…by Jonas E. Alexis

If you have been paying attention to what the New World Order has perpetuated over the past two months on Venezuela, you would think that Vladimir Putin or Russia is responsible for the debacle itself. The Economist put out a risible article entitled, “In Venezuela, Putin fights for his own future.”[1]

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Economist and other NWO outlets could not come to grip with the fact that numerous world leaders are sick and tired of perpetual wars and perpetual conflicts in the name of democracy and freedom. The world simply had enough. Russia in particular had to stop the onslaught that the New World Order agents were advancing in places like Syria. So NWO agents are mad, sad, and want to be bad again.

How did these reptilians attempt to overthrow a democratically elected official in Syria? Well, they used the same old and boring ideology: Assad is wicked; Assad was killing his own people; Assad used chemical weapons; Assad is anti-democracy, etc. Russia and Iran didn’t bite. The last time I checked, Assad is still in power. But that doesn’t mean that NWO agents suddenly gave up. They are still trying.

Moreover, NWO agents have been shifting gears over the past few months. They are moving to destabilize another country, namely, Venezuela. The interesting thing is that they are using the same monotonous ideology: Venezuela lacks “democracy” and “freedom,” therefore it is their duty to tell President Maduro that his time has been numbered.

As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo himself put it, countries in the region must “align themselves with democracy” in order to oust Nicolás Maduro.[2] “Maduro’s tyranny,” continued Pompeo, can no longer be tolerated. “His regime is morally bankrupt, it’s economically incompetent and it is profoundly corrupt. It is undemocratic to the core.”[3]

Since Maduro is corrupt, then the United States has to offer financial backing. As the New York Times itself has reported: “The United States also offered $20 million in emergency aid to Mr. Guaidó’s side…”[4] Why millions of dollars? Well, as Trump put it, a “military option” is quite possible because democracy must be restored in the region. The late historian William Blum convincingly showed that the New World Order’s deadliest weapon is “democracy.”[5]

Well, this form of democracy has fallen on hard times over the years because many countries aren’t buying it anymore. It’s rotten to core. So Russia essentially told US representatives to stay away from Venezuela. In fact, it was reported that Russian military contractors were and perhaps still are in Venezuela.[6] According to Russian Staff Chief Valery Gerasimov, the United States is trying to repeat history. “It was that way in Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine,” said Gerasimov. “Similar activities are now seen in Venezuela.”[7]

NWO agents know that Russia isn’t playing, so they have changed their wicked plan a little. Flaming Neocon Elliott Abrams has recently declared that the United States is not really interested in a military confrontation in Venezuela, but “appropriate actions” are necessary.[8] Abrams added:

“Dictatorships come to an end. Some last for a very long time, others a much shorter time. This one in Venezuela will also come to an end. We hope that it comes to an end quickly and peacefully.”[9]

This is indeed funny because Abrams was the guy who supported dictatorial regimes in El Salvador and Guatemala in the 1980s. Abrams himself was largely responsible for the El Salvador’s El Mozote massacre, which took place in December of 1981. Abrams, who was a senior State Department official in the Reagan administration, sent military and financial backing to El Salvador in order to defeat so-called communist or socialist infiltration in the region. Raymond Donner, author of Weakness and Deceit: America and El Salvador’s Dirty War, writes in the Atlantic:

“More than 900 peasants were murdered in and around several villages in the eastern province of Morazán. Most were old men, women, and children. At the Roman Catholic Church in El Mozote, soldiers separated men from their families, took them away, and shot them. They herded mothers and children into the convent. Putting their American-supplied M-16 rifles on automatic, the soldiers opened fire. Then they burned the convent. Some 140 children were killed, including toddlers. Average age: 6…

“In El Salvador, the Reagan administration, with Abrams as point man, routinely defended the Salvadoran government in the face of evidence that its regular army, and allied right-wing death squads, were operating with impunity, killing peasants, students, union leaders, and anyone considered anti-government or pro-guerrilla. Abrams went so far as to defend one of the death squads’ most notorious leaders, Roberto D’Aubuisson, who was responsible for the murder of Archbishop Óscar Romero while he was saying Mass, in March 1980.

