100% Censorship: Hundreds of Missiles Hit Tel Aviv as Iron Dome “Flunks”

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Why the Israeli missile defense system ” Iron Dome”, intercepting only 240 of 690 missiles in two days, can be considered reliable, explains military expert Viktor Murakhovsky.

Posted by satellite video of the strike of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip / News from 05/05/2019 14:28

Pravda: On May 4 and 5, a rocket attack was launched on Israel from the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reported that 690 missiles were fired within 48 hours. The missile defense system “Iron Dome” intercepted only 240 of them, killing four civilians. The former head of the military intelligence research department, Yaakov Amidror, told the Jerusalem Post that the Iron Dome system could not intercept all missiles for two reasons. One of the key problems he called the launch of some missiles from very close range, which the system does not recognize. The second is that it does not intercept missiles flying to areas that it considers to be undeveloped and uninhabited.

This was the case with a car that was destroyed along with people from the Yad Mordechai community near the border with the Gaza Strip, Amidror explained.

How effective the Israeli missile defense system “Iron Dome”, “Pravde.Ru” said the chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Viktor Murakhovsky .

“The Iron Dome” is presented as an effective system, but nevertheless it misses missiles – and many …

“The Iron Dome” is a stationary system for covering against unguided rockets, specifically mortar shells. It has a large ammunition, short-range missiles, and, in principle, it is a fairly simple system. Palestinian groups use home-made Qassam missiles in strikes against Israel without guidance systems, which are much simpler and much worse in terms of their characteristics, for example, Russian or American multiple-launch rocket launchers.

If the volley is from an obsolete installation “Grad” of Soviet production, the “Iron Dome” will not save. Americans have a reasonably efficient HIMARS multiple launch rocket system. It is used, including, with a range of up to 300 kilometers. There are developments in other countries – in China and the DPRK – based on Soviet salvo systems. Turkey, as far as I know, took up this topic quite closely.

– That is, the system missed the missiles, is it in the order of things?

– It’s in the order of things. If the Iron Dome is compared in terms of the number of interceptions and the number of missiles missed, then it has an efficiency higher than 90 percent. This is a very high figure for air defense systems, even considering the simplicity of the targets for reflection.

– Is the Russian S-400 air defense system more effective in this sense?

– C-400 is a system of another purpose, another level. This is an air defense system (Air Defense) to cover objects at large distances. And so they can not be compared either in functionality or in capabilities.

Note that the tactical missile defense system “Iron Dome” is designed to protect against unguided tactical missiles with a range from four to 70 kilometers. It was developed by the Israeli company Rafael. Each battery can protect an area of ​​150 square kilometers. The first battery went on alert in March 2011. There are nine such batteries in Israel.

The system includes three launchers of Tamir missiles (20 missiles each). The interceptor missile has a length of three meters and a mass of 90 kilograms, its diameter is 160 millimeters, and the speed is about 300 meters per second (this is several times higher than the target speed). Information about the warhead of the rocket is secret. There is also a radar station (radar). If the calculated target trajectory indicates that the rocket will fall in a deserted area, the interception command is not given. This reduces the cost of operating the system.

Recall that in response to an attack from Hamas sector Gaza on May 4-5, the Israelis applied retaliatory strikes on Gaza’s infrastructure with 350 goals in the next 48 hours. The Israeli military reported the destruction of Hamas headquarters , weapons factories, ammunition depots and missile launch sites.

The defense of the Russian Khmeimim airbase in Lattakia is provided by the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile-gun systems delivered to Syria and the Buk-M2E medium-range air defense system. As part of the air defense system of Syria, there are also modernized air defense systems Osa, C-125 Pechora-2M, ZRS S-200 and other systems. All of them are organized in the air defense system, which is analogous to the “Iron Dome”.

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  1. From what I understand the Iron Dome was the old Patriot Missile system set up just prior to Gulf War I which worked somewhat effectively against scuds but not much use against advanced weapons systems.

  2. The Iron Dome is still doing pretty well against the hardest targets for such a system. I remember the Brits had a primitive system to maybe counter motor rounds in the early 80’s. This is light years beyond that. If it has the software to distinguish between outbound and inbound targets so it doesn’t have to be “turned off” during battle (like the British automation of Bofors aerial defense naval guns during the Falklands wars), it would be really useful.

  3. i doubt 450 missiles hit and only 4 dead…..but of course no one ever tells the truth…..can anyone guess what 100,000 highly advanced missiles landing on every important structure in israel might do should war actually start?

  4. 450 missiles and only 4 dead civilians. I guess they weren’t aiming at the chosen ones on purpose.

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