945, the genocidal Germans kept 7-year-old Judah alive for 10 months at Bergen-Belsen, despite crippling shortages of food, fuel, ammunition and personnel.

German civilians were being annihilated in their tens of thousands in vicious firebombing, thousands of German women were being raped by Soviet (and British and American) troops.

The Enemy: 16-year-old Hans-Georg Henke, captured April 3, 1945 by the US 9th Army operating just south and west of Bergen-Belsen

Yet the evil Germans allocated an entire train to evacuate little Judah and his parents in March or April of 1945. Chilling.

Like so much of the substantially false mainstream Holocaust narrative, the story strikes one as utterly incredible. According to Trump’s retelling:

Suddenly the train screeched to a halt. A soldier appeared. Judah’s family braced for the worst. Then, his father cried out with joy: “It’s the Americans.”

According to Judah, his liberation occurred at Berlin at the hands of an American tank crew. Given that the SS handed over Bergen-Belsen to the British on April 15th, the train must have been dispatched eastward at some point before then. This is all technically possible, but highly unusual if one assumes that the Germans were bent on genocide. It’s also unusual given the constraints of time and space:

Maybe he was found by a recon unit who were approximately 150 miles beyond the April 9th allied front, operating in direct contravention of Eisenhower’s orders not to advance East of the Elbe. Whatever, it doesn’t really matter. It only bothers me because I’m autistic.

In fact, if the rest of his story is true, it is much more likely that the soldier who found him was a Russian.

But other people are noticing discrepancies too. In a tweet that will probably be cited as evidence at his future thought-crime trial, Ramzpaul noted:

Quite less than optimal efficiency. Forget about shooting Judah in April ’45… Why was this unfit-for-labor child transferred from Debrecen, Hungary in June/July ’44 toward Auschwitz, only to be rerouted to a lumberyard in Austria, then on to Bergen-Belsen, where he was lived for 10 months if the end goal was to kill him? Why did his parents survive to be liberated if all Jews were slated for extermination?

Was the SS full of raving imbeciles?


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  1. The SOTU address was pure shtick. I almost vomited. Is anyone as tired as I am of Israeli politicians and US politicians telling us how much Jews have suffered and how everyone hates them, and what danger they live in. They aren’t that important. 5 million Jews lived in all of Europe in 1938. Hitler killed 6 million between 1942 and 1945, but in 1946 their population is greater than before it all began. The Jews keep census records and they’re available online. Check them out, do the math.

  2. The fabrications by alleged Jewish WW2 death camp survivors never ends. It’s like the comedians said; “did you like that joke? I got a million of them”. Pure shtick. They’ll be putting the false face of Jewish suffering on front of gullible goyim forever. Expect to see on TV in 2050 a parade of ancestors, in numbers far exceeding reality, crying about their lost great uncle Moe. It’s time to end the farce. We

  3. Donny the Draft Dodger is Sheldon Adelson’s lapdog.
    I can hardly wait until the democrats release his tax returns.
    And the Bill declaring future candidates that have to show 10 years of tax returns is a very good idea.
    They should also have to declare how much they received from AIPAC, JDL,
    and foreign lobbyists.

  4. Thank you for clearing up history. Maybe I will get a visit from Men in Black here in germany but the whole story stinks to high heaven

  5. “most Americans luv Israel” You’ve written that twice in two days…..
    Unit 8200 handbook talking point?

    • you don´t understand this, it is Einstein´s special relativity theory, you know 5 min w a beautiful partner is relative short but 5 min in front of a closed toilet door is relative long

  6. @ Gail, shaped charges with molten copper is a Mossad specialty. The USS Cole is right there with the USS Liberty as an Israeli target. I’m waiting for payback. Not everyone in Annapolis is turned. Brendan Looney stands out.

  7. John Waters, interviewed on WIYY, 98 Rock, Baltimore, made two outrages comments. The first was that he was taken aback that so many women would wear white after Labor Day. And the second, that President Trump is trying to look like the white James Brown. Also in the interview he was shocked that Pink Flamingos was shown on broadcast television. He stated that how could a family sit in front of the television with the disturbing scenes of his movie; that he wrote and directed while censorship was active. He was aghast.

  8. Israel Lover Liar con artist Trump is so ignorant about the inhumane, criminal despicable activities of Israel toward the Palestinians he should go and live with them to see first hand the consequences of the Israeli theft of their lands. It is difficult to find polite words to describe the lying piece of garbage from New York that is Trump. But yes the demothuglicrats are no better or even worse. Look at the vote of the traitor whores in Congress to support the cesspool Israel. Both corrupt political parties need to be flushed down the toilet where they belong and start over.

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