“It was Romero’s assassination that touched off a civil war in El Salvador—an alliance of the military and the oligarchs, which had ruled for decades with support from the United States, against a Marxist-inspired insurgency. Most of the support for the revolution came from El Salvador’s peasants, who had little to lose in seeking to overthrow a government that had resorted to brutal repression to keep them in miserable poverty.

“To drain the peasant sea in which guerrillas swam, to borrow from Mao, the Atlacatl Battalion, whose officers had recently completed counterinsurgency training in the United States, launched a “scorched earth” operation in Morazán, a mountainous region where semiliterate peasants labored on their small plots of sisal and corn.”[10]

Keep in mind that El Salvador is a small country, comparable to the state of New Jersey. Its population is under five million. So murdering 900 people in cold blood is quite a high figure. Moreover, raping Roman Catholic churchwomen was also part of the brutal regime that Abrams and indeed the Reagan administration inadvertently supported in El Salvador.[11] The brutal regime also raped teenage girls and shot them. “One witness described a soldier tossing a 3-year-old child into the air and impaling him with his bayonet.”[12]

Even New World Order outlets such as Newsweek agree that Abrams “had previously been indicted and pardoned for lying to Congress about his role in the 1980s Iran-Contra Affair, by which members of President Ronald Reagan’s administration illicitly sold weapons to Iran and used the funds to support anti-communist militias in Nicaragua, one episode in a decades-long history of U.S. efforts to defeat leftist forces across Latin America.”[13]

The United States in El Salvador (and Latin America)

The central question is: how did the United States get involved in El Salvador in the first place? In the 1920s, the oligarchs began to suppress the working class as well as the peasants in the region. As historian Walter LaFeber of Cornell University puts it, “The oligarchy controlled El Salvador, even when it did not control the international coffee price so critical to the economy.”[14]

Vast social and economic inequality ensued. “Already enduring one of the world’s widest gaps between the rich and the poor, El Salvador was about to explode in bloodshed. Washington officials were caught in the middle of that explosion.”[15]

From 1970 and all the way to 1974, the vast majority of families were landless, and abject poverty among the working class was at its zenith. As LaFeber puts it, “The political economy systematically starved the poor.”[16] And the United States, of course, sided with the political economy, namely the oligarchs. The landowners and oligarchs employed a great number of peasants and indigenous people, but they weren’t being paid a living wage.

Moreover, the rich and powerful, who owned 60% of the land and,[17] were less than 0.2% of the population but ended up manipulating the economy, particularly the food prices, for their own gain in the 1930s. “It is estimated that food costs for laborers were no more than $0.01 per day, creating considerable profits for plantation owners. In 1932, the head of a U.S. delegation in San Salvador, W.J. McCafferty, wrote a letter to his government explaining the Salvadoran situation, stating that farm animals were worth more than workers as they were in high demand and had better commercial value.”

All these social inequalities were obviously recipes for disaster. Moreover, the working class began to lose whatever job they had, which immediately caused economic unrest and upheaval. This problem was almost certainly all over Latin America, and El Salvador in particular was ripe for insurrection. The peasants needed an exodus from this economic sinkhole, and the Communist Party of El Salvador (PCS) seized the opportunity.

Led by Marxist-Leninist activist and revolutionary leader Farabundo Martí, the PCS began to distribute pamphlets among the peasants and to anyone who would listen to their revolutionary message. The peasant revolt was gaining momentum. Armed with machetes and primitive weapons, the peasants began to attack government forces and cities. When the city of Juayúa was taken, the peasants quickly recognized the face of landowner and oligarch Emilio Radaelli, who was assassinated on the spot. His wife was raped and then killed.

