NEO – Atmospherics and the Googling of Humanity


    by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

    Introduction: I am not sure how to explain this piece. It contains “inferences” to highly classified operational intelligence to an extent based on work I did for foreign governments partnered with the XXX.

    As I reread this, it is going to be a bit heavy…and dark. I added some very real material on Vietnam here, real combat stuff, as a personal note. I am really fu$%ing sick of the lying.

    You will learn how much worse things are and how understated the threat of rigged elections really is. It is so much worse than just elections, it is our lives, our personalities, our hopes and dreams that are “rigged.” First this note from Jim Dean and then something very dark from me …Gordon


    [ Editor’s Note: A couple times a month Gordon and I will be having one of our “state of the world” chats, where the material is so depressing, we keep the audience to two.

    One of the reasons Gordon can produce material like this is because he is a Mensa, with total recall of everything he has seen, read or heard. It eliminates a lot of research time.

    I asked him one time how he could possibly remember all the details of what he has read, and he surprised me with his answer. He said he didn’t, but he had a mental photograph of the page, and he could pull it up instantly and “read” the details.

    One of the strengths of VT is that we spend years cross-training each other. Gordon invested five years in preparing me for the level of work that we now do, once saying that we were light years ahead of where we were five years ago. We are now going on ten.

    You now know the secret as to why Gordon and the VT team are a highly sought after “instant” briefing source at the country level internationally, and why VT has friends in high places. When they need something quickly, especially about “what really happened way back when at such-and-such event”, they have a cell number to call, and 24 hours per day, if it is an emergency.

    For this particular one, he was briefing me about the quality, or lack thereof, of many in the Marines that went to war in Vietnam. He is not making up the illiteracy comment below.

    Gordon in Vietnam

    He was in boot camp with some of these people and got to know them well, even having command over a bed wetters barracks for a time.

    One of his duties was to roust everybody out of bed  at night every two hours to force them into the head to pee, the Marine solution to the laundry and ruined mattress problem.

    But that left the bedwetters facing the start of their day with what would even be a stretch to call “light sleep”. The point was not to trash the Marines, but to spotlight not only how the situation described below was allowed to happen, but the huge effort by the command to remain in denial so no one would be tagged with being responsible for it all.

    The whole story sounded like a Fellini movie, or something out of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. Vonnegut, by the way, lived in Gordon’s boyhood neighborhood.

    The discussion of the Marine crazy world in Vietnam was our starting point to measure against the really big crazy we have today, one not created or run by illiterates and bed wetters who missed their mothers, or too much 1st cousin inbreeding in the mountain areas.

    The big crazy today is high tech, highly educated, and highly paid. They are a new breed of human, with some positive elements, and some not so positive. But due to the influence that they have, they are also highly dangerous.

    Google went after us, and we went after them, especially Jared Cohen and Google Jigsaw. We got beat up a bit with Gordon’s YouTube channel with 5 million views being flushed, the bannings and black-outs.

    Even my Arlington Cemetery footage of my mother being honored with an empty grave ceremony for her WWII KIA first husband, the day after we buried her son in Arlington, is gone. But, we did not whine about it. Instead, we fought back, and will continue to do so… Jim W. Dean ]

    – First published … June 02, 2019

    What can be done is being done. Moreover, those “doing it,” or “having it done” are products of a long disintegrating standard of humanity, morality and values. I will begin with an example, please be patient.

    Some 50 years ago, I was serving in South Vietnam as a Marine. Notwithstanding that the war itself was insanity, predicated on lies and broken treaties, serving with a rifle squad gives one a much smaller view of events.

    During the Vietnam War, the United States Marine Corps simply went insane. You see, they became obsessed with a single idea, that the 60’s drug culture would “infect” their elite organization.

    Of course, the Marine Corps, as it had become in peacetime between the Korean and Vietnam wars was far from elite, an organization of “bottom feeders” and unemployables, as depicted in the 1960s TV comedy “Gomer Pyle.”

    Few had seen combat; those who fought in Korea or World War II, had long opted out for a better life. What was left was the dregs; thus, America went to war where “the Few,” as Marines are told to refer to themselves, were often drunken, overweight and illiterate.

    When this gang of incompetents reached a war zone, they began an unending witch hunt against “potential drug abusers.” Little or no time was spent planning combat operations and, by 1969, many small unit leaders were drug informants with no knowledge of maps or using a radio, much less of combat operations.

    The Marine Corps outlawed sunglasses and even some brands of cigarettes, based on conspiracy theories that such things were part of a violent subculture intent on overthrowing “the system.”

