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This article and the original video attached were the subject of a National Security Letter that we believe was issued because this article contains classified information that Veterans Today received through open sources


Editor’s note:  The video above is vital.  It is a screen video of a VT nuclear weapons video taken down by YouTube at the request of the Department of Homeland Security.  Someone took a video of our video and published it.  Brilliant!!  Screw you, YouTube!

By Gordon Duff with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (suppressed/censored from 2015)

The gloves are off. With proof of a nuclear attack on Yemen saturating “some of the news,” issues of a new reality of war, the covert use of WMD’s by governments, needs to be addressed. Fabricated claims of nuclear proliferation and other WMD’s have led to invasions, endless threats of war and mindless sanctions while the real use of these weapons, covertly in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen, these and other nations, has killed many and endangered more.

The major national players now resort to tactical nuclear weapons, poison gas, crop diseases, and even weather modification as a “cheap and dirty” was of waging “irregular warfare,” part of the Chaos Theory “bag of tricks” that has long included propaganda and false flag attacks.

New Rules

A close look at the terror players in the world, Al Shabab, Boco Harum and ISIS, just to name a few of many, show the active hand of both colonial era and post-colonial era intelligence agencies, British, French, Turkish, Saudi, and Israeli with Canada and Germany as well.

America is a different story. It isn’t that America isn’t involved but that much of the involvement is from the private sector, with Bush-era military contractors tied to criminal consortiums like the massive world narcotics cartel, now functioning as nation-states. The terror organization, Al Nusra, is being trained and equipped to a large extent by drug cartels using CIA and US Department of State contracting firms to supply personnel and even weapons.

The Yemen Bomb

In most of the world, people are aware that there has been at least one tactical nuclear weapon used in Yemen. Jeff Smith, a nuclear physicist and former IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspector said, in 2014, that there had been nearly 50 unauthorized nuclear explosions since 1945. Jeff is citing Bali, Khobar Towers and others, all officially investigated by the United Nations but kept secret.

There was something about the Yemen explosion that has gone viral on YouTube and been featured in the world press, not just Sputnik News, Russia Today, Pravda and FARS, but hundreds of broadcast networks and thousands of newspapers, none in the West.

From Pravda, their take, with some curious twists:

  • “The Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map. (Tactical strikes have hit the city; photo caption)
  • Shocking video reveals neutron (sic) bombardment from a neutron bomb. Israel is reported to be the one to deploy such neutron bombs.
  • Any doubts about the nuclear attack on Yemen attributed to Israel, as evidenced in two Israeli F16s shot down and forensically identified, are now gone.
  • Forbidden strikes have brought about a storm of worldwide protest.
  • Obama has recently promised to provide every assistance including US military force to any “external threat” the rich Arab states of the Gulf may face. Pravda.Ru”

Pravda names the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel as complicit with Saudi Arabia directly so.

Inexorable Proof

Editors around the world when confronted with a “high risk” story like this were given a choice, at least those areas with a semblance of press freedom. It takes a simple phone call to a local university, getting a particle physicist on the line, and emailing one of the stills or video links. One thing was universally found to be the case, nuclear weapons were confirmed but no one wanted their name in the article. This would be the end of a career, the end of journal publication of articles, this is how the lid is kept on, how deniability used to work. This is no longer true as we will explain. Now anyone can easily recognize and prove a nuclear attack.

What all the stories have in common is this, none doubt it is a nuclear weapon, there is no doubt. Multiple videos have been posted, all with scintillation evidencing the impact of ionizing radiation only from nuclear weapons. You see, modern phones and recent video cameras, both CCD and CMOS, if within the direct blast radius, in this case dangerously close, pick up the direct radiation.

“The combination of the cameras plastic lens and the photoelectric effect produced in the cameras CCD pick up chip (because it is basically a very large array of photodiodes) allows them to act as very good detectors of high-level ionizing radiation. Low-level radiation in this case is not of concern because it will not immediately kill you or have long term negative health effects.

By simply pointing the camera at an explosive event it will immediately determine if it is nuclear or not. When the camera’s CCD pick up chip is overloaded by excess radiation it will pixelize showing white sparkles all over the picture of the fireball or blast image area.”

The title photo is a screenshot from a video of the May 2015 Yemen explosion, one of the hundreds published, from several different videos, all showing the same effect, thus far the best example of this type of video. Those who took these videos are likely to suffer health problems including multiple myeloma and other cancers, as will any within the blast radius or who visited the site within 72 hours.

You see, modern fission weapons, and this was identified as a fission weapon, a neutron bomb, typically have a fireball radius smaller than 100 yards and can have an ionizing radiation area as little as 500 meters in diameter. This makes them ideal for use in the “Third World.”

