Mark Weber is wrong about Jews as a race

"A cadre of people over the years have embraced the stupid idea that Jewish behavior is genetic. If it is true, then there is not a damn thing that a Jewish person can do to get rid of the behavior. You cannot reason with a person whose behavior is derived from genetics because DNA, as Richard Dawkins himself puts it, 'neither knows nor cares.'"


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Back in 2000, Mark Weber of the Institute of Historical Review wrote an article entitled, “Jews: A Religious Community, a People, or a Race?”[1] The article has recently been resurfaced on the Institute of Historical Review website.

Weber quotes Jewish leaders throughout saying that the essence of being Jewish is that it is biological and that Jews are a race, which is to say that DNA is the stuff that makes them who they really are as a people. Weber didn’t explicitly tell his readers whether he himself espouses the view, but one gets the impression that he agrees with the thesis. Weber was implicitly internalizing the commands of his oppressors. In fact, Weber’s article was placed with another article which was published by Russia Today entitled, “‘It’s not about race’: Israel’s Rabbinical courts under fire for using DNA to prove ‘Jewishness.’”[2]

The interesting thing is that Weber perhaps didn’t know that the idea itself is now widely viewed among scholars and thinkers of various stripes as philosophically inadequate, intellectually unnecessary, and existentially worthless. We have addressed these issues in the past.

The issue is problematic precisely because the state of Israel and Jewish leaders themselves do not agree that people who actually become Christians are essentially Jews! If Jews who become Christians are not Jews, then how can the issue be fundamentally biology? Did those people suddenly or miraculously change their genetic makeup? Listen to this:

“In 1962 Shmuel Oswald Rufeisen, known as ‘Brother Daniel,’ petitioned the High Court of Justice (the Supreme Court) to instruct the state [of Israel] to recognize him as a Jew by nationality. Rufeisen was born to Jewish family in Poland in 1922, and as a teenager joined a Zionist youth movement. He fought as a partisan against the Nazi occupation and saved the lives of many Jews. At some point he hid in a monastery, where he converted to Christianity. After the war he studied for the priesthood, and in order to go to Israel he become a Carmelite monk.

“In 1958 he went to Israel because he wished to take part in the Jewish destiny and still saw himself as a Zionist. Having given up his polish citizenship, he applied to become an Israeli citizen on the basis of the law of return, arguing that although he was a Catholic by religion, he was still a Jew by ‘nationality.’

“When his application was rejected by the ministry of the interior, he petitioned the high court of justice. By a four-to-one decision, he court rejected his petition to be given Israeli citizenship on the basis of the law of return. He was, however, granted an Israeli identity card, which stated, ‘Nationality: not clear.’”[3]

Israeli historian Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University, who provides serious historical depth to the almost two-thousand-year-old conflict, comments:

“Ultimately, Brother Daniel’s betrayal of Judaism by joining the religion of the Nazarene overcame the deterministic biological imaginary. It was categorically decided that there was no Jewish nationality without its religious shell. Ethnocentric Zionism needed the Halakhic precepts as its principal criteria, and the secular judges understood this national-historical necessity very well.”[4]

But that is not the end of the story:

“In 1968 Major Benyamin Shalit petitioned the High Court of Justice to order the minister of the interior to register his two sons as Jews. Unlike Brother Daniel, the mother of these boys was not a born Jew but a Scottish Gentile. Shalit, a well-regarded officer in Israel’s victorious army, argued that his sons were growing up as Jews and wished to be considered full citizens in the state of the Jewish people. By what seemed a miracle, five of the nine judges who heard the petition decided that the boys were Jewish by nationality, if not by religion. But this exceptional decision shook the entire political structure.”[5]

The plot thickens: to say that being Jewish is biological is to imbibe an ideology which is neither historical nor politically sustainable or intellectually viable. In other words, Israeli officials cannot use DNA to prove that Jews are a race. We have dealt with the fabrications of books such as Harry Ostrer’s Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People in the past.

But the sad thing is that a cadre of people over the years have embraced the stupid idea that Jewish behavior is genetic. They indirectly got this idea from Darwinian evolution.