    What is it Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this stuff up?”

    The Marine Corps lost men in Vietnam, due to these and other equally stupid circumstances, at a rate 4 times that of World War II. Combat units would return from patrols and operations to find that base areas had been subject to mutinies and, in some cases, officers and senior NCOs were living in underground bunkers fearful of being murdered by their own men.

    Am I making this up, did this happen on Hill 10, Hill 34, Hill 55 or LZ Rockcrusher, and I could add two dozen names to this list?

    We thought Vietnam was insane, but the lessons of Vietnam weren’t learned by the likes of Donald Trump or John Bolton, both of whom openly assert that they were “too important” to be wasted on a war. With leadership devoid of those who learned the folly of insanity the hard way, the post 9/11 world has been one, not only of unending war but of a singular focus, not on drugs but on terrorism.

    There are only terrorists, or potential terrorists or Jihadists or varying processes where everyday citizens are now “potential enemy combatants” or “terrorist sympathizers.”

    Right after 9/11 it began — a focus on technology to monitor the “individual threat level” of every human being on the planet, identifying “influencers” and those who might be influenced.

    In the process, capabilities increased exponentially, and then again, exponentially still until the gulf between man and machine had disappeared, at least in the eyes of “data clients.”

    You may think you are human. You are really “click bait.”

    Your “devices” exist for one purpose – once the onion is peeled, to dangle images in front of you, often grotesque and perverse, and “fish” for your reaction. This is the AI of Google Corporation interacting directly with your subconscious.

    Nobody needs your psychiatric files, no “Daniel Ellsberg-type” FBI break-ins nowadays; not only is it all free, but you pay and pay and pay for the privilege of being violated – your every thought, your every movement monitored every minute of every day.

    Chances are your phone counts your steps, it may well be counting your heartbeats as well, all going into a “cloud” where privacy advocates long ago gave up any hope of success.

    You buy the device, you pay for service, you endlessly “subscribe” to one thing or another; your life, your “enriched” existence is there, and it is seen and processed.

    The science of seeing you, programming you and in nation after nation, selecting you for even broader surveillance or diminished personhood, is called “atmospherics.” What didn’t exist a decade ago is now a $100-billion per year industry and the buyers, once soft drink companies and car manufacturers, are now political parties and governments.

    “Atmospherics” is a secret, a term the public face of Google knows nothing of, not in any dictionary, known only to a few. There is a reason we mention “atmospherics” and “Google” in the same sentence, as both terms are part of not a “two-edged sword” but something far more sinister. We begin.

    There is magic in the business models of Google, Facebook and other social media platforms like YouTube, owned by Google. Google enriches itself by selling access to content entirely created by others, content they censor at will, promote at will, while Google “seeds” fake news, smears and conspiracy theories into the collective consciousness of a planet, driven by the most advanced AI or artificial intelligence on the planet.

    “Atmospherics” is the pseudo-science of engineering all that data through fusion centers and creating “output.” You see, the NSA, America’s “listening ear” that taps every phone, hears and sees all, but processes or “fuses” almost nothing. Google “fuses” everything, every email; but more, with the help of their dark little friends, all VOIP phone calls, and by that we mean everything, gets listened to as well, far more than the NSA gets.

    When you combine that with Facebook and their control of WhatsApp and Microsoft’s control of Skype, every expressed thought, be it a Facebook post, a comment on a blog site or what too many misconstrue as their private phone calls, all is heard, mixed with click-bait output, cooked in a stew with friends, family and neighbors and we all become “product.”

    Imagine this, there are maps of every square kilometer of this planet where people access the internet. Overlaying these maps is a web, showing who shares any commonality of any kind – pet ownership, religion, employment, same model motorbike, any and every “maker” – connecting the world together.

    The EU has declared war on this capability and on the companies that ply the trade with names like “Analytica” and “Fusion,” and the output they sell to the fake democracies and tin-pot dictators they serve.

    There is only one reason for the data in the post-911 world, and that is to identify threats and, where no threat exists, to invent one. As with the adage, if a hammer is the only tool you have, then all you see are nails, atmospherics and intelligence fusion, driven by AI, sees only threats.

    Pet ownership can make someone seem “overly sensitive”, which can be also seen as “easily influenced” and, when the insanity of the time takes hold, that translates to “easily radicalized.”

    Then throw $20 trillion dollars at the problem, the value of the tech industries behind the insanity.

