US Frees ISIS Leaders for Stolen Iraqi Gold



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Four birds with one stone: this is the prodigious result that is bringing US military intelligence home. The most ignorant and ignorant of the dynamics and evolutions of the civil war in Syria is succeeding in making believe that it has eradicated the Isis , from the same financed and armed Pentagon under the presidency of Barack Obama and actually annihilated primarily by the army of Bashar Al Assad with the help of the armed forces of Russia , the Lebanese Hezbollah , the Iranian Quds Force and the Sdf (Syrian Democratic Force) animated and controlled by the Royana Kurds supported by the US-led coalition army.

The superficial politicians are making believe that now the problem is the 800 European Foreign Fighters that the White House, with unusual clemency, is not willing to bring to Guantanamo in the Marines prison prisons for the jihadist terrorists opened after the attacks of 11 September 2001 and threatens to leave free. “The United States is asking Britain , France , Germany and other European allies to take the 800 ISIS fighters we have captured in Syria and to try them.

The Caliphate is ready to fall. The alternative is not good and it is that we will be forced to release them “is the disturbing tweet tweeted by American President Donald Trump in recent days, which all European governments have turned a deaf ear legitimize in fact to free them. The most attentive to the Middle Eastern geopolitics has not escaped the theft of 40-50 tons of gold from the banks of Mosul in Iraq and stored by Isis above all al-Dashisha in the southern Hasaka countryside, war booty obtained in exchange for a liberation of Isis commanders already started in January in Afghanistan and intensified in the last days in Deir Ezzor, the town near the Euphrates where the extreme attack of the Global Coalition against Daesh led by the US in the skies has been concentrated, and on the ground by the Sdf, with where the last bag of black flag terrorists is being exterminated.

A news also spread from the American sites VT and Washington Post . But very few news readers of war have grasped the detail carefully silenced by President Trump on the presence in Syria of at least 800 Foreign Fighters of Saudi Arabia , mostly young students, not too indoctrinated by the Koran, probably enticed by the adrenaline of a reality wargames and from the substantial engagements and prizes of the Isis founded by Al Baghdadi . Only traces of them can be found in the last 5 February report of the Center for the Study of Radicalization (ICSR) , an internationally acclaimed academic research center based at the Department of War Studies of King’s College, London .


US Air Force helicopters are carrying tons of gold from Syria

“While trying to convince the world of its imaginary victory over Daesh, (ISIS), Washington is still collaborating with the terrorist organization, with the last and perhaps last chapter of this cooperation that involves an agreement involving stolen gold.”

The report reported by the agency Sana (Sirian Arab National Agency) is deflagrating as a missile mainly because it matches with that spread by the Human Rights Observatory in Syria (Sohr) in Coventry (England) and the BBC, but, as often happens, it was only taken up by a few Western media that were limited to reporting the history of gold stolen from the US, not the infamous “why” that would be the tangible proof of the very dirty double game conducted by the Pentagon perhaps unbeknownst to the Trump now it is gulping down any lie spread by the generals of the USF (Us Air Force) to continue to fight in Syria and run at full speed the money machine of the lobbies of armaments: just think that a single missile Amg 114 Hellfire costs about 160 thousand dollars. It is not news that the US is taking possession of the gold accumulated by ISIS, most of it coming from the wealthy Mosul banks of Saddam Hussein.

It is unusual for the gold boxes to have been transported away by the US troops now ready for the withdrawal announced by their head of state, instead of being distributed to the Kurdish warriors of the SDF, those who were massacred in the field against the bazookas and mortars of the Daesh while the Americans concentrated mainly on air raids in southern Syria that caused 1,140 civilian deaths (Iraq included since 2014) according to the Western Coalition itself’s admissions and instead almost 12 thousand according to IHRC, the International Commission for Human Rights (IHRC) in the Middle East.

“Sources said US military helicopters landed in Hajin, Deir Ezzor, Dashisha, and Haska, transporting Daesh leaders who had surrendered to US forces and later sent the Americans to stolen gold bars, closing an agreement with which Washington has earned hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to the leaders and experts in the field of the terrorist organization »wrote Hazem Sabbagh for the agency Sana but as mentioned the news was also taken up by the North American and Western media and also from Al Jazeera. One of the last precious flights would have happened on Sunday after sunset. In particular, VT reports a very detailed article in Teheran’s newspaper Farnews about the movements of Isis guerrillas.


