Yesterday, … yes, I believe it was yesterday evening, while driving my car in downtown Alexandria that I first heard of Mohamed Morsi’s sudden death while being in court. I did not pull over, I did not seem surprised nor sad. I just kept driving on and (with a smirk on my face) turned on some music for needed distraction. So did the White House, 10 Downing Street, the kremlin, China and the European Union.

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

The only response came from Muslim Brotherhood (big pocket) financers like that of Turkey’s Erdogan, the autocrat (ruling turkey in a one-man show under the guise of western democracy) … and the weird (and obscenely rich) Emir of Qatar, who is bribing his way up in the international political ( and football) arena.

Many Islamic terrorist groups who wreaked havoc in Syria, and Libya were funded (in covert coordination with Israel) by the tall& handsome Emir. Obviously, it was in the best interest of Israel to let ISIL & (not so hidden financers) do the dirty work of destabilizing Syria and what was left of Iraq for them.

The upcoming 2022 FIFA world cup due to be held in Qatar will not be the first ever for the prestigious/lucrative tournament to take place in the Middle East, rather it will be the first to be /promoted/held/organized by dirty money and make-believe democracy.

It also seemed like yesterday that I still remember the massive rallies all over Egypt that called for Morsi to step down from the seat of Egypt’s presidency back in 2013. Watch my short video of the huge rallies against Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, June 2013.

Morsi, a totally unknown/unqualified figure suddenly, and by mere accident found himself in the political hot spot after the 2011 revolution. The man was not viewed by common Egyptians as a president, but rather as a puppet, and a stupid one (if i might add).

Egypt ancient history are full of kings, sultans, and presidents. Most, if not all of them, inherited or seized power by force.

The kings/presidents who managed to stay in the seat of power were the strong and smart ones. Morsi was neither.

They say he was the first-elected president after the 2011 glorious revolution. The matter of the fact it was not so glorious a revolution and the election that followed had absolutely nothing to do with freedom nor democracy. But it had everything to do demagoguery and religious fanaticism.

The presidential elections that followed 2011 revolution was the perfect blueprint/ model for how to manipulate “western democracy” and turn it into some sort of public referendum on implementing the rule of “Islamic Sharia”. This was indeed the moment when Morsi thought he had found “Aladdin Lamp”. But little did he know that the genie inside the lamp was wearing military uniform.

In a country of 90 million Muslims (many of them illiterate/politically uneducated, and yeah … very poor, who would expect them not to vote for the man (Puppet) of the Muslim Brotherhood, running as president for Egypt, especially if implementing Sharia was on top of his agenda. What a nightmare it was.

The whole thing was staged, but the puppeteer was invisible. Only the stupid puppet was stumbling and falling on a vast & slippery stage ground he never tread on before.

The so called democracy after a farcical election process was slowly (but steadily) turning Egypt into theocracy.  And yes it is a dangerous thing, more dangerous than intermittent autocracy. For whenever established theocracy will be here to stay for good.

So the first democratically elected president was going to be the first and the last, for that matter.

What was to come next is try and establish the long-anticipated Muslim Brotherhood caliphate. And this genuinely Arabian political module had nothing but contempt (and Takfir) for the so called western democracy and its ballot boxes. Why embrace the infidels’ democratic practices when Muslims & Arabs have “Sharia” as their guide book in politics, daily life and beyond (even in their bedrooms)

I’m not being anti-Islamic here, for I believe the same deeply ingrained anti-democratic beliefs are rife amongst conservative/orthodox Christians and Jews. Why do you think orthodox Jews don’t serve in the army, and vote in blocs for the same ultraconservative candidate. Who do you think brought this clown, aka Trump, to the White House? The 2016 presidential election in the US was not manipulated by the Russians. It was simply exploited by (religious/nationalist/racist) demagoguery that successfully slipped thru and sowed division in America under the guise of democracy ( and the generous blessings of the Zionist lobbies)

As far as credentials are concerned, Morsi, besides the Muslim-styled beard and the Muslim prayer-mark on his forehead, he actually had nothing else worth mentioning. But to be fair, the man had a distinguished trait (considered a mandatory credential), and that was blindly following the order of his Murshid “the Guru figure in an international Islamic organization.
Morsi was a top figure in the underground and radical Islamic group. Also known around the world as the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). His rank was high in the MB organization, but not high enough/ not strong enough to occupy Egypt’s seat of power. That was beyond anybody’s imagination including that of Morsi himself. And when he did grab the Egyptian seat of power he looked not only ridiculous, but he was like a sitting duck. It was only a matter of time before a bullet would blow his head. But he was lucky to die peacefully while in court.

Whoever refers to Morsi as martyred should be given a mild sedative and then allowed access to the x-files (hit list) of Morsi’s organization.

Then, let’s see if martyr (term frequently ascribed to Islamist terrorists) is the right word to describe a high figure in an underground organization that will not hesitate to kill (in cold blood) anybody who will disagree with their morbid ideology (like when they tried to assassinate President Nasser in 1954). At least no one could have the chutzpah to refer to President Nasser as crypto-Jew. But then he was nearly martyred by the bloody hands of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.