    Imagine this as a business model:

    • All content, news, commercial, cultural, scientific, is submitted to you.
    • You charge money to list or promote content, a service for which you charge, and, mind you, this is censorship and promotion not just of political issues but scientific and cultural as well.
    • And then you sell advertising in return for your gift of allowing content creators to be censored or promoted, something they pay you for as well.
    • It gets even better. You then track those who visit content and develop profiles on them. As all content comes through search engines, and all search engines are now controlled by Google, even those that claim they aren’t, you create a grand “skinner box.”

    Content viewers, and by this, we mean “humanity” is subjected to customized, custom censored, custom propagandized, specialized content intended to stimulate consumption of useless goods and services, while giving away all critical thinking capabilities.

    There was a time when psychologists went to corporations with programs to increase sales by profiling potential customers. Soon companies began profiling each other, using chaos theory and eventually advanced modeling through mathematics.

    In a world of corporations, where faceless stockholders’ equity value justified all existence and any methodology, what many saw as a descent into barbarity supposedly took root. But they were wrong, so very wrong, it went further, so much further.

    Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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    1. Cookie tins make excellent Faraday cages.
      If you need an alibi turn a movie on your phone and tie it on your dog while you’re out and about.
      Technology goes both ways.

    2. How about everyone shuts off there phone and leaves the dam thing at home and go for a walk and meet some friends who do the same and heaven forbid have a real old school conversation?

      How about posting absurd stuff on blogs that the AI can’t translate properly?

      And if you need that phone put it in a Fariday cage that blocks its signal and to our authorities and military it’s my observation that it’s a sick incompetent joke from top to bottom as I know since I worked for them since Mr.Duff’s observations of his time in the military is spot on!

      My suggestion? Ignore it all and ask yourself what do you want to do today and how can one do it? And a good start would be to read Slauterhouse five which clearly shows reality is not what it seems as one creates his own each day.

      Like in slauterhouse his reaction to a crazy war was to write about his time with the aliens in a flying saucer.

      Crazy is as crazy does I guess and so it goes….

    3. Well said, and the breakaway “caste” is firmly placed at this time. My warning to any human with a conscience, is not of AI, but of the use of combined data. Everything is going to accelerate when the data from the invisible is merged with the behavioral data. We are on the cusp of this, and when anyone works with predictive tools of almost any kind, it is fairly easy to see where it goes when LISA becomes fully operational. It won’t matter if a person is plugged in or not. Artists and decision makers absolutely balk at the notion, that their ideas are predictable from basic knowledge. The element of free will is less than people think, but it still exists. However, once the schedule is combined with “preferred” output, driving the herd will be Childs play. So, decentralized AI, under international supervision, is the only way to prevent the wishes of a few becoming “reality” for everyone else.

      • Through experimentation, even if not completely successful, the possibilities can be envisioned. Mendeleev could predict existence of elements due to the gaps in a proven structure. This is the state of knowledge of space time right now. People can say or believe anything they want, but life is predictable. An individual making decisions for years, moving about and living a secluded life unplugged, can be found within a few hundred square feet. Weather can be predicted years ahead. To the day for most of it. Events of particular cities, such as crime rates within a one week period , will be accurately predictable within 1 or 2 percentage points. Precise locations and predictions of mass casualty events is possible. Thus, the knowledge also becomes the ultimate cover. This must be prevented.

      • Emma, good example to contemplate. If a weather event happens as scheduled, then it is a second tier examination to determine if it is at the hands of people. Geo-engineering is a foregone conclusion already in most circles. With decentralized AI , nobody gets away with anything. The good guys will always be smarter and more creative than the bad guys. They need to find each other and put aside petty differences or financial interests. That’s the edge.

    4. Don’t expect it to get better with google AI. I expect the entire data gathering curve to peak when the first generation of born-with 1st day picture-on-facebook/instagram enters the legislative branch and decision voting jobs. In about 15-20 years or less. Facebook will soon have nightmares with personal data protection.
      Those night drills in Vietnam I didn’t get very well. Ok, to get bed wetters not to pee uncontrollably.

    5. Any person capable of critical thinking, and analyzing what has become all of us on this planet should realize that this grotesque, high tech mercantilism, (which is disguised as capitalism) driven by avarice and greed is unsustainable.

      Of course the biosphere cannot sustain humanity as it is constituted much longer. So, perhaps for those in a “blue pill” slumber it is better? Is ignorance bliss? Or is denial just easier to live with? Quantum collision of minds and reality transcends AI… connection unexplainable in our reality of time and space as we know it.

      Hats off to you two. Hats off to VT! There is a higher plane above AI and the psychopaths that have fueled all this evil.

      Although I too suffer and feel the pain, I Believe that this evil will be put down… ‘Just saying. Peace

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