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___di  Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio per VT Italia

In the previous article ” Maduro, the Latin Gaddafi frightens with Petrocoin ” see all the links on Venezuela)  we have already written about the coups in South America organized by the US in the last hundred years and about the one against Hugo Chavez in 2002 along with the motivations for the control of the oil fields and the block of the diffusion of the Petrocryptocurrency connected to them that have made urgent the recent pressures of Washington

Now I pause to analyze the figure of the new opposition leader and the latest political financial skirmishes that are leaving victims on the streets in Caracas. Juan Guaidòit is not only supported by the US but is a real creature of the Americans that seems chosen by the Pentagon after a casting for a hollywodiana production on the antibolivarist revolucion. 

Tall, slender, handsome, he recalls the American president Barack Obama , whose whitened version seems to be for both physiognomic features and gestural choreography. Nose a little crushed like the president dem Usa, wide mouth ready to open up in a universal smile as in grinding his teeth in a fit of rage, it is adept to spread the long arms with the wide raised hand, often in a greeting of reminiscence Roman who in Italy would certainly cause him much trouble. 

But it is above all the disciple of that other Venezuelan revolutionary Leopoldo Lopezcurrently under house arrest despite being sentenced to 13 years and 9 months for instigating violence due to violent street demonstrations in 2014 that resulted in 43 deaths and 3 thousand injuries; a home detention which alone denies the “tyrannical” face of the government of Nicolas Maduro . 

Guaidò, despite the denounced dramatic economic conditions of Venezuela, studied in the USA, exactly like Lopez, considered a political collaborator of the CIA and the paradoxical link between the Republican president George W. Bush junior(director of the 2002 Chavez kidnapping with the imposition of the pro-American business man Pedro Carmona, dismissed by popular acclaim for the return of the Bolivarian leader), and the democratic Barack Obama who publicly blessed him also in his political turnaround, from a fascist militant to a republican and therefore a social democrat, and in the creation, a few months after Obama’s rise to the White House, of the Voluntad Popular party marked by those orange people typical of all the colored revolutions financed by the globalist George Soros . 

Here is the squaring of the circle that focuses on all the plots of the political conspiracy against Maduro, painted by the Venezuelan government as well as byRussia and China as an attempt at a coup, but it also outlines the features of the two upper middle-class professors who have little to do with the people’s revolutionaries like the Bolivarian Chavez himself, who was elected four times president (1998, 2002, 2006 and 2012 ), or the electrician Lech Walesa , founder of Solidarnosc who led Poland to independence from the communist regime.



A friendly public meeting between Leopoldo Lopez, leader of the opposition sentenced to 13 years in prison in Venezuela for inciting violence, and US President Barack Obama

Leopoldo López was born in Caracas on April 29, 1971 and grew up in a wealthy family. He studied in the United States at Harvard where he received a master’s degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government in 1996. An economist by profession and trained as an opponent of the late President Hugo Chavez(1999-2013), his political career took shape with the office of mayor of Chacao, a district of the Venezuelan capital, where he governed from 2000 to 2008.

At the end of the mandate, the highest administrative office of the metropolitan district of Caracas was targeted, but it is declared untrustworthy due to allegations of corruption and improper use of public funds (, considered unfounded by its supporters and never tried by a trial.

It was in fact a special surveillance of Venezuelan intelligence Sebin ( Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional ) precisely for the his studies in America, the Canadian journalist Jean-Guy Allard reported, as reported by an Hispanic online mediaCna – Centro de Noticia Altenativas ( link at the bottom of the page ) that in 1990, Lopez had studied “in an institution closely linked to the CIA , the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University,” which from there can recruit many of its agents of secret services””. 

The CIA was considered by Caracas the main architect of the 2002 coup against Chavez. In Venezuela , he joined the Republican Institute of the American International Republican Institute , which gave him strategic and financial support. “Since 2002, he has made frequent trips to Washington to party headquarters and meetings with government officials of George W. Bush(2000-2008) “writes Cna again, pointing out that it was precisely in various periods in America from the university that Lopez would have known the then official of the USAF (Us Air Force) David Petraeus , who later became general and commander of the American army in Middle East and from 2011 to 2012 director of the CIA during the Obama Government.


