Trump and His Criminal Friends: Justice Thomas Wants “Easy” Libel Law to Hammer Independent Press


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

An army of lawyers in New York and Washington, backed by PMC’s, is after the independent press.  They are there to protect Trump, the Israel lobby, the Israel lobby, the Israel lobby and the Khazarian Mafia that include Trump and, now wait for it, the Israel lobby.

Justice Clarence (Mr. Pubes) Thomas, the silent goon on the Supreme Court has now received his marching orders and seeks to overturn the landmark decision in the 1964 case, New York times Co. v. Sullivan.

This case allows stories to be published about public figures to be named by the press when there are sources and a reasonable level of journalism.

The term used is “absent malice,” thus the two clips from the 1981 Paul Newman film, which is quite enjoyable, particularly Wilfred Brimley.

Justice Thomas wants the law changed where mob goons when outed by the press, which includes us, can be sued or jailed for reporting the news, simple as that.

For a crook to win a libel suit in the US, he has to provide proof that the story published is both false and was published for no other reason that to cause him or her harm.  This kind of makes sense to me.

With the press generally attack or ignored, with members of the press beheaded, killed in Boston Brakes fake car accidents and continually threatened, and most of you have no idea how many threats we get here at VT…

All this is being done for Trump.  But it isn’t Trump but also everyone around him.  You see, when stories come out, particularly when insider sources get sick of going to CNN or other media types and getting nowhere, they turn to VT and others.

And when VT gets a story, the FBI pays attention, in fact they watch every single thing VT does.

And when VT gets information on a thug and publishes it, the FBI will investigate, to what extent possible, including seizing computers and phones of VT personnel, which they have done more than once….

Our opinion of Justice Thomas is and always has been that he is a mob controlled parasite.

But then again, this is my opinion, but it is also based on more than considerable information that might well be gotten by seizing the computer I am using right now.

Isn’t life grand?


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  1. Thomas did not speak aloud in the court , until after (right after curiously) the death of Scalia. The 250 million libel suit against the Wa Po on behalf of the smirking kid, is symbolically seeking the same amount Bezos paid for the paper. I have said from the beginning, that this is partially a Catholic operation to counter the mass reporting that now ocurrs, that previously they had been given a pass on. It is costing the church billions. Thus, the Kashoggi murder accomplices have allies, very old allies, that once again, I remind folks, will clump together as the grip on the destiny of consciousness slips. The quality of their force has been reduced however and they are undermining their own foundation. They do not want another AG report like the one from Pa.. It was a vacuum to their comfort savings. The soldiers for christ and others are amassing an army of orcs.

  2. General Myers was even given the Medal of Freedom by traitor Bush who was basically “elected”, if you can call it that, by our totally corrupt group of lying lawyers on the SC! Clearly it is only a matter of time now for the experiment that was America. Everyone at the highest levels have sold out for MONEY a five letter obscene word. The inmates have taken over the asylum. Everyone has risen to their level of incompetence and/or corruption as the late professor Laurence J. Peter, Ph.D. enunciated at the University of Southern California decades ago. The scum rises to the top. Stop idolizing scum you duped Americans! Stop idolizing the oldest profession: Lying Lawyers.

  3. So, the plan is for one of us to call the FBI and report your computer?

    Have you removed all of the kitten and puppy videos? It’s a shame to loose those priceless memories to the black hole of National Security.


    “Screen legend, superstar, and the man with the most famous blue eyes in movie history, Paul Leonard Newman was born on January 26, 1925, in Cleveland, Ohio, the second son of Theresa (Fetsko) and Arthur Sigmund Newman. Paul’s father was Jewish, the son of emigrants from Poland and Hungary; he owned a successful sporting goods store. Paul’s mother … See full bio »


    January 26, 1925 in Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA


    September 26, 2008 (age 83) in Westport, Connecticut, USA “

    The late Paul Newman, from the Shaker Heights district of Cleveland, Ohio, where our family lived when I was born, was not only a top Hollywood Superstar, but a serious American with a conscience who chose his parts very carefully to make a serious lesson to the public. Another film in addition to “Absence of Malice” was “The Sting” in 1973 which had to do with lessons about conning or fooling others, a common problem today, even by our own governments.

    • In addition to these two fine films, was the last great effort of the distinguished Physicist the late Richard Feynman, Ph.D., Richard Chase Tolman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Cal Tech. One of the good decisions President Reagan made was to place Feynman on the Challenger Space Shuttle Investigation Committee. Despite the efforts of many and its Chairman to muzzle him, he made the point the engineers were unable to make that basic rules of physics had been violated that day when the flight was approved at very low temperatures which caused the rubber O-Rings to fail due to becoming brittle. He even demonstrated this with a simple demonstration on national television. He also made a detailed analysis of the corruption in the attitudes of the managers in contrast with the attitudes of the engineers of this failed project which led to deaths of the entire crew that fateful day yet no one was held responsible. His great article is published as an Appendix to the Report but frankly is the most significant part of it.

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