From Ed Ward, MD:

“Focused nuclear explosions were envisioned in 1959 as a possible concept for the propulsion of the spacecraft Orion. The mere directing of the yield was obviously known prior to 1959. Samuel Cohen has stated that a low yield neutron bomb may be tailored to direct yield and proposed the concept more than 35 years ago. An underground detonation causes the shaping of the direction of yield as well.

Around 1960, the relatively pure H-bomb was modified for selective effects creating the first 3rd generation H-bomb – the Neutron bomb, Enhanced Radiation Warhead, or a mostly fusion bomb. The neutron bomb’s energy was mostly based on fusion using Deuterium/Tritium with only a small fission component to ignite the fusion reaction. The neutron bombs are designed to release at least 80% of its yield as neutrons at the expense of blast and heat as compared to previous fission-fusion warheads. It was not until around 15 years ago that the existence of the neutron bomb was noted.

It was during this period that a trial regarding Chinese espionage forced the revelation of the neutron bomb. Shortly thereafter, Reagan deployed the W70 version with a yield range of 0.8 kt to 1.6 kt.”

Until the Yemen nuclear explosion, according to Jeff Smith, other attacks were hidden, either misrepresented as Thermobaric or “fuel-air” bombs or as secondary explosions having hit “hidden arms depots.” Real arms depots explode with secondaries, rocket heading into the air, dense black smoke from chemical fires, and there are endless examples of such explosions, some in Yemen.

From George Paxinos Detonations and Deceit:

The USA has already used nuclear weapons in Gulf War I and Afghanistan and is duping us as it prepares to use them again in GWII.

When, on July 16th, 1945, the first atomic bomb was tested at Alamogordo, New Mexico, the USA had a cover story ready to hide this fact: a “Munitions Train” had blown up, people spoke of seeing the flash and hearing the blast, it was all down pat.

In a day and age where information is given out to the public only when such information, or what the so-called “Authorities” tell us is such, serves only the purpose of increasing hegemonic corporate profits at the expense of the many disenfranchised peoples worldwide, it is good to scrutinize what comes down from the simple point of view of: Who Benefits By This?

I was sent Paxino’s analysis by Jeff Smith. Jeff came forward in 2014 when VT received an Edward Snowden trove refused by CNN, a preliminary 9/11 report done by the Department of Energy and the University of California at Los Alamos.

Jeff had been an IAEA inspector until 1997 when he joined the Able Danger investigation along with FBI agent John O’Neill and CIA agent Roland Carnaby. Both O’Neill and Carnaby are dead. Smith is under a gag order by a Texas grand jury that is in an internal “frozen” investigation of the theft of nuclear material involving world political leaders and imprisoned arms dealer Victor Bout. More from Detonations and Deceit, a Paxinos article from 2003:

In 1991, a totally gratuitous piece of info was tossed out to the hoi-polloi — meaning us — that the USA was going to use newfangled “fuel-air bombs” in its invasion of the beachheads of Kuwait, along with the proviso, that all media reporting would be subject to a 24-hour news blackout while this went on.

At the time it struck me as odd that a surface-blast weapon, such as a fuel-air bomb, should be used against soldiers who were dug into deep bunkers, and, knowing something of fuel-air explosives and their limitations — also the fact that they produce an oxidized hydrocarbon and particulate metal ash cloud like a small nuclear weapon, and may even, using fuel such as powdered aluminum and magnesium mixtures or alloys, produce both a blinding flash and perhaps even an electromagnetic signature pulse — they would, to the uninitiated, be fairly indistinguishable from a small nuclear weapon.

Also, alas! — the other way round! — should news be given in advance about their use, one might put in small nukes, such as Neutron Bombs, and nobody who was not an expert and had actually witnessed both could tell the difference, at all.

EXCEPT that in contrast to true fuel-air explosives, neutron bombs WOULD do the dirty on those underground bunkers and their inhabitants, as the neutron-particle rain they produce WOULD be capable of penetrating many meters of earth.”

The Problem

Defining the problem requires an analysis of what is at risk. The breadth of the problem is more than the periodic use of nuclear weapons because of a perceived need to deliver ordnance on a subject population with air defenses that prohibit the use of larger, slower, and undefendable bombers. In the case of Yemen, the nations attacking, Saudi Arabia and perhaps Israel as well, Morocco and the Gulf States, have no “heavy lift” aircraft. The MOAB (Mother of All Bombs), which “internet people” love to attribute whenever something unexplained is used is such as case, from

“MOAB is a guided bomb that delivers the 18,700 lb BLU-120/B warhead bomb with KMU-593/B GPS/INS. The MOAB is the largest-ever satellite-guided, air-delivered weapon in history [not the largest ever, but the largest satellite guided]. The 21,600-pound MOAB is an improved replacement for the unguided 15,000-pound BLU-82 Daisy Cutter. It is 30 feet long with a diameter of 40.5 inches. The warhead is a blast-type warhead. It was developed in only nine weeks to be available for the Iraq campaign, but it was not used in combat.