In the west the MB, had been falsely marketed for ages as a moderate Islamic group that could do business with the US and Europe. Why, because those MB guys wear western suits and don’t carry guns & could speak English.

What the western politicians & media did not tell the western people is that the (MB) was and will always be the mother ship of all radical/ violent Islamist group in the world be it Al-Qaida, Boko Haram, or even “Daesh” — also known as “ISIL” … and whatever freaks will come next.

MB doesn’t not only provide finance and weaponry for radical Islamic groups, but they do what is far lethal, namely brainwashing the young recruits in the MB organization with their hate/violent and extremist ideology. Violent ideas are far more dangerous than missiles & guns, simply because they are undrainable (speaking of draining the swamp) & could never be confiscated nor destroyed in a preemptive strike. MB hate/violent ideology will keep breeding new Islamist suiciders and terrorists who dream of nothing but their sick/distorted idea of establishing the “Caliphate” – Islamic state that will rule over the whole world.

It also seemed like yesterday, that I still remember the millions who packed Tahrir Square and demanded that Long-time president, Hosni Mubarak should step down. And that he did. But what followed was a scenario nobody could have ever dreamed would happen. They called what happened in 2011 a revolution that was bound to give birth to long awaited democracy, freedom and justice.

But the post- revolution process was not about the birth of democracy, but rather the abortion of the mere idea.

And let’s be honest about it, democracy “as a western political module” was and never will be applicable in the Middle East “especially in that part called Islamic/Arabic world”.

For crying out loud, how could anyone dream of establishing “democracy” in countries rife with illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and religious and ethnic extremism? Middle-easterners are even not democratic in their daily life and family affairs. It is not in our culture.

It is like playing a record/cd by Beethoven or Shostakovich’s most sophisticated string quartets/symphonies for people who never heard but loud (tribal) drum music in their whole lifetime on earth. What do you think will happen when such people are forced to not only listen (for the first time) to Beethoven’s 9th symphony, but also pushed to applause and make believe they had really enjoyed the western experience. Where in fact it was all political hypocrisy and fake practice.

What happened in Egypt back in 2011 was not a symphony by Beethoven/Shostakovich, and Morsi, or the so called first- democratically elected president in Egypt is definitely not some orchestra conductor (Maestro). He was simply a primitive drum player playing to the rhythm of the MB religious radical theme.

People in Egypt are not in a state of shock nor even mourning the death of Morsi.

Though many are tossing rumors /jokes about his death/killing but the big chunk of the Egyptian people after two strenuous revolutions are simply exhausted and completely lost interest in politics. In other words, they don’t give a damn what happened/ should have happened to Morsi.

There are currently two (neighboring) revolutions in progress (inspired by the Egyptian 2011 model) but Egyptians couldn’t care less. Nobody is following what is happening in Sudan or Algeria. If (by mere chance) the subject is brought up in any public place (cafe/subway/taxi) common Egyptians will not show interest and will only respond by saying “let them get a taste of what we have bitterly & painfully been through — let them learn the hard way, how the game of politics & power is really played”.

Revolutions don’t necessarily bring about a whole new democratic political existence overnight, especially if they are not pre-planned. Most of the times, they only bring dead bodies on the streets and broken hopes on the horizon. But most ominously (failed) revolutions create more repression and suffering the dawn after.

President Nasser’s legendary funeral in Cairo – September 1970

Yesterday, or I believe it is actually today, Mohamed Morsi, the so called “first-democratically elected president in Egypt’s history” has been buried somewhere in Eastern Cairo (military controlled zone). His funeral was not televised nor covered by media. It was a small funeral and only his children and wife were allowed to accompany the coffin to its last resting place.

Did Morsi deserve better? Was he entitled to a state funeral as big as that of the late Nasser back in 1970? Was Morsi really ousted by a popular uprising or a military coup? Was he a traitor who did not serve the interest of his homeland? Was Morsi more loyal to his MB organization and its perilous agenda than to Egypt and its constitution?  … Who knows, and better yet … who really cares?

For more on Egypt (modern & ancient) visit Dr. Ashraf Ezzat’s website.


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  1. This is the best article ever by this author so far as I have read them here in VT.

    One thing that is astonishing about Egypt is the historical near complete lack of local self-government organs. The last hundred and fifty years, all births, marriges and other acts had to be officially registered in the capital Kairo. Officials were answerable to the sentral rulers and not to the local populace. This lead to a situation where local notables and big men — mostly the larger landowners in each village — had the final say in most matters. Small spouts of a little bit of municipal democracy only got instituted in the seventies ad eighties — but had almost nil revenue cources. This is one of many sources ofor the lack of understanding what a republic or democracies cconsist of.

  2. John, H.L. Mencken was a Baltimore newsman. He rivalled Twain in wit. Thanks for the quote. (I used the double l per the early 20th cemtury spelling of rivaled as Mencken would of used).

  3. Yeah, who cares about Morsi? Hey Egypt, enjoy el-Sisi and your Zionist neighbors! Any more Russian jetliners going down over Sinai on the agenda?

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