US rails against Germany over refusal to join Persian Gulf mission

The United States’ hotheaded ambassador to Germany implied that Germany was indebted to America and has railed against Berlin for refusing to join a plan to establish a naval mission in the Persian Gulf.


…from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Germany maintains its independence despite the US howl that, because we chose to station a major military force in a nation which we have refused to conclude a WWII peace treaty with, it should be at our foreign policy beck-and-call.

It seems the Unipolar US has not picked up on how allies do not want to be treated as vassals. But when you figure in the Deep State players, the picture is more clear. In their world, there is them and vassals – a simple world view.

As the US should be doing, Germany puts its money into its economy to maintain a competitive export edge. We view exporting our military as giving us a “more competitive edge”, even in the post-Cold War period; and only the US has the military logistics to take and hold land, in terms of countries.

No one else has the resources, and neither do we really, as such an effort would be done with all borrowed money, which the Deep State would not mind, since they get paid the same.

Is the unipolar issue being debated in the Democrat debates, or do they want the funding from the military industrial crowd to help them gain power? As Gordon does so love to say, “It’s a nasty world out there”Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … August 01, 2019

The United States’ hotheaded ambassador to Germany has railed against Berlin for refusing to join a US plan to establish a naval mission in the Persian Gulf.

Richard Grenell said in an interview with German newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine on Thursday that Berlin had “global responsibilities” to fulfill as Europe’s biggest economy.

He even implied that Germany was indebted to America.

“America has sacrificed a lot to help Germany remain a part of the West,” he said, adding that Americans were paying billions of dollars to keep 34,000 soldiers stationed in Germany.

Berlin did not immediately react to the remarks by Grenell, who is known for making undiplomatic comments against his host country.

On Tuesday, the US officially asked Germany to participate — alongside Britain and France — in a US-led maritime force to supposedly secure the Strait of Hormuz, a request that was flatly declined by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas a day later.

“The German government will not take part in the sea mission presented and planned by the United States,” Foreign Minister Maas said during a trip to Warsaw on Wednesday.

PressTV-Germany will not join US-led Persian Gulf patrol force

PressTV-Germany will not join US-led Persian Gulf patrol force

Germany’s foreign minister says it won’t join a US-led mission to protect international shipping near Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf.

Maas said Berlin wanted to prevent military escalation and thus turned down Washington’s request since it considered the US strategy of “maximum pressure” on Iran to be “wrong.”

Maas stressed diplomacy instead.

Grenell said the US had been trying to get support from Germany for weeks.

The idea for a maritime force publicly emerged on July 9, when US Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that Washington was planning to form a so-called international maritime security force to allegedly ensure freedom of navigation in waters off Iran and Yemen.

That development came after several oil tankers were allegedly sabotaged near the Persian Gulf in June, with the US and its ally Saudi Arabia blaming the Islamic Republic for the attacks.

Tehran rejected the accusations as baseless and said the incidents were “suspicious,” indicating a belief that false flag operations may have been carried out in an attempt to justify some form of foreign military intervention in the region.

Iran has also rejected any foreign military presence in the region, stressing that regional countries alone are to provide such security.

The US has already engaged in a military buildup in the Persian Gulf, including by ordering the accelerated dispatch of an aircraft carrier to the region.


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  1. In the German Grundgesetz it is clearly defined that the germans had to pay the cost of the US-soldiers in Germany

  2. Seems that however FUKU is involved despite most of the public in France, Britain and the US being against this escalation and provocation in the Persian Gulf. Once again “defending democracy” by ignoring it.

    Though hopefully Grenell shot himself in the foot by claiming that we’re still spending billions for an occupation force in Germany seven decades after WW II.

  3. Thank you German Foreign Minister Mass for your courageous and prompt response to thugs running the U.S. Government today. As a U.S. Citizen for 80+ years I agree with you and I am sure any German relatives I may have still alive in Germany would also agree too. Our country is the United States in name only because it has been hi jacked, as Germany has too, by thugs in Israel against our will. Almost our entire Congress of 535 members has also been bribed or more to do the bidding of Israel instead of the United States. This is all a shameful disgrace. Our so called “Justice” Department has refused to take action. Most Americans do not want any more wars. We want peace. It is the selfish thugs in Israel who promote wars here so our soldiers do the fighting and dying for them! We have little control of this reprehensible situation. Thank you for your courage to speak up to cowardly thugs, and this includes General Dunford who has remained conspicuously silent on his activities on 9/11/01 along with his comrades in arms like General Meyers.

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