If it is true, then there is not a damn thing that a Jewish person can do to get rid of the behavior. You cannot reason with a person whose behavior is derived from genetics because DNA, as Richard Dawkins himself puts it, “neither knows nor cares.”[6] I have ten fingers which I used to type this article, and I have nothing to do with how they grow and what they turned out to be. I cannot tell my fingers to stop getting longer. It is just damn DNA!

The problem again is that whenever people like Lloyd Blankfein oppressed the mass population with their covert operations all over the world, the genetic theorists always get upset, as if Blankfein could change their wicked behavior! One needn’t be a logician to realize that this formulation is generally dumb. As I have already suggested, people who espouse such views always end up internalizing the commands of their oppressors.

The Khazarian Mafia are not our enemies because of their DNA. As E. Michael Jones rightly points out, they are our enemies because they have metaphysically and categorically rejected Logos, the essence of the moral and political order.

“This means that Jews to the extent that they accept, honor and revere Logos, are not our enemies. There are Jews who accept Logos fully by accepting baptism, and there are Jews who accept it in some lesser capacity by their docility to the truth. We all know Jews like this, and they should not be excluded from our fellowship, especially since many of them have suffered at the hands of ‘the Jews’ themselves.”[7]

I can think of Brother Nathanael Kapner, Henry Makow, Norman Finkelstein, Shlomo Sand, Philip Weiss, Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, Mortimer Adler, Gerard Menuhin, etc. We hope that more will accept the moral and political order and will challenge Israeli regime itself.

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  1. Because the parasitic bastards will choose life with an “animal” organ as better than death. I’m sure it’s written somewhere in their Talmud or whatever, and approved in the eyes of their twisted god.

  2. Unabashed parasitism and supremacism are taught from birth and none are better at it than the “chosen” of God.
    I would not completely discount genetics from the possibility of being involved however. What has been the history of the “chosen” throughout time?
    Consider the fact a Soviet scientist created tame foxes by breading out aggressiveness.

  3. This article fails to mention important facts:
    1) The occupiers of the Palestinian territory are not Jews in the Biblical sense. Most of the Palestinians have some Jewish blood.
    2) The occupiers hijacked Judaism one or two centuries ago.
    3) The behavior of the occupiers is genetic. See article titled “Epigenetic Memories are Passed Down 14 Successive Generations” at:
    4) In the early 1920’s, Henry Ford wrote articles in the Dearborn Independent titled The International Jew. He claims that Jewish behavior could not be changed and the only answer was…

  4. Agreed! Including all the Israeli Trolls on Yahoo and elsewhere.

    BDS when and where every you can. Learn the Israeli corporations, bed bath and beyond, and dozens of others. Puts smile on my face when they miss dollars from me each day. Just the idea of it scares the hell out of the Deep State Chosen ones!

  5. Agreed it’s not in the DNA. But, there is something known as learned behaviors, which it is known can be passed down through generations. The Jews have a certain paranoia which has been enforced from birth and passed through the generations. They also abide by their own code of silence or omerta. Throughout time they’ve gone to extreme lengths to keep the Jew a Jew. And when Ben Shalit deviated from the course they punished his sons.

    • the science of dna is not advanced to have completely, or even 1/2, decoded dna linguistics/ grammar. yet. with science still uttering “junk dna” and guessing at percentages of such. nature does not do junk. it being the best/ most creative/ and most efficient designer of all, heads and shoulders above the best mankind can do.

      male and female is genetic. big deal. civil rule of law — at least in amurka — states no sex between adult and minors. and defines sexual assault as non-consensual sex. humankind, for all its genetic bents, must abide by societies’ rule of laws and keep their genetic – based appetites in check. and the jews are much better storytellers than they are rule-of-law abiders, as their fuking talmud shows: what percentage of “jews” follow the talmud even 60%?

      non-jews have too for long given jews a free ride with jews used to screaming the label “anti-semite” and watching the goys run for cover.

  6. Why in the world would they harvest organs from Goy if they were the chosen race and not of the same genetics like all of us ? Call me crazy but this makes no sense

    • Trakkath > Because they harvest organs to traffic and sell to the Goyim, not Joo’s. Just another money making enterprise.IMHO.

    • Semites are a branch of the Caucasian peoples and as far as skin tone goes there are many variations of complexion in the Caucasian peoples. The term white is North American nonsense, Europeans don’t see themselves as “White”.

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