The 21,700-pound [9,500 kilograms] bomb contains 18,700 pounds of H6, an explosive that is a mixture of RDX (Cyclotrimethylene trinitramine), TNT, and aluminum. H6 is used by the military for general purpose bombs. H6 is an Australian produced explosive composition.”

The MOAB cannot be delivered by an aircraft in the inventory of any nation but the United States, nor can any of its analogs, the “Daisy Cutter” or fuel-air bombs. Other than the B2 “Spirit,” there is no large aircraft deemed survivable in an air defense rich environment such as Yemen, 3 F16s shot down so far. The aircraft that typically carries the MOAB is the C130 Combat Talon:

Where bombs or missiles are claimed to hit “chemical plants” or “arms depots,” in the Ukraine or Syria, Yemen or Afghanistan, it should now be assumed that a nuclear weapon was used until proven otherwise.

Governments that use tactical nuclear weapons and several do, seed conspiracy blogs and comment boards with rumors of “bunker busters,” mysterious chemicals, and “energy weapons” as part of the “deception and cover” for “irregular warfare” operations. 9/11 is a prime example.

WMD Defense, The “War of Lies”

Lies are the handmaiden of false flag WMD use, which has become common. When Sarin or Chlorine gas was supposedly used in Syria, when Russian scientists tried to bring soil samples and medical records to the UN Security Council, they were blocked. Instead, Syrian Human Rights Watch, a London based clandestine group financed by the CIA, submitted their own material, witness statements that quickly fell apart, almost as quickly as the similar “witness statements” accusing Ukrainian separatists of shooting down MH17 with a missile.

A prime example of a disinformation piece is a recent article by Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh, writing on Osama bin Laden’s death. Every Hersh expose serves an identical purpose, promoting a relatively mild narrative of government wrongdoing in order to cover something far more sinister, making Hersh by far the most successful intelligence asset in history. His “findings” are always compelling, his work well written and researched, and always a “hijacking” of history, closing off any possibility that mainstream media would ever follow a false flag narrative to its real conclusion.

As with bin Laden, Hersh disputes facts of bin Laden’s death, but not the real facts. Bin Laden’s last CIA certified public statement was in 2001. When a seemingly endless series of “short and fat” bin Ladens, and eventually only audio recordings were “found” by Mossad agent Rita Katz of Site Intelligence, the real bin Laden stayed silent. He died December 13, 2001, something even reported on Fox News, December 26, 2001, in the US.

Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief.

About 30 close associates of bin Laden in Al Qaeda, including his most trusted and personal bodyguards, his family members, and some “Taliban friends,” attended the funeral rites. A volley of bullets was also fired to pay final tribute to the “great leader.”

Bin Laden’s history with the CIA, his trips to the US for medical care while listed as “the most dangerous man in the world” and his statements citing 9/11 as an “inside job” all evaporate for history under Seymour Hersh’s skilled hand.

It isn’t just that the controlled press, a worldwide phenomenon media outlets across the globe share common ownership through Israeli and US intelligence assets, censor news. They also support a false narrative reinforced through other assets in the entertainment industry leaving generations of “news aware” people targets of a highly successful self-sustaining multi-generational mind control program.

Those who are propagandized, re-propagandize themselves and then infect others. These were the studies done at the Presidio by Paul Vallely and Michael Aquino for the US Army during the 1980s.

How Can People Fight Back

First of all, recognizing that there are no gas attacks, no germ warfare, no clandestine attacks, or false-flag terror bombings without the two-stage complicity of the mainstream media and the controlled and infected social media and blogosphere.

Beyond that, involvement at a worldwide level, a comprehensive training program in evidence gathering, documenting attacks, and of equal or greater importance, seeing to it medical care and decontamination efforts are not derailed as “subversive acts” as happened after 9/11.

Doctors shouldn’t face prison for diagnosing and treating victims of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare attacks perpetrated by major powers who believe they are above the law as long as they control “the narrative.”

Every nation needs to distribute smartphone software for radiation detection, soil sample kits and teams to verify video evidence and interview witnesses and victims of potential WMD attacks.

Only then will the attacks stop.


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