Trump to Declare White Helmets a Terror Group and Israel Hates the Idea

Zionist media aghast that Trump now getting "non fake news" instead of their Fox/Murdoch fabrications...


Introduction by the Senior Editor Gordon Duff

It seems that Trump now loves a new TV network, one that has now “busted” the White Helmets as a terror group.  Watch their video.  This is quite wonderful.

Do remember that Trump bombed Syria based on these fake attacks.  The story below is from the Daily Beast, originally part of Zionist Jane Harman’s NewsWeek group.  It was Harmon who was forced out of congress for trying to arrange the release of Jonathan Pollard, the Mossad/KGB superspy that totally destroyed the CIA. (this is not public information but true just the same, as evidence by the efforts made to keep him imprisoned despite endless pleas from Netanyahu.)

Photos and video ours, text from “them.”  We are waiting for Trump to deal with the White Helmets organ theft ring, one Israel is partnered with.  Thus far Trump has been duped into two bombing attacks on Syria to defend these monsters.  Now we hear he will be making a turn around.  We are flabbergasted, what can I say?


Trump’s New Favorite Network Embraces Russian Propaganda

One America News Network has no qualms with playing the mouthpiece for Kremlin-hatched conspiracy theories. And one of its most loyal viewers lives in the White House

When it comes to putting disinformation in front of American eyeballs, Vladimir Putin has long been able to count alt-right social media stars like Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich as reliable allies. Now the One America News Network, a pro-Trump cable news and commentary channel, is joining them in embracing some of Moscow’s most vile fake news.

On Wednesday OANN aired a segment claiming to reveal that dozens of members of the Syrian Civil Defense, a humanitarian group known as the White Helmets, have confessed to faking chemical weapons attacks in Syria to frame Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator propped up by Putin.

“At least 40 members of the terrorist-linked White Helmets have admitted they staged fake chemical attacks to provoke retaliation against the Syrian Government,” began the report by OANN correspondent Pearson Sharp. “Members of the group, who won an Oscar for their Netflix documentary, came out in recent interviews for a study presented to the United Nations and confessed they had in fact faked the attacks.'”

The story goes on, citing how heroic the terrorists, beheaders and killers of the deadly White Helmet terror group actually saved millions of lives though caught, over and over, kidnapping children, staging gas attacks…

But you can read full article at; if you have the stomach.


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  1. We all remember the disturbing images that Gordon brought to light of the infants being systematically murdered by the “White Helmets” by sticking needles in their hearts and swirling them around after the children were drugged sufficiently as was shown by their dilated pupils. I will never get those pictures out of my mind and I thank Gordon for that!

    I believe Trump is on to the trickery involving Syria and the players involved trying to start WWIII! The MOAB was detonated on the outskirts causing no casualties which was more for show and to keep the NEOcons satisfied. The Golan Heights grab was for safekeeping….

    Bibi won’t be getting what he thinks!

    • The World needs to know the Truth! The White Helmets is a deceiving name! The video presented by Gordon Duff was chilling and it has haunted me since I first viewed it, but someone has to bring these things to Light!

      Again, thanks to Gordon for presenting that story!

  2. Unless I read it incorrectly, today at NEO, Gordon Duff in an article related to “The Daily Beast’s” revealing piece about the White Helmets, Gordon seems to be reversing his stance on the infamous group, and is now saying; ‘in the real world” the WHs are renowned for their humanitarian actions and responsible for saving 100,000 lives. He goes further by declaring Russia is behind the fake news that the WHs staged gas attacks. So what are we to believe from Gordon going forward? Not much is my guess.

  3. Honestly, absolutely NOTHING will change.

    The Israelis and the US weapon manufacturers will pressure Trump with all means to prevent the latter from declaring White Helmets everything except being a terrorist organization.

  4. I guess VT is aware of this but I tried to post the link to this article on Facebook and it wouldn’t as I was told it broke the rules.

  5. UGH!

    The Daily Beast – offspring of the Father of All Lies, the Synagogue of Satan. The revolting, unctuous drooling slime from this MSM mouthpiece piece demands a gag order for the serpentine lies they foist from the gutter. “The gift of reason differentiates humanity from the Beast” – does it ever!

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