US President Donald Trump alongside Lilian Tintori, wife of Leopoldo Lopez, and Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Senator Marco Rubionella Oval Room of the White House on February 15th 2017 – EFE / Lilian Tintori

And just in the year in which the dem Barack Obama becomes president of the USA , a few months later, on December 5, 2009, Lopez lives his conversion on the way to Washington : from fascist antibolivist and militant Republican he converts to the Democrats : founding the progressive party and Social Democrat Voluntad Popular , after leaving Primero Justicia, led by Henrique Capriles (another of the leaders of the anti-Maduro party defeated in the 2013 presidential election) and of whom he had been a co-founder in 2000.

Thanks to US financial aid, which we will discuss later, the political movement had more and more support and, in alliance with the other opposition parties of the front against Maduro, in the Mud – Mesa de la Unidad Democratica , in the December 2015 elections it won 112 seats against the 55 of the Grande Patriotic Poleof the Bolivarian president. 

This happened after the clamorous and violent anti-maduro demonstrations that began in February 2016 right under the leadership of the leader of Voluntad Popular, who, on the 18th of the same month, surrendered to the authorities following the arson accusation and conspiracy, but also gaining great international popularity thanks to the sounding board of the Western media. 

“In September 2015, when López was now one of the most important leaders on the national political scene, he was convicted of instigating violence and sentenced to 13 years and 9 months in prison: according to his lawyers, the politician at this time was the victim of several episodes of torture and ill-treatment – writes SktTg24 – On 8 July (2018) the opposition leader left the prison of Green Branch , obtaining house arrest, thanks also to an intense media campaign conducted by his wife, activist Lilian Tintori ». 

The latter, in February 2017, had even been received at the White House to plead the cause of her husband’s release. The release, after almost three years in the cell, was motivated by the government as a humanitarian act due to the prisoner’s health conditions. Re-arrested in July, after a week he was put under house arrest where he is still now.


American lawyer and journalist Eva Winifrid Golnger columnist of Russia Today

“The anti-government protests that pursue regime change in Venezuela have been led by several individuals and organizations with close ties to the US government. Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado , two of the public leaders behind the violent protests that began in February, have a long history of collaborators, beneficiaries and agents in Washington “. 

To write it is the American lawyer, journalist and writer Eva Gollinger , daughter of a US official and a Venezuelan prosecutor, columnist of Russia Today , special correspondent with Chavez and counter-information expert, in an article with an unmistakable title “ The dirty hands of National Fund for Democracy” Published in the Italian translation on the website Critically – The National Fund for Democracy (NED) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID)USAID opened a Transition Initiatives Office (OTI) in Caracas to inject, along with the NED, another $ 100 million in attempts to undermine the Chavez government and to strengthen the opposition over the next 8 years. ” 

The highly detailed article goes on to describe in detail all the movements of money from the US since 2002 and the role of the different government agencies that led the Mud to success and allowed it, last January, to proclaim the president of the Nacional Assembly, the Venezuelan parliament, Juan Gaudiò,


Juan Guaido, the president of the Constituent Assembly of Caracas and opposition leader who proclaimed himself interim president obtaining recognition of the US and other nations EPA / Cristian Hernandez

If in the US the so-called shutdown , or the blocking of the Congress by the alignment of orientation opposite to that of the president, gave birth to a political crisis then resolved with diplomacy, in Venezuela , from 2015, the disputes were aimed at replacing the president Maduro that to remedy the problem has been given more legislative powers before being re-elected to lead the country in May 2018.

He obtained the reconfirmation with 68% of the preferences but the elections registered a turnout of just under 50% as boycotted from the opposition of the Mudwho did not take part in the competition in protest against the alleged democratic violations taking place in the country. 

After periodic demonstrations and protests with violent clashes, January 5, 2019 arrives when Juan Gaudiò , president of the Asemblea Nacional , callshimself interim president immediately obtaining international recognition of the US and other allied nations including Brazil, Colombia and Canada

Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez (born July 28, 1983) is an engineer and politician raised in a middle-class home by his father Wilmer, an airline pilot who left Venezuela at odds with Chavismo and for a time lived in the Canaries as a taxi driver, and his mother Norka, a teacher. One grandfather was a sergeant of the Venezuelan National Guard while another was a captain of the Venezuelan Navy. In 1999 his family found themselves homeless due to the disastrous flood in Vargas where thousands of people died. 

