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Galima Galiullina Ph. D for VT

 Dear reader! I have a question for you: Are you not tired of pornography of wars in the last 30 years? Since the decrepit body of the USSR collapsed, a World has been imposed on us, in which war was no longer perceived as a terrible tragedy or an unbearable greave. War was turned by the efforts of presstitute

journalists into another act of “love” for democracy, but in reality, it became an act of rape of another country leading to a death state. Ideologists, and in fact apologists of the pornographic wars of modern times, packed the fruits of their ideas in beautiful packages: first the struggle for the triumph of democracy over communism throughout the world, the war against extremism, the war against Islamic fundamentalism, and the struggle against terrorism. The innumerable victims of these wars were presented as backward, almost wild, untreatable tribes not wanting to leave their dirty caves for the sake of progress and freedom.

War Pornography: The Beginning

The absolute riot of pornographic wars in the name of democracy began after 9/11, when Uncle Sam got the full moral right to break into any house, any hut or country. The number of victims of these wars has increased to several millions (I’m not sure that anyone can tell the exact figure even in millions). None of the countries subjected to aggression has returned to normal life, in Iraq they have not even dismantled the ruins of bombed-out houses, and these ruins became the mass graves of thousands of women, children and old people. In Libya, anyone can buy a slave in the market for only $ 400.

The wars did not bring anything good to the American people themselves, if you think about how in peacetime in the country somebody can kill almost 40 people in a week, as it happened just last week. Except for the plight of soldiers asked to fight the wars the daily life of Americans the daily killings of civilians in American cities fades quickly into ordinary news.

Any psychologist will tell you that a long passion for pornography leads to impotence. This happened to Uncle Sam with a big phallus. The triple failure to rape Syria, Iran, and Venezuela has pushed the need for Viagra, and Russophobia has become this Viagra. The daily portion of negative information about Russia has become the soothing elixir that kept in tune the fighting spirit of the military-industrial complex and the deep state.

However, the result of all this orgy impresses with the scale of its losses. The image of America is lost, and perhaps irrevocably the hopes of the dispossessed and the poor, but also full of bright images of the future, smart young people from all over the world turn away from the country they once sought as a beacon of freedom and opportunity. A generation of “extra people” was formed in the country, not needed by anyone, sometimes even by their loved ones. Paid medicine generates and constantly increases the clientele – sick people, in whose recovery the doctors are not interested. Education has been brought to a level where most children do not even think about themselves, let alone the fate of a country or the world. The number of homeless people no one is able to count. Analysts are alarmed by unemployment rates. Millions of people cannot find work. The government calls them “voluntarily unwilling to work.”

Summer 2019 – Beginning of a New Paradigm of World Development

Against the background of these tragic results of the Western liberal spree, Vladimir Putin’s ascent to the heights of the world’s political Olympus and the triumph of the victories of the “existential enemy” of America – Russia is becoming incredibly provocative. The apogee of summer 2019 (end of June and July) coincided with a landmark shift in global politics. This turn marks the beginning of a new paradigm of world development. Consider the chain of events that occurred in the world over the period June 24 to July 8, 2019. Outwardly, they are practically unrelated, however, they indicate the beginning of the turn to a new era.

These events include:

June 24, a seagoing vessel with 17.5 tons of cocaine was detained in the port of Philadelphia. The vessel belongs to a reputable bank with a glorious history, none other than JP Morgan. The contraband cargo was heading to Rotterdam.

June 25, Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev and Advisor to the President of the USA on National Security John Bolton meet in Tel Aviv. A hot topic is being discussed – Iran. After this meeting, the burning desire of the mustached adviser to strike across Iran was noticeably diminished. Hope of Netanyahu to ignite a regional conflict collapse – along with his plan to obtain a get-out-of-jail-free card,

June 27, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the Financial Times newspaper in which he smiled and calmly buried globalism’s favorite child, liberalism. “Have we forgotten that we all live in a world that is based on biblical values? Even atheists, but we all live in this world. You cannot remember this every day and not go to church, you can’t beat your forehead on the floor, showing you what a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew is, but in the soul, there must be some fundamental human rules and moral values ​​in your heart. In this sense, traditional values ​​are more stable, more important for millions of people than this liberal idea, which, in my opinion, ceases to exist, really.”