Isis fighters transported to Iraq with US Army trucks

“Dozens of ISIL militants and their family members have left eastern Syria for Turkey after paying thousands of dollars, while reports have reported that another 3,000 have probably been transferred from the United States to Iraq.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory (SOHR), based in London, reported on Monday that more than 85 ISIL militants and their family members were transferred to Turkey through the regions occupied by Syrian democratic forces (SDF) and terrorists supported by Ankara – writes FNA Farsnews – He added that each person paid 10 thousand dollars to leave the region, noting that one of the Uzbek members of ISIL paid 50 thousand dollars for himself and his family to escape. Meanwhile, Hassan al-Olow, a member of the Iraqi parliament in the province of Nineveh, wrote on his twitter page that about 3000 ISIL terrorists were evacuated from the Baqouz region in the south-east of Deir Ezzur on over 30 trucks and below the supervision of the United States. He speculated that the terrorists were transferred to desert areas in the province of al-Anbar in western Iraq. Meanwhile, the SOHR reported that 82 ISIL militants along with their family members, with a total of 1,400 people, were secretly evacuated by Baqouz on several trucks, adding that hundreds of them were transferred to Iraqi territories.

The SOHR also reported on Saturday that US Army troops had helped tens of thousands of ISIL terrorists and their families leave the Eastern Euphrates. “ Just the observatory quotes dizzying numbers that speak of 46 thousand people in total including 2,100 are from the Euphrates area among which 40 foreign fighters, anticipating that soon another 3 thousand between commanders and Daesh fighters will be evacuated.

This is a plan similar to the one openly signed by Turkey and Russia (also representing Iran) on September 17 for the truce zone of the northern province of Idlib, a peace repeatedly violated by the jihadist groups, in that case predominantly Al-Qaedist Al Nusra with the inevitable artillery reactions of the Syrian army, where it was expected the release of fundamentalist fighters guaranteed by the Ankara government but never in fact accomplished.

With the only substantial difference that Idlib was designed this terrorist-saving agreement to avoid a military frontal attack with the inevitable massacre of civilians often used by human shields by Islamic militiamen while at Deir Hezzor Trump’s “smart” bombs have already made between January and February at least 64 civilian deaths including 11 children: therefore the liberation of the jihadists was not a function of any saving in human lives. So do not repeat me not delay on the liberation of the commanders Isis in a prison of the north of Afghanistan carried out with a blitz by the special Usaf wards who have killed numerous Taliban and then elitists do not know where the US prisoners. But Washington’s real shame comes in total silence about other targeted displacements and over seven hundred Saudi Foreign Fighters who remain a mystery …


Militants of the Islamic State with the black flag that identifies ISIS

The same Sana agency also reports the movement of the Isis fighters from Syria to the incandescent Nigeria, the core of the brutal jihadist Boko Haram, and where the presidential elections have just been held with logistical delays. “The Commissioner of the International Commission for Human Rights (IHRC) in the Middle East, Haitham Abu Said, said the US involvement in clandestine trafficking and terrorist transportation from the Raqqa and other Northern Syria countries to the countries of Africa, in collaboration with the Turkish army regime – writes the Syrian news agency – Abu Said has highlighted in a declaration that about 1200 terrorists of different nationalities, including French, Germans and Chechens, have been transported to the African continent, and in particular, in Nigeria, with the help of US troops and the Turkish army, adding the information that some leaders of terrorist groups have entered Morocco.

Evidence and facts confirm that there is a close relationship between the US terrorist organization and Daesh (ISIS) “. Difficult news if not impossible to verify being well covered by military secrecy by the Americans whose silence is surprising on the massive presence of Saudi Foreign Fighters well focused instead by the center of study of war phenomena ICSR King’s College in London which has among its laudable purposes those advising governments, law enforcement agencies, intelligence on how to curb the flow of foreign terrorist fighters; understand the motivations of radicalization for those who become the ones that their analysts precisely FTF (Foreign Terroristic Fighters); assess the threat of re-entry and explore the opportunities for de-radicalization.

“The Syrian conflict was the war in more socially mediated history. In response, ICSR has developed some of the most sophisticated “open source” methods used by academics today to better understand the origins, the role and the involvement of foreign fighters participating in it – the London scholars write – This has culminated in the creation of a database containing information on over 700 Western volunteers, providing an empirical basis for quantifying the experiences of these fighters. This research was augmented by fieldwork and interviews with over 100 foreign fighters, who were conducted during their time in the theater of war.

In addition to this, ICSR maintains a series of subsidiary databases based on data collection from both open and closed sources. One of these includes a codified archive of over 4,000 registrations of volunteer entrances of the Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL / Daesh), consisting of a detailed division of the paperwork that they completed when they joined the movement. These rich empirical sources provide the basis of our ongoing work to quantify, contextualize and explain the role of foreign fighters in the Syrian conflict, their potential threat to the West and the likelihood of a so-called “return threat” ».