The uprising was soon crushed. By 1932, while having “a peaceful meeting,” the Maximiliano Hernández Martínez regime took leaders of the party and massacred between 10,000 to 30,000 people. This is now known as La Matanza, or The Slaughter.[18]

Similar situations occurred in Brazil, where the oligarchs again began to oppress the working class. This led to the birth of Communism and Anarchism in Brazil in the 1920s and 30s.[19] In Honduras, the United States again implemented covert activities in order to destroy a democratically elected official. As historian Dana Frank of the University of California has shown in her recent study The Long Honduran Night: Resistance, Terror, and the United States in the Aftermath of the Coup, the United States started to use Honduras for its imperialist project since 1910. By 1954, writes Frank,

“The United States used Honduras as the base from which to launch a CIA-organized coup that overthrew the democratically-elected socialist president of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz, ushering in decades of state-sponsored genocide against the Guatemalan people.

“During the 1980s, the United States used Soto Cano Air Base at Palmerola, jointly operated with the Honduran government, as a base for the murderous Contra War against the left-wing Sandinista government of Nicaragua. Throughout the 1980s, under the watch of US Ambassador to Honduras John Negroponte, the United States worked closely with repressive Honduran armed forces, including the famous Battalion 3-16 death squad responsible for the deaths of Honduran leftists.”[20]

Nothing has changed over the years. In the name of fighting drugs, the United States continued to destabilize Honduras even during the Obama administration.[21] The United States supported the corrupt government, where it is said that “40 percent of the Honduran police are involved in organized crime.”[22] Moreover, it was clear to many that the United States used the drug war in Honduras “as a pretext for a greater military occupation…and to block the wave of political change driven by the national resistance.”[23]

In short, the United States spent over six billion dollars in El Salvador.[24] And it was

“the American-backed government and its henchmen that murdered a Roman Catholic archbishop, American nuns, Dutch journalists, Jesuit priests, aid workers, and political leaders who challenged the government. Government ‘death squads’ seized students, tied their thumbs behind their back, shot them in the head, and left their bodies beside the road or behind shopping malls. Soldiers with automatic rifles cut down students and workers who dared demonstrate for democracy, and peasants as the forded rives to flee the civil war, or who were considered the enemy because they lived in guerilla-held areas of the country.”[25]

So can we really allow Abrams again to orchestra a coup in Venezuela under the name of “democracy” and “freedom”? Is that a viable option? Have we learned nothing from history at all? Who in his right mind would even put Abrams in politics again after the El Salvador debacle? What would Trump say to the people in the region when they see the same Satanist who killed their brothers and sisters going to Venezuelan implementing “democracy”? Will they be fooled twice? Would they think that Trump made a good choice?

Absolutely not. But Flaming Neocon Max Boot thinks that Abrams is doing a great job. “Elliott has actually been one of the most influential and eloquent voices for putting human rights and democracy front and center in American foreign policy,” said Boot.[26]

Well, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov doesn’t believe Abrams is thinking rationally. Lavrov said: “Elliot Abrams just escalates the situation that provokes an explosion and bloodshed in Venezuela to justify military intervention as the U.S. wishes.”[27] Lavrov meant it when he told one reporter: “There is not a single country, with the exception of one or two closest allies of the United States, which would support or allow for the option of military intervention in Venezuela.”[28]

He declared elsewhere: “Blatant interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state and a flagrant violation of international law.” The United States intervention in Venezuela, said Lavrov, has “nothing to do with democratic process.” Lavrov summoned international law to challenge the United States in Venezuela, saying that “the principles of the UN Charter must be followed strictly as only the people of Venezuela have the right to decide the future of their country.”[29]

You see, there is no real reason as to why the United States would even attempt to go to war with Venezuela at all. As Maduro himself has said: “The US wants Venezuela’s oil and they are willing to go to war for that oil. They are trying to fabricate a crisis to justify political escalation and a military intervention to Venezuela.”[30]

Russia seems to be supporting Maduro, and I think the US probably reaches its match again. If Maduro is smart, he would instantly strike a deal with Putin: Protect me from the United States, and I’ll allow you to have access to my oil reserve.

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