June 28-29 – G-20 in Osaka. If we compare the attitude of other participants of the Summit in Australia to Vladimir Putin in 2014, when he was deliberately ignored and, in every way, showed a negative attitude. In Osaka many leaders claimed the possibility of a personal conversation with Vladimir Putin. Russia confidently entered the most influential processes of the legal political process and geo-economic agreements.

July 4, Vladimir Putin meets with Pope Francis. Video of the meeting called by the Pope showed that the Russian president is a very important guest for the Head of the Catholic Church, but the most intriguing event was the awarding to Vladimir Putin the memorial medal “Guardian Angel of the World.” This medal for the last 500 years has been awarded only 5 times. Thus, the Vatican officially recognized Putin and Russia as the Guardian Angel of the world. Believers remember Christ’s commandment: whoever stands in the path of an angel and puts obstacles in his way, will fall into a fiery pit up to the seventh generation.

July 6, in New Jersey, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile and organizer of the criminal business of involving and using children in sexual orgies for the political and business elites of the “free world”, was arrested after interrupting his European journey. It’s amazing how the earth wore such a monstrous criminal, but even more surprising that today the victims had hopes that prison bars would overshadow the view from the window for Epstein for life. The instrument of compromise and subordination of political leaders in “civilized” countries is hopefully broken.

July 8, a second vessel with 20 tons of cocaine was detained in Philadelphia. The ship was heading to Rotterdam.  Usually, dealer’s dilute cocaine by 50 percent or more, so if the ships had sailed safely to Rotterdam, about 80 tons of cocaine would have been delivered to European markets. The owner of the vessel was again the respected bank JP Morgan, so respected that the cocaine scandal was quietly hushed up and the ships continued on their way – absent the cocaine of course. Has life in modern Europe become so hopelessly gloomy that cocaine has to be delivered in tons? Was the detention of ships with such dangerous cargo a manifestation of the war of criminal clans, or was it just a little quarrel between criminal clans and the state? How long can a cocaine romance last between the powers-that-be in America and the South American drug cartels? And how long will dark money determine big politics?

Impotence of the West and the Death of Liberalism

Against this background, Russia and its leader really look like angels and the salvation of the world. The new paradigm of world development places on Russia and its allies a key role in bringing natural order back to the values ​​of peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and equal cooperation. The blessing of Pope Francis for Vladimir Putin means a lot, not only for true Catholics of the whole world, but for all normal humanity.

Impotence of the West as a whole came also because the ideological basis of global leadership suffered a crushing defeat. The healthy part of the world’s population was not ready to accept liberal values ​​and without recourse to enter the barbed wire of a global village. For a healthy human mind, offering parents to choose the sex of a newborn child is not a liberal freedom, but a crime against nature. The normal human reaction to cutting of a 16-year-old girl’s breasts to turn her into a young man is a shock and horror, as with any crime.

Multiculturalism was initially nonsense, but in reality, it turned into a nightmare for peaceful European cities, when more than a million young, full of strength and vicious despair of refugees poured into the streets of Paris and Munich. Hope that embittered and torn from the usual living conditions of migrants will become a full harmonious part of the European community can only be a great dream conjured up by smoking opium.

Planetary Control and New Threats to Humanity

But the messianic role of Russia today is expanding to the extent of the global protection of humanity from the plans of globalists seeking the full spectrum of domination and global control. In the early twentieth century, the German futurist Rudolf Steiner warned that a century after the end of the First World War, humanity would face the inevitable consequences of scientific materialism. And today, with horror, we observe how science is approaching the most important difference of man from the whole living world – his intellect and spirit.

The carriers of artificial intelligence will have neither soul nor spirit but will be able to multiply and go forth replacing rapidly redundant natural people.  Although efforts are being made in this direction, if we pay attention to the shift of the vector of interest from molecular biology to digital biology it is clear these creatures will be completely human-like. The most recalcitrant nations can disappear after the latest developments of biological weapons, atmospheric and wave (5G) effects simultaneously collapse on them, and the immunity of the population is previously weakened through vaccination and GMOs. The rest of the world can perceive their disappearance as a completely natural, albeit tragic, course of events. And their place will be taken by cyborg, obedient and flawless slaves.

