Fake Church Selling Jet Fuel to Pentagon, More Trump Corruption

Falwell has used Liberty-owned Freedom Aviation for personal, business, and political travel. Now it’s selling jet fuel to the Pentagon.


Just months after President Donald Trump took office, the federal government signed a contract to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jet fuel from a university run by one of the president’s top political supporters.

The Pentagon’s energy-procurement arm inked the contract, valued at nearly $900,000, with a company called Freedom Aviation on May 9, 2017, and has purchased more than $400,000 in turbine fuel from the company since then. Freedom Aviation is wholly owned by Liberty University, a conservative school in Lynchburg, Virginia, led by high-profile Trump supporter Jerry Falwell Jr.

Falwell, whose father was a prominent evangelical leader, remains one of the president’s most committed backers in the conservative Christian community. And Trump has reciprocated that support. Just four days after the Pentagon inked its contract with Freedom Aviation, the president gave the commencement address at Liberty University.

Falwell also appears to have used Freedom Aviation in service of the Trump campaign. He officially endorsed Trump in late January 2016, and joined him at a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a day before the state’s crucial Republican presidential caucus. About a week later, the Trump campaign paid Freedom Aviation more than $19,000 for air travel expenses.

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  1. Judeo/Christians , Binny Hinn , Falwell , John Hagee and son all representatives of the New Age Christian hyphenated religion of one being able to disavow the Prophets of the Old Testament and disregard Jesus and cherry pick the Holy Bible , they have Hell to pay ….

  2. Johnz,

    Evangelicals historically always believed that they were not part of this current world order as they looked forward to Christ’s return. They stayed out of politics as why bother and worried about building his kingdom historically but the likes of Falwell and his ilk? A new religion and a cultic one at that John! They believe in dominion over our institutions as they are domestic enemies.

    Zionism is a new movement in the Church and I can assure you many are speaking out the trouble is as our dear VT editors have documented that many times speaking out has no upside when no one will support or listen to you.

    The price can be steep for members of the clergy who do so however, with good information and proper interpretation of scripture we can win this battle.

    I swore an oath as a youngster that I would defend that constitution against all enemies as we have no foreign only the domestic kind as I am quite fond of the place.



      Show the Scofield bible scam for what it is and the Zionist propaganda permeating the notes – students cannot read the early 17th century English and fall back instead on the Zionist 20th century propaganda notes to imagine they understand it. Take out the actual King James bible and you are left with the horse radish inculcating atheism and Zionism throughout a very flawed Christianity at virtually all US bible schools. We would be better off if they studied the Talmud instead and smacked the number of the anti-Christ 666 on their foreheads at graduation. Jesus Christ taught peace, love and understanding – they prefer to support genocide. How can we expect the students to read between the lines when they cannot even read plain text. Falwell, one day you will answer for supporting a second successful “Liberty” attack against Americans on behalf of Israeli war-mongers.

  3. Masonic Zionism is one big club & we ain’t in it. Scientology, OTO, Jack Parson (JPL fame) Werner Von Braun NASA deceiver (Hebrew which ties into Taqiyya/Kitman/Muruna allowable in Muslim faith to deceive/lie/cheat). The gig is up & they are caught whenever the sleeple decide to wake up.

  4. Please pay attention.

    The modern Evangelical movement is very historical in nature as it goes back to Jefferson and the founding of the Baptists in America and they were at the heart of the debate over religious liberty in America since they were or their leaders were imprisoned by the Religious majority of the time.

    The very nature of the doctrine of Separation of Church and State came to a head when Jefferson penned the letters to that Danbury Baptist Church leadership to discuss their very existence in America.

    Now 200 plus years of American freedom they have become full circle the majority Christian sect in American politics and you do well to understand this fact at our Nations peril if you don’t.

    They run a major party of our two party system as many here even at VT will not vote for that other party as you have a choice and it is clear. As documented many times on VT they heavily influence our Military colleges which effects our military’s officer corps and military policy with incompetent religious morons.

    If I were running an Intelligence agency I would put operatives into Evangelical Bible colleges to change the direction of these institutions back to tradition Christian doctrine centered upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and hence that would be the end of Christian Zionism domestic enemies such as Falwell promote.

    Remember this, Evangelical support for the GOP is a mile wide and an inch deep and their days are numbered. tRump being their last hurrah….

    With a little push we can win this fight.


  5. VT editors,

    Excellent find on the Evangelical rot in America and her politics however, Evangelicals as a group are now the largest base of support for the GOP in America as their largest donar is the DeVos family out of Amway as they heavily fund places like liberty U and a host of radio and TV ministries.

    They want “dominion theology” to replace rule by constitutional law and a republic based upon separation of church and state which makes them enemies of our republic.

    What to do with them? Court their more moderate Evangelicals with sound traditional bible theology namely the teachings of Jesus the peace maker since Christian Zionism is a foreign religion and very cult like in its nature now historically American Christian’s have all been very anti Semitic based on the Protestant theology of Luther.

    Quite a change getting millions to worship the state of Israel is it not?

    I tip me hat to the Mossad as if I won that billion dollar lottery I would hire them to run security for my family as their credentials would be impeccable!

  6. Castro was a CIA asset from 1948 onwards, controlled opposition, a convenient bogeyman.

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