Former Israeli Spies tried to Influence Local US election: Report


…from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: It’s not like this is some kind of a breakthrough story, as VT has been writing about Israeli interference in US elections, and many other things, for years now. It is just what they do.

US authorities encourage them to do this by virtually never prosecuting their massive espionage operations here. It is a national security scandal that not only runs through Capitol Hill, and of course the current White House, but the Justice Department and State-level judiciaries, and where counter Intel work is allowed to be aware of what Israel is doing, but publicizing about it is a red line.

Taxpayers actually pay government salaries to people to look the other way on this scandal, and have done so for decades. The fear of taking “them” is so intense I can honestly say, with no hype, that those who should be doing something about it are literally in a state of terror at the thought.

And it’s not like the Israelis are dropping bodies around DC every Sunday morning to put on display that they don’t like to be investigated. They have been able to do this through intimidation and the usual blackmail.

Politicians are considered ripe blackmail targets and should have Justice Department people assigned to work cases on the Hill, where people are constantly being squeezed. It acts like there is nothing going on, when everybody knows something is.

Of course, there is no pressure from the press, as it has been co-opted by you know who. If anyone has any ideas as to who in the American government could take this on, please share them in the comment boardsJim W. Dean ]

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VT salutes the New Yorker for taking this story on

– First published … February 13, 2019

A defunct private intelligence agency in Israel attempted to influence at least one local US election and other domestic affairs, according to a report by US media.

The company,  Psy-Group, even courted President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and is now under investigation by the special counsel Robert Mueller, according to the report from The New Yorker.

Mueller is investigating alleged Russian collusion with Trump’s election campaign during the 2016 US presidential election. The company also tried to influence local elections in the US in favor of private clients, using smear campaigns and other methods including fake websites and online avatars to change the elections outcome.

Company architects

The New Yorker named Ram Ben-Barak, who was previously a deputy director of Mossad, and Yaakov Amidror, the former national security adviser to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as the agents behind its operations.

Psy-Group’s owner, Joel Zamel, described by US media as an “Israeli social media expert” who  specializes in “social media manipulation”, is known to have founded several companies, including one offering ‘honey traps’ and ‘deep web’ capabilities.

Zamel met with Donald Trump Jr. and Erik Prince (the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos) at Trump Tower to pitch the company’s services.

Sales pitch

Psy-Group, in a one-page website that gave a Cyprus address and a slogan “Shape Reality,” offered its service  for influence campaigns, boasting that they could “plant the seeds of thought in people.”

The Israeli company offered clients an array of services—including “honey traps,” a term used by spy agencies for an intelligence-gathering tactic using romantic or sexual relationships to extract information.

The Israeli firm also advertised its services in the “deep web and boasted Darknet capabilities.”

“We are looking at the tip of the iceberg in terms of where this can go,” a former Israeli private intelligence worker reportedly told The New Yorker.

The tactics and proposals that were reportedly employed by the group are similar to those of Cambridge Analytica’s services and those of Russian hackers who allegedly infiltrated American political networks through social media during the 2016 election.


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  1. And they so this with no fear, just like they are able to recruit and endless supply of espionage helpers, as they can tell them all that “we are prosecution proof”…”they cannot touch us as we have every avenue blocked off”. It is mass treason on a scale the average person cannot imagine. And those who are supposed to protect us, who have not formally gone over to them, just try to stay out of it and not be targeted as they know that no one will come to rescue them. We the public are to blame for that, and all of our civic organizations who also sit this fight out, like its none of their business.

  2. ” “Shape Reality,” offered its service for influence campaigns, boasting that they could “plant the seeds of thought in people.” ”
    They can. Anyone can. When the tools of time are released to the public, it is time to get going. The clock starts ticking.
    I suppose it should be considered an anomaly in the advent of the global communications, but subtle hypnosis is understated, understudied, underrated , and misunderstood. Because of money.
    I guess what I can say is, if my field tests are any indicator at all, subtle hypnosis is easier and useful in more areas than previously thought. Knowing the waves of fluctuating energies and how they affect people psychologically, is an advantage. Time to get going, there is much to do.

  3. Good read & enjoyed the probity. The Tribe’s long known & rigged Diebold algoryithmic voting machines, AIPAC, Billionaire Zionist Robert Mercer of BREITBART, Cambridge Analytica & former USAF DEW Weapon designer are your main POI.

    Seems pretty dellusionally surreal & beyond psychopathic pathology to claim to be ‘Pious’ while hypocritically claiming the Holo Hoax really happened. The Babylonian Talmud clearly & concisely allows the deception of all gentiles as does the Quran. Hmmm that establishes a nexus to Freemasons & Shriners to Islam’s Quran Taqiyya/Kitman/Muruna. It’s not Rocket Science folks just takes some methodical research & identifying the tenets & creeds of they’re dogma/gestalt.

    How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes

  4. This plague of Zionism will be impossible to overcome by government action alone. Slowly… through alt media with writers such as myself and the VT staff will there be an eventual overtaking. The Zios lost their first beloved kingdom in 720 BC with an incredibly stupid gamble. It is now evident that 9-11 was no different but has not been fully exposed. They will no doubt gamble again to entrap the US and allies into attacking Iran. Let’s see if shades of 720 BC or 586 BC return. They lost their ass both times.

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