On April 19th, this past Friday, Donald Trump tweeted a Passover greeting to Jews celebrating Passover “in America, Israel and around the world.” Is this compatible with Trump’s alleged goal of making America great again?

Trump is largely ignorant of many of the teachings in the religion he claims for himself, Christianity, as well as of the teachings in the religion Christianity sprang out of, Judaism.

In Judaism, Jewish superiority is a consistent theme, along with the elevation of the Jewish state of Israel “on high above all nations of the earth” (Deuteronomy 28:1). This desire in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament to have Israel superior over all of the Gentile nations on Earth is also a part of a Passover prayer that is said in synagogues and Jewish homes around the world. Trump should be aware of this anti-American prayer before he sends out his Passover greetings.

The Passover prayer is the Sh’foch Hamatcha. This enlightening article from a Jewish publication about the meaning of the derogatory Hebrew word “goy” also discusses the reciting of this anti-goy/anti-Gentile prayer at Passover. The Jewish prayer in full is:

Pour forth Your wrath over the nations (goyim) that do not recognize You, and upon the kingdoms that do not invoke Your name. For they have devoured Jacob and destroyed his habitation. Pour forth Your indignation upon them and let Your burning wrath overtake them. Pursue them with anger and destroy them from beneath the heavens of God.

This prayer is calling for God to destroy all nations but Israel. Clearly the United States does not recognize the Jewish god, nor does America invoke the Jewish god’s name (which according to Exodus 34:14 is Jealous!). In the founding of the United States, it was intended to keep religion and government completely separated.

As the Deist Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists, the Bill of Rights and US Constitution have created a “wall of separation between church and state.”

The US Constitution does not mention God at all, and the Declaration of Independence only mentions God in Deistic terms, such as “Nature’s God” and never mentions the Bible, Moses, Jesus, Christianity or Judaism. The religious/spiritual roots of America are Deistic, based on the Declaration of Independence.

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When we realize the fact that God gave us reason, not religion, we can begin to break free of the ancient Iron Age and fear-based superstitions of the man-made Abrahamic “revealed” religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is vitally important for many reason, a key reason being our desire to break the cycle of religious violence and wars.  Deism is by far the best way to accomplish this!


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  1. There is a misconception that many people have about the majority who came first to the US and about why they came. Many will say, they came for religious freedom, and insinuate that as christians they were persecuted for being protestants. The reality is, many came to escape religion entirely and the freedom of religion also embodies the freedom from it.
    The taverns were as numerous as the churches, and the general thought was , protestants were just Catholic victims on the mend, and that they would be slowly weened from their mental prisons once out from under the influence of Monarchy and Popes.
    Deuteronomy being based on the twenty days, means chapter 28 is Tijax, the eighth day. Notice how the chapter changes after the first trecena which ends on 13. First is the wonderful and then is the horrible. Tijax is the balance between polarities, and throughout many cultures the descriptor is consistent. It is the line between forces. The positive and negative polarities. Lightening, which is an exchange between polarities is the consensus symbol, the spark that flint makes when struck. The stone is inert and the cloud is quiet, until the exchange occurs. The cloud that sends the lightening is unharmed and even relieved. The tree that receives it is blown apart. It is the force that is above all nations of the entire earth. Never intended to reference a specific people.

    • Even now and especially now, the integrity of the US experiment is being greatly harmed by religion. Our president promised to pay a foreign leader to retrieve a single religious prisoner from a country which had every right too imprison. But his base demanded it. he broke the promise and endangered peace , due to one person and under religious influence. He had no intention to keep the promise. It was more important to appease the evangelical base, crying persecution while nobody asked, “why is this kid over there in the first place ?” Also the Mid East and the wars and the rest. We are drowning in religious childishness and influenced by frauds on all sides. That book is neither Jewish in origin nor Catholic, and neither is it the story of any people in particular. The characters are personifications. And look at the mess.

  2. We are in the midst of a zion/Jewish full court press. My guess is powerful Zionists recognize the US is slipping as a world power, and have made the determination that right now, as they have about as much control over America’s military as they will ever have, they better use it and make their move towards war with Iran with the goal being Russia and the US destroy each other. Israel is a temporary nation anyway. All the Zionist need is to preserve their control over banking and everything, in their eyes, will be all right.
    Trump can make all concessions to Isreal he wants, but it doesn’t change the fact he’s not a Jew, but a tool to be discarded when the time is right. Same with Ivanka, she’s a throwaway too.

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