Trump should go back to Israel, where he comes from: Analyst


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If US congresswomen from other descents need to go back to their countries as US President Donald Trump has suggested, then the American head of state himself should go to Israel where his allegiance lies, says an American scholar.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, an academic and political scholar based in Wisconsin, made the remarks in the aftermath of racist tweets by Trump, who has called on several female lawmakers critical of his policies to return to their countries of origin.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Trump said the congresswomen — three of them Muslims — were “spewing” “racist hatred,” calling on them to “go back” to the “broken and crime infested’’ countries they originally came from.

Racist Trump
Racist Trump Strikes Again

Trump was referencing Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib Michigan and Ayanna Pressley Massachusetts.

Save for Omar, who is from a Somali refugee family, the three other lawmakers are American by birth. Tlaib has Palestinian heritage.

PressTV-Dem to force impeachment vote for Trump ‘bigotry’

PressTV-Dem to force impeachment vote for Trump ‘bigotry’

Al Green vows to force a vote on impeachment of US President Donald Trump this month.

“It is quite amazing that Trump thinks this is a winning strategy,” Barrett told Press TV on Tuesday. “We can see why he believes he can try to accuse these left-leaning congresswomen of being outside the mainstream of specially his base, given that Trump’s base is a nativist and largely white population.”

“This really shows the polarization that the American electorate has gone far beyond where it ever used to be,” he added.

Trump has doubled down on his remarks, saying that the lawmakers in question have left Israelis feel “abandoned” by criticizing Tel Aviv’s crimes against Palestinians.

“Why is Trump equating the office of the president and the people of Israel? Well maybe that is because… Trump is in fact a Zionist asset or he has been,” Barrett argued.

Referring Trump many pro-Israel policies since taking office, he said this was not a far-fetched theory.

“Maybe Trump should go back to where he came from, which is the genocidal” Israel, he added.

The analyst said Trump’s remarks were also similar to the case of billionaire child sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, in that in both cases “rich, old, white men feel free to abuse young women from poorer backgrounds” and different races.

Barrett said it was not wise for Trump to use such rhetoric against other women while he was one of the many powerful men who are accused of complicity with Epstein.


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  1. Excellent remarks, Kevin! Imagine if one of the women in the Squad had been of Latino ancestry! All hell would be breaking loose. Trump is misdirecting and distracting us from the Key issue, which should be front and center on all news networks: His sexual affairs with under-aged girls. Katie Johnson gives her account of how Trump used her when she was 13 at an Epstein party, and how he had said he preferred ‘virgins’. This is a must listen:

  2. How about Mr. Trump telling Israelis to go back where they came from? Would he get the Helen Thomas treatment?

  3. Kevin, I’m not a supporter of Trump, or any other elected official, however you infer Trump said they should go back to the countries they came from. That’s incorrect, he said the “places” they come from. A huge difference.
    I do agree with you that Trump should either distance himself from Israel, or relocate. Those who walk the tight rope eventually fail and fall.

  4. He’s more then welcome to return to Scotland but please don’t encourage more racist supremacist euro colonisation to Palestine. Its both humiliating and insulting to the Palestinians.

  5. Kevin, I think You are partly wrong. Howcome do I use the n-Word so frequently especially in my mother language? Because someone told me not to. And who could that someone be? Take a wild guess, he entered the US Congress and each of the Congressmembers stood up with appalause, and that took about 10 mins with hoorays.

    It’s Bibis decision wheter those 4 female politicians will be Fed to lions or are they going to make careers. Omar may think she’s been forgiven in the land of free, but she is not, her words about Israel will be taken onto table later on if necessary. Do You really think, that banning of the n-Word doesn’t have Jewish signature on it, no one counts blacks. Just wonderin how long are American blacks allow them to be used as useful objects in cases they are supposed to be subjects.

  6. Trump tribe are ready to commit to their Aliyah, possibly somewhere in the illegally occupied Golan (a.k.a.Trump Heights).

  7. This outrageous, abusive and immature behavior by Israel Lover Trump against not just four U.S. female citizens but four elected Representatives shows vividly what a low life animal he really is from the cesspool of America New York. Every time he insults one of these lawmaker women is an insult against your wife or your sister or loved one. How often have you observed any other President behave in this gross irrational immature manner? Trump is a spoiled brat monster whose parents never took him to the woodshed in the backyard and beat the H out of him until he said MONKEY when he misbehaved. They also were too busy making and thinking about MONEY they never took him to the Statue of Liberty and read him the fabulous inscription on it or explained why France gave it to our country. Trump is an illiterate fool monster racist liar cheater swindler…He must resign today.

    • Here is a suggestion which might get the results we all pray for: Every government employee working directly under Israel Lover Liar Trump should immediately, right now, lay down their pens or phones or whatever they are doing, leave a message they are resigning immediately and walk out the door. It is that simple folks. How could this monster function with no help? This would send a message to all other potential employees also that this President has mental problems and his allegiance is to Israel not the U.S. He is a traitor. No military officer should obey any order from this traitor Trump from New York who doesn’t even know the meaning of the Statue of Liberty. How long could Trump function if everyone refuses to work for him or take any orders from this lying piece of garbage who is a traitor to a foreign country Israel?

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