One of the cards of the Corriere della Sera dossier on Foreign Fighters Isis – CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO READ THE COMPLETE REPORTAGE

As reported by Corriere in a detailed dossier specifying that the foreign fighters would be even 30 thousand (the ICSR figure refers only to the arrivals monitored) in Baghdad were sent 300 death sentences and 185 life sentences but most of the prisoners Isis was remained in the prisons of the Kurdish Sdf that, without any international legitimacy to try them or not to execute them summarily, with the complicity and direction of the US began the liberation process on ransom.

Among the 800 cited by Trump there are also 40 Italians including the 22 year old Padovan Meriem Rehaily, game in 2016. But nowhere is news of the Saudi FTF that were 759 out of 4 thousand monitored by ICSR: or a fifth of foreign fighters Isis estimated by the same London study center. No one knows what happened to them but of course the suspicion is that they were freed to go to Yemen where Saudi Arabia ruled by the Wahhabis-Sunnis fighting against the Huthi rebels, Shiite enemies, with US military support and aid. Let’s at least see who I am.


The ICSR London Dossier on Foreign Saudi Fighters – CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO READ THE INTEGRAL REPORT

“At the beginning of 2016, a huge amount of documents were leaked with information on new recruits trying to join the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria. The overwhelming majority of the people named in these documents joined the terrorist organization in 2013 and 2014 – writes Abdullah bin Khaled Al-Saud in his very detailed 40-page dossier published last February 5 on the website of the Center for the Study of Radicalization ( ICSR) – There is rarely a chance to see the internal documents of terrorist groups whose survival depends and depends on absolute secrecy. This is why such documents are so valuable and important. This research paper presents an in-depth analysis of the leaked records of 759 Foreign Terroristic Fighters of Saudi Arabia contained in this archive, both citizens and residents, and presents key insights into the profile of the Saudi recruit.

By analyzing IS records and focusing on those that relate to individuals from a country that has always been targeted and regarded as the ultimate prize for terrorist groups and organizations (particularly Saudi Arabia), this study represents an important step for increase contextual knowledge. This knowledge is vital when it comes to an intricate phenomenon such as terrorism and a complex process like radicalization »The analysis is really surprising because it highlights how the Isis Saudis volunteer jihadists were mostly young students, neither particularly religious fanatics nor those from extreme classes poverty.

“This first cohort of Saudi foreign terrorist fighters (FTF) was mostly young and represents a new generation of Saudi jihadists. However, for the most part, they were neither adolescents nor solitary and marginalized – highlights Abdullah bin Khaled Al-Saud – Although they do not come from a specific poor and discontented segment of Saudi society, the province of al-Qassim, in Saudi Arabia Central, presented the highest ratio of Saudi foreign fighters per 100,000 residents by a significant margin.

The overwhelming majority, by self-admission, is not well introduced into religious knowledge. Although this has been a constant feature among the majority of recruits to terrorist groups in general, it is even more pronounced when it comes to IS. This Saudi FTF group is not culturally underdeveloped; therefore, it would be difficult to state that it suffers from lack of opportunities or absence of upward mobility. The major political unrest and instability and accentuated sectarianism in the region explain more the radicalization of IS foreign Saudi terrorist fighters than mere socio-economic or pure religious ideology. The IS tries to exploit sectarian faults in societies and adapt its narrative and approach to the specific historical and social contexts of each country. It is therefore essential to acquire as many contextual knowledge as possible in order to be able to devise effective solutions to face its threat “. Who wants to deepen read the research that we publish in full English.

But of these young Saudi fighters, one-fifth of all the Foreign Terroristic Fighters, nothing is known. Because the friendship of the United States with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with which Donald Trump is preparing to sign an agreement for a nuclear plan, has just been shaken by the barbaric execution of Washington Post editorialist Jamal Kashoggi, has passed unharmed to the massacre of the innocent Yemeni children who died of hunger for the embargoes of Riad to humanitarian aid, and will certainly not be compromised by the management of a few hundred terrorists invented, armed and piloted by the administration of Barack Obama. According to the finest experts in intelligence and geopolitics, in fact Isis is none other than the Gladius of the Third Millennium, a new formula of that Stay Behind that if it could be digested by foreign governments and intelligence Born in the cold war era could not to be sure legitimized today. So here in place of the now primitive James Bond in the service of the British MI6 the US have new 007 licensed to kill, exterminate and bomb covered by the damn black flag Isis that at any time can be easily executed and conducted in the silence of the tomb in ‘ commendation of all the peoples of the earth.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio









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