Israel joins US and Saudi Arabia in new effort to partition Syria

We still have not gotten a serious reparations for Syria discussion going

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, …with Syrian sources

As I promised yesterday we would be filling in on the big US-Saudi pow-wow with the SDS Kurds and Deir Ezzor Arab tribes.

Dr. Najm, then Syrian Minister of Justice (center) with VT’s Dr’s Bassam Barakat and Nahed al Husaini

Nana Husaini, our Syrian correspondent has been reviewing the Arab media and will be digging into the Syrian government’s reaction to this new partition front opening up, while Damascus is focused on the Idlib stalemate.

The Syrian government does not shoot from the hip. It will pool all of its sources before making an official statement. But it will have to, at some point.

The big news in the stories below, with multiple confirmations, is that Israeli TV was on the ground and shooting both meetings. They were not disguised as Arab media, but were from Channel 12. Imagine that.

As for the money part, the tribes got treated equally with each sheikh getting a million dollars for travel expenses, with more on the way behind that. Keep in mind, a lot of that gets spread out among the tribes.

The base-expansion open coverage is sending a message to Erdogan, a counter move to his taking the Russian S-400 deliveries, which are supposed to start in July.

Also keep in mind that from the Raqqa air base, the US can support jihadi operations in Idlib, and even an advance by the evolving partition coalition against SAA positions in central Syria. The US Iraqi airbases will be staging platforms for any offensive moves by the US coalition.

And despite all the talk about Iraqi pride and independence, it is being worn as a shoe for the growing US footprint in the region, a sad thing to see after all Iraq has suffered through.

Is the US saying via this move that it is going to replace Turkey as a key ally by building northeastern and eastern Syria into a new US-Saudi and Israeli mega base, with the Israelis of course not paying a dime for anything? We have come a long way from Donald’s “pull out” from Syria early in the year. Welcome to TrumpWorld … JD 

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Jim W. Dean with the Syrian election commissioners, June 01, 2014, Damascus

– First published … June 16, 2019

… by Tom Duggan

Update on Saudis and USA delegation they were inspecting facility’s and air strip at an airfield close to Raqqa. They paid special attention to the length of runway and aircraft hangers. with them was a Zionest TV crew from channel 12.

Tom Duggan is an experienced, hard boiled, front line journalist who has been right in the middle of the Syrian conflict

My feelings on this are as follows that the airfield will receive a major refit runways will be expanded, more hangers and living areas for technical staff.

During the visit they also visited tribal leaders in Dier Ezzor area and promised to help them. Hearts and minds black operation with USD going to tribal leaders who join the USA and Saudi enterprise.

They have told tribal leaders they are in Syria to fight terrorism. strange when you consider both party’s created terrorism bribes by Saudi one million USA per tribal leader
A new dangerous period is about to begin in Syria. If I am correct this base expansion will play a major part in Saudi and USA regime change in Syria.

At this moment in time I see the USA and Saudi vulture circle around Dier Ezzor. And the turkish wolf’s circle around Idlib.

Both playing games with each other. But working towards the ultimate goal Regime Change. Turkey is looking to start it’s new empire and Saudi trying to finish what it started.

Iran is being subjected to outrageous assault by western media and politicians
It’s clear to me the people who have most to gain are the Saud government. And the USA .
will send more U.S. young men to die in the middle East.


A Saudi-American delegation inspecting the military airport in Raqqa and an Israeli journalist group walking around its neighborhoods

17:15 15.06.2019 (Updated 17:24 15.06.2019)

A high-ranking US delegation accompanied by a Saudi delegation arrived late Friday in the town of Al-Tabla and inspected the airport of the military class in the western suburb of Raqqa Saturday morning, a source in the Kurdish Kessid faction said.

The correspondent of ” Sputnik ” in the city of Raqqa, a source in the organization of the US military confirmed that a high-level US delegation accompanied by a Saudi delegation, visited this morning the military class airport in the western Rifqa countryside, and inspected the runways and hangars, airport buildings and shelters, and visited a training camp in the vicinity the airport.


قسد تتقدم بمحيط جرابلس قبل معركتها.. وتحصل على مفتاح الرقة من أبواب منبج

Jaafari: The alliance with the collusion with the militias of a client such as “Qdes” destroyed the tenderness

The source added that after the departure of the two delegations to the airport several hours, they returned to resume their tour of the vicinity of the airport, where the two delegations are still in the class until the moment of preparation of this report.

In a related context, the reporter Sputnik: The Israeli media team working in the city of tenderness for days on the preparation of reports in the streets and public squares in coordination with the factions, “Qsd” of the US occupation forces, explaining that the delegation belongs to the Channel 12 Hebrew (the former).

The media reported on Friday the meeting included the Saudi Minister of State Thamer al-Sbahan, US Deputy Secretary of State Joel Rabion, US Ambassador William Rubak, in the field of oil age in Deir al-Zour, in addition to a number of elders and dignitaries and administrators of the tribes and councils of Deir al-Zour.

She added that the meeting discussed the mechanism of combating the terrorist organization “Daqash”, ensuring its return, in addition to supporting the civil council in the governorate, providing services to the East Euphrates region and supporting the economy of the region through supporting projects and the health and education sectors.

The Channel 12 broadcast on Friday, an announcement of the report of a special photographer will be broadcast through the screen for her correspondent, Efrat Lachter wandering in the city of Raqqa Syrian, and showed the ad pictures of the newspaper “Israeli” Lashter, wandering in the province of Raqqa.

In recent months, Israeli press teams have been moving in areas controlled by the US-backed Kadhim militia, with facilities exposing the nature of the militias and their links with Israel. The Israeli channel 24 recently broadcast a report on the village of Jeannouar in the countryside of El Hasakah.

The report was filmed for the channel freely after the facilities received by the channel team from the Qaysd militia, which hosted last March the correspondent of Channel 11, From Qaddad, including Mazloum Kubani in his headquarters in the Eastern Province and met with a number of members of the organization calling the terrorist in the countryside of Deir Al-Zour.


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  1. I guess the disguises have been dropped, and the time is right for the aggressors to show the world what the fight in Syria is really all about. The oil fields. Every independent nation that is sitting on oil or gas should take notice, because what’s going on in Syria is in store for them. This includes Russia too, as well as Iran and Venezuela. Right now Basher Assad must be filled with angst, and feeling rather lonely.

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