Zelensky pledges to “restart” the Minsk process


Ukraine’s president-in-waiting Zelensky vows to end conflict in Donbass with ‘POWERFUL INFOWAR’

…from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Zelensky is holding his cards close to his vest. For a man so far ahead in the polls he could have had a team ready, and even might, but is holding off on any announcements while he puts a wet finger in the air.

He might want to collect all the info that he can get about the support he needs now from the political powers in the Rada.

He needs to have his 73% majority sprinkle over into getting legislative control there so his angry opponents do not run a slash and burn campaign there blocking his new initiatives.

But if he does not need them to maintain control he can tell them to screw off, and run over them with his political steam roller, which could include prosecutions for the huge looting of Ukraine that has gone on for ages and be very popular.

Control over the military will be a trickier matter, as that is where a potential coup could come, with the usual foreign backing if Zelensky’s new programs piss off you no who. He threw out one big hint at the press conference, that he would restart the Minsk process which Poroshenko had wiped his feet on, with the full backing of France and Germany who were supposed to make Ukraine compliant but then took a “whatever” attitude.

The long suffering Ukrainian people deserve a respite from the revolving door of hoodlums that have traditionally run the country. One could say they voted the hoodlums in, but if those are the only people running for office that narrows your choicesJim W. Dean ]

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A mother loses a daughter to random shelling in Donetsk

– First published … April 22, 2019

Comedian-turned-politician Volodymyr Zelensky, set for a landslide win in Ukraine’s presidential vote, stayed true to character at his first press conference, dropping some flashy promises but refusing to go into boring detail.

Shortly after claiming electoral victory, Zelensky held a Q&A session with reporters at his campaign HQ in a Kiev business center. While the official results of the elections have yet to be announced, multiple exit polls suggest he secured more than 72 percent of votes.

Zelensky addressed the media in an easy-going manner. He spoke in a mix of Ukrainian and Russian, switching between the two languages, sometimes in one sentence. He also talked English a bit. But if the press hoped to shed light on the policies of the incoming president and his team, the conference actually generated more questions than answers.

Bringing the civil war in eastern Ukraine to an end appears to be one of the top priorities for Zelensky. Promising to announce some kind of a plan shortly, he asked the reporters for help in the upcoming “infowar” that he says would help end the conflict, which, since 2014, has been raging between Kiev’s troops and the rebel self-proclaimed republics.

We will launch a very powerful information war to end the war in Donbass.

He then vowed to “act within the Normandy format,” referring to the French-German-Russian-Ukrainian talks on war in Donbass, saying that “we will continue the Minsk process, we will restart it.”

Next up, Zelensky did not rule out – even if half-jokingly – that the outvoted president Petro Poroshenko could gain a government post if the public “asks so.”

Do you want me to appoint him? Then I will ask society… If they tell me that they want to see Petro Poroshenko in one post or another – maybe, I don’t know.

Zelensky added, though, that he would like to try “new people” first. But the very team of the soon-to-be president still remains a mystery, as he’s refusing to provide any names, be it the new administration, the judiciary, or the country’s military.

“We have very serious acting generals who have authority in the army, you will definitely see them. I have no right to give the names of these people now, as there is an agreement with the generals,” Zelensky said cryptically, likewise not revealing his candidate for prosecutor general.

For now, Zelensky and his Servant of the People party – notably named after his own comedy show where he played a schoolteacher-turned-president – are promising to introduce the team “in the near future.”


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  1. There is one detail of some importance in the future. Kolomoiskys main base is the eastern part of Ukraine. He will undoubtly try to get his advantages of the new situation and therefore place his lackeys into positions. He can not be interested in a unstable situation in Donbass with regard to the main part of Ukraine. Proshenko only has majority three western districts, mainly Galicia and the part which is bordered to Poland. This is quite the opposite of Kolomoiskys main base.

    Who knows what lies in the future, but I’m quite certain that there will be some new relaxing agreements. In the recent past, Selensky spoke about the need to have serious talks with the Donbass, till the “ears hurt” which might also give a hint of some events.

    Moscow will judge new Ukrianian President on his action:


  2. Saying the right things to get elected as a president is one thing, and then doing them is another. He was elected on an anti-corruption platform, which voters assumed would have economic benefits. If Zelensky does not deliver, it will be assumed he was bought off, so it is an all of nothing game for him now.

    • No need to assume, we already know Zelensky is bought and paid for, he is nothing more than a puppet of Ihor Kolomoisky, the evil Jewish oligarch who funded the genocidal bandits of the so-called ‘volunteer’ battalions that were responsible for the slaughter of civilians in the Donbas while supposedly fighting for Ukraine. Kolomoisky moved to Israel last year but hasstated he will return to Ukraine once Zelensky won. It just shows how utterly ignorant and misinformed the Ukrainian people are that they elected such an obvious stooge, they now have a Jewish president and a Jewish prime minister, their country is run by Jewish oligarchs, they are going to see their nation raped and stripped of it’s wealth and resources even more than it already has been until what was once the most developed and industrialised region of the USSR becomes little more than an impoverished backwater surviving on IMF and World Bank handouts.


    • Yes, I am sure Russians know all about the oligarchs, but outside the Russian-Ukrainian world, I think it is largely unknown to people, certainly the media doesn’t talk much about them ad their role in events.

    • Thankyou. It greatly annoys me that the media in the West continues to push this stupid ‘Russia is our sworn enemy and a great threat’ nonsense, so I try my best to counter it. I think the world cup last year helped a lot as all he England fans returned with nothing but happy, positive tales of how they found Russia, how nice the Russian police were, how thy were made to feel welcome, how modern and nice the Russian cities were. Quite different to what the media tells us about Russia.

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