Fiction and Reality Merge as Zelensky Prepares to Rule Ukraine


Zelinsky’s first two TV shows, subtitled in English, not so funny, not so clever, a man without talent or substances, a close associate of the RKM oligarch that brought Israeli commandos to Ukraine to attack Russian Crimea.

But then one might also want to consider that Ukraine is actually the Jewish homeland as virtually NO Jews alive today have an iota of Semitic DNA.  Some believe that Hitler wanted Jews to return to Ukraine.  Comments?

Time to sit and watch it play out, perhaps not the TV show, but who knows?  From JTA is Israel:

“(JTA) — If official exit polls from Ukraine’s presidential elections are to be believed, that country is set to become the only one in the world besides Israel whose president and prime minister are both Jewish.

Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky’s dramatic lead in exit polls Sunday — in many of them he received more than 73 percent of the vote — was so overwhelming that it prompted a concession of defeat by incumbent Petro Poroshenko even before the official results were in, Radio Liberty reported.

If Zelensky is sworn in as president, his prime minister — at least for a while and possibly until the parliamentary elections scheduled to take place sometime later this year — will be Volodymyr Groysman, a Jewish politician who was the mayor of the city of Vinnytsia.

To some of Poroshenko’s critics, the landslide success of the vague campaign by the politically inexperienced Zelensky was not surprising in light of widespread resentment over the persistence of corruption under Poroshenko, who was elected in 2014 on a platform that vowed remedial action on exactly that front.”


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  1. My father who emigrated from Ukraine, that was basically a feudalistic state, in 1909 prior the revolution, would roll over in his grave now that a Jew / Khazar has been elected as PM of Ukraine. He did have many stories of the discrimination from the merchants to the indigenous people and he did have a definite dislike for them for obvious reasons. Kissinger’s statement of Israel will not exist in 10 years, back in 2012 does make you wonder why the riots and murders financed by our state department with Nuland and her sack of cookies took place. Ukraine most likely is the future home of the Khazars when they’re kicked out of Palestine.

  2. “Zelinsky’s first two TV shows, subtitled in English, not so funny, not so clever, a man without talent or substances, a close associate of the RKM oligarch…”

    It seems a rather clever way to run a political campaign, if (as seems likely) that was the intent of the show being created in the first place (the RKM does play the very long game after all).

    • It’s a repeat of what they did with Trump – they put him on The Apprentice TV Show to give the fake impression that he was a highly competent businessman and to raise his public profile.

  3. What about the “Arab Jews” who lived in every city in North Africa and the Middle East in relative harmony with their Muslim neighbors until Zionism upset the apple cart – are they Semitic or not?

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