For global domination and global control, scientists and engineers serving globalists are implementing projects to turn the environment into a weapon. Three parts of the program of total control over humanity are already successfully implemented in many countries of the world:

  • Ionization of the atmosphere;
  • GMOs;

In all three areas there is a deepening offensive on nature as the environment, nature as the source of life for all life on Earth, and the nature of man himself.

Gradually, everything that is necessary for human life and its development is taken under control and turns into the militarized potential of globalists. All these “smart cities”, “smart houses”, the Internet of things, which tempt us with visible comfort, in fact, easily turn into a tool of control and manipulation. This is the main goal – total control and submission.

The geo-engineering program is successfully unfolding, where two crazy ideas lead: control over sunshine, and control of carbon dioxide emissions through artificial purification of the atmosphere.

Projects since the Reagan (Star Wars) are continuing. Now the company Lockheed Martin is a contractor for the creation of the Space Fence. This “fence” is being rolled out and sold as simply a protective measure to keep us safe from space junk, but it far more than that when its foundational technologies are considered synergistically.

Humanity expects a further offensive of transhumanism in parallel with the projects of mass destruction of the population of the Earth. Therefore, it’s too early to rejoice that Russia, together with its allies, managed to calm Uncle Sam without much bloodshed, who intended to have the whole world freely and without problems. Uncle Sam has big pockets and he willingly feeds those who promise him a guarantee of domination of the world until the Day of Judgment. We are entering a new season of pornographic games, where the stakes are higher than ever. And it is important that the advantage, although small, is still on the side of the bright angels.

On the side of globalists – greed and dead materialistic science. On the side of the angels of the world saviors is faith in the wisdom of the Creator and the power of the human Spirit.  After all, history is clear: empires come and go and the reason for the turnover is the great slide from morality to selfishness.

Most importantly, the paradigm begins its inexorable movement towards the light.

Olga Uskova, founder of the Russian company Cognitive Technologies wrote summarizing a study working on questions of artificial intuition for her new AI product. So, according to Russian scientist Nickolay Kozyrev:

“during laboratory experiments it was found that the strong emotional energy of those present and sudden changes in human consciousness can influence the course of the experiment.”

“… it is possible to assume that the physical processes in the Universe can be directly controlled and guided by the consciousness, including the consciousness of man.”

“It is possible that some phenomena of the human psyche are explained by the possibility of communication through time. For example, instinctive knowledge and telepathy” (Nickolay Kozyrev, 1971).

Perhaps the tears of the young victims of Epstein and the grief of the mothers of Palestine caused this paradigm to emerge, but it already involves Epstein and the Pope, as lonely as Stalin in 1943, in the struggle against the forces of Evil.

The Russians rebel against liberal perversions and transhumanism, and Americans who are every day ready to find their loved ones in the lists of those killed by the bullet of another killer, and bankers who have accumulated billions, ponder the sadness and horror of the uncertainty of the future- all of them now involved in that paradigm where materialistic Evil must be defeated by the power of human spirit.

Galima Galiullina, Ph. D




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  1. It was reported this morning that Epstein was found dead in his cell. What a gift to all those who were about to be exposed. New York can’t even protect the safety of its jail inmates. Do you suppose they even provided the rope with noose already tied in it?

  2. What happened to all that cocaine? Was it dumped overboard? No, it is on its way to another place to be destroyed fully paid for in advance, but the story has been scrubbed. Our own government is likely behind it all. Where are they getting the fake money to continue to do as they please with no consequences? Even Israel doesn’t have that kind of money do they?

  3. I agree. In fact, at the moment, life in Russia can be called more democratic. You have many rights and freedoms here. At least in the domestic plan. It all depends on financial income. And the United States, unfortunately, is turning into a country where life from birth proceeds according to a clear set of rules and instructions, penalties…

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