Despite the difficulties in 2000 he graduated and in 2007 he obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering at the Catholic University Andrés Bello. The paternal ideologies and the tragedy of the Vargas and marked his youth bringing him close to those who considered inadequate the answers of the Chavez government to the emergency. Just in the last academic year he became a political activist in a university movement protesting against the decision of the Venezuelan government not to renew the radio and television license of the independent television network RCTV that spread after the disputes of the Chavez reform. 

In the period of greatest proliferation of US financial aid to the opposition of Leopoldo Lopez , the 24-year-old Guaidò found the resources to do two post-graduate master’s degrees in public administration at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración of Caracas and at theGeorge Washington University in the United States . He then found himself studying in Washington at the same time that Obama started the Democratic primary race. 

Upon his return from the USA, in December 2009, he and his mentor Lopez founded the Voluntad Popular party of which he became national coordinator 2014 and in which he assumed a primary role after the condemnation and arrest of Lopez in 2015 which continued to guide him for years. He participated in the 2017 Venezuelan protests and was scarred on his neck after being hit by rubber bullets. Both are married to two beautiful women graduates in journalism and very experienced in communicating on social media Fabiana Rosales(Guaidò) and Lilian Tintori (Lopez), who proved to be at least as decisive as US funding to support the political activity of the orange party like that of Euromaidan Square in Kiev and the others supported by the plutarch George Soros.


The map of funding to NGOs close to the opposition in Venezuela

Among the main supporters of the campaign of denunciation of civil rights violations of Guaidò , Voluntad Popular and Mud there are also Provea (Venezuelan Education-Action Program on Human Rights) an NGO recognized by the UN Human Rights Council funded by the Open Society Foundation of the aforementioned Soros, and Freedom House , an observatory on democratic rights financed by the US State Department , which also had James Woolsey , a consultant to various US presidents and CIA director , as chairman of the Board of Directorsfrom 1993 to 1995.

In this context there was an escalation of the contrasts between the antibolivarist opposition and the Maduro government which led to the self-proclamation of Guaidò in front of thousands of people in Caracas which immediately echoed the speech by the president of Venezuela from the government building. 

Now the leader of the Voluntad Popular and the Mud coalition has convened demonstrations for today, Wednesday 30 January, and Saturday 2 February that do not seem destined to change the tug-of-war between Maduro and the USA that support the interim president. While Guaidò continues to solicit defections among the armed forces that remain loyal to President Chavista, the diplomatic war has started. On the one hand, Washington has tightened the sanctions with the blocking of all the accounts and the assets of the Pdvsa , the Venezuelan oil company and of its subsidiary Citco, in the USA. Guaidò assumed the powers of the Executive and announced the control of these funds from the state oil ayinda asking the British government and the Bank of England forthe blockade of the 31 tons of gold that Caracas has requested to return. 

While the financial experts are very skeptical about the possibility of the institution to withhold the gold reserves, the Venezuelan government switched to the counteroffensive by freezing all the accounts and assets of the same Guaidò and imposing on him the prohibition to leave the country. 

Meanwhile, the Saturday deadline is approaching, including the US and other countriesFrance and Germanyhave imposed on President Maduro to recognize the authority of Guaidò with the creation of a transitional government and new elections. Application to which the heir of Chavez replied spades denouncing that the US ordered to kill him through the Colombian mafia. Meanwhile, the NGO Provea denounces 35 deaths in clashes between protesters, military deserters and police supported by the army. The criminal court has reported 850 arrests deemed to be political prisoners: all in all a very small number compared to the thousands arrested in France for the protests of the Yellow Vests

Various humanitarian organizations and the Vatican hoping for a peaceful solution to the tensions they expressed concern about the crisis affecting foodstuffs and medicine. The foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza , has blamed it on the “general sanctions imposed by the United States which since 2017 have cost more than $ 23 billion of lower revenues”. 

Money, he recalled, which would have made it possible to finance “the purchase of medicines, foodstuffs, raw materials for production, infrastructure projects and compliance with international financial commitments”. Meanwhile, the US warned the Caracas government that “all options are on the table” alluding to the possibility of a military intervention already prevented by Maduro from the request for help from Russia which last December had sent warplanes and said it was ready to provide Venezuela with the necessary support. An armed intervention evoked from a point taken by the media on a notepad by the national security adviser John Bolton of which we are talking about in another article because it is connected to the Afghanistan question .

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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