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[ Editor’s Note: This is the first exposure I recall of a major intelligence agency abusing the legal system to financially attack a target via wrongful death claims. That an intelligence agency has to orchestrate the event is proof that the event itself might have been orchestrated in part to be able to punish Iran with huge damage claims.

Gosh, who could possibly want to do a nasty thing like that? The other Western intelligence agencies have had to be aware of this scam, so were fully complicit in a scam that ultimately punishes the Iranian people financially. The Iranian people are, to a vast degree, no threat to the US whatsoever.

Once again we will see if corporate media looks away at the new evidence as to who the real “malign” actors have been in the Mideast, the ones that have been hiding in plain sight with a smirk on their faces of “what-da-ya gonna go about it”.

And because our Congress is totally compromised by the Israel Lobby, the American people have nowhere to turn politically, as we lose out when Congress has to choose between us and them.

So far, Americans are taking this lying down, and worse, setting the example for their children and grandchildren to follow – that they should accept their political serfdom status to the Zionist LobbyJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … July 17, 2019

An Israeli group with links to the regime’s secret service Mossad is seeking to seize an Iranian oil tanker and its cargo held by British troops off Gibraltar.

The supertanker tanker Grace I, capable of carrying two million barrels of oil, was seized on July 4 by a detachment of British Royal Marines, in what has been denounced as “piracy” by Iran.

Shurat Hadin, which wages “legal battles” on behalf of Israelis claiming victim to Palestinian attacks, is asking the supreme court of Gibraltar to grant an injunction to seize the vessel and its cargo, the UK’s Daily Express reported.

The group claims to be a “civil rights” organization, but its intimate links with Mossad were first exposed in 2013, when a US embassy cable was published by WikiLeaks.

In that classified document, the group’s director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner told US embassy staff that the group “took direction” from Israeli spy agencies, including Mossad.

In 2017, Shurat Hadin won a $178.5 million US court judgment against Iran and Syria in 2017 over the death of an American in Jerusalem al-Quds.

Darshan-Leitner told AFP that the vessel’s sale would not raise more than a fraction of the court’s award, but it could pave the way for the seizure of other Iranian assets.

Those assets have already been subject to a witch hunt by the Americans who have used US animosity toward the Islamic Republic to easily win lawsuits against Tehran in courts.

In 2016, the US Supreme Court ruled that about $2 billion in frozen Iranian assets must be turned over to American families of people killed in the 1983 bombing of a US Marine Corps barracks in Beirut and other attacks.

PressTV-ICJ sets deadline for US over Iran sanctions removal

PressTV-ICJ sets deadline for US over Iran sanctions removal

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) gives the US until mid-May to give detailed accounts of its measures to lift bans on humanitarian supplies to Iran.

Iran has denounced US attempts to expropriate its frozen assets as “highway robbery”.

A spokesman for the Iranian Embassy in London, quoted by the Express, denounced the latest attempt against Iran’s supertanker.

“The position is clear. The tanker has been seized illegally and should be released as soon as possible,” the unnamed official was quoted as saying.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Tuesday Iran would respond to Britain’s “piracy” as he called on London to immediately release the oil tanker.

“The malicious Britain commits piracy and steals our ship. They perpetrate a crime and give it a legal appearance,” the Leader said.

“The Islamic Republic and faithful elements of the establishment will not leave this evil deed unanswered and will respond to them at an appropriate time and place,” he added.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Saturday that Britain would facilitate the release the ship if Iran provided guarantees the vessel would not go to Syria.

Iranian officials have repeatedly denied the vessel is bound for Syria.


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  1. Legalized piracy has been the modus operandi (did I spell that right?) of England for almost its entire existence. The Royal Navy lived to seize other vessels. Prize money was all. Nothing new here.

  2. When our government approves a budget which is not fully paid for with income such as tax receipts from the population and they basically make phantom loans of this money by simply printing more of it, what is the name for this? Counterfeiting. This practice is illegal for citizens but legal for government isn’t it? Just today the House passed a bill to further aid the 9/11 victims but Rand Paul and another placed a hold on it because it didn’t provide a cut in the budget elsewhere as the rules demand. He was criticized for this. But the irresponsible members of the House continue to blow borrowed and printed counterfeit money like a drunken sailor don’t they? They are counterfeiters are they not? All the money they approve for Israel is counterfeit too isn’t it? Are they not traitors to Israel all of them? What group is ultimately going to suffer real pain when the full accounting is due? This criminal practice must be halted immediately.

  3. the cheapes business model I´ve heard of so far. Let others steal the stuff, then let them get the punishment and cost of it, seize their theft and run w the prey. Fine, fine, thx for that tip.

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