Epstein, Short and Sweet, an Intel Drop

    Too many well known dead liability folks are living in Israel, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere. If Hitler could do it so could Epstein


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Bullet points, no time for any “thumbs up” with a rented baby here.

    • Steele says Epstein may be on a plane to Israel.  Until we see a highly identifiable body, accept this as true.
    • Otherwise, this was a murder.
    • Fact, the Daily Beast broke the 3 year old story that Epstein was tied to Bill Richardson, former DOE Secretary under Clinton.
    • Richardson was, according to our sources, IAEA and multi-agency, tied to selling nukes and secrets to Israel as part of the AIPAC spy ring.
    • Gw Todd, then part of the NSC, says the AIPAC spy ring was run personally by Netanyahu and involved Bush 43 White House terror czar and was known by everyone, Wolfie, Rice, all of them were aware/complicit.
    • Multiple FBI and joint task force investigations were quashed, the AIPAC spy scandal was one, the Hanssen FBI/Mossad another….with many guilty set free and Hanssen only jailed.
    • There is no question that if Epstein is dead, he was murdered.  An attempt at something happened two weeks ago, maybe something real but more likely, something done to provide “cover” for whatever this was, smuggling him to Israel or killing him.
    • Key is that Epstein’s spy ring was moving nuclear weapons and nuclear secrets, was run by Israel and always was part of AIPAC.
    • Our sources in New York from 1987 onward put Trump, Epstein and Maxwell together daily with top AIPAC billionaires, Bronfman for sure but others as well who all had ties to the Gambino crime family.
    • We are talking cosmetic companies, largest, best known, liquor business, big money there, and the big 5 Wall Street banks that took the huge hits when the Mossad crashed the US markets in 2007-8 with Neocon help.

    Epstein is a hero in Israel and they would do anything to save him.  Murdering him while he was under 24 hour guard would be a huge blunder.

    Everything about Epstein is AIPAC.

    Everything about Epstein is AIPAC.

    Everything about AIPAC is MEGA which isn’t 20 billionaires, but much more. Look for names of hospital wings, holocaust memorials, funded think tanks like Heritage and Jamestown, think media like Fox, CNN, Disney and others.

    If you think America is drowning, we are only beginning to name a few.

    Most involved aren’t known at all, Google cleans their names out of everything, their court records disappear, the NY Times erases them from archives.



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    1. Surprised and not at the same time.
      It goes to show that when you are holding that much stuff over so many people, eventually you just have to disappear, dead or alive, who knows. We won’t hear from mr Epstein any more, even if he is alive he’s got a new name now…
      And btw, what’s with the lack of body? Don’t dead people usually leave a body behind? Or did he transcend or something?

    2. “Steele says Epstein may be on a plane to Israel. Until we see a highly identifiable body, accept this as true.” – GD

      Or maybe Epstein is at a highly private plastic surgery clinic getting his appearance altered?


      The video (above) from late July completely confuses the lie of today’s “Short And Sweep Drop” of Epstein being from July 25 and his earlier alleged attempted suicide.

      Come to think of it, the pro-Trump/Mossad organ “WhatDoesItMean” waxed fully today about the inevitable non-event that sent Epstein on his way to wherever the buses don’t run or occasionally do along Route 5 and Allenby Street, Rothschild Boulevard, past the Habima Theater, along Dizengoff Street, Kikar Dizengoff, and then through the ‘Old North’ including Kikar Hamedinat to the Central Railway Station.


    4. I once had a talk with a person of African descent, mixed, in a psych- ward; he was adamant about his affinity to the African Continent and I pointed out that we were both Baltimorons. We laughed when I stated that we both knew how to eat a crab but had little knowledge on excaping Lions.

    5. I know what my Gin is (it’s upstairs in the bathtub) but then I had to look-up Kaberhe which failed to yield explicit information. Is it wine or is it fire-water, please?

    6. I don’t watch much TV news, but following Epstein’s recent arrest I observed a few minutes of four or five different Fox News’ shows and sat in disbelief as they attempted to spin and obscure the Mossad/Maxwell connection by insinuating anything but concern for the “girls” was callous indifference to human suffering. And this from Fox, whose “family values” entertainment division is far and away the worst purveyor of smut aimed at destroying the morals of children.

      As Acosta was warned off, Epstein “ belonged to intelligence,”which suggests two possibilities. Either Epstein was Mossad and protected within Israel’s fifth column command and control structures within all US agencies and Congress, or possibly Epstein had been turned by US agents and was about to spill the beans exposing Israel’s almost total control over the US government. In the latter case, Epstein would have to be either assassinated or flown out of the country, a la the 911 perps, right under US intel and FBI noses once again.

    7. “” Everything about Epstein is AIPAC.

      Everything about AIPAC is MEGA which isn’t 20 billionaires, b …….. “””……………….

      I guess Here By ” Mega ” You mean Codename ” Mega ” which is the Biggest Chief of Israeli Intelligence that is IN USA but Still quite unknown except this codename ……… did i put it right ???????

    8. Trump’s silence is deafening. One would think he’d be the first to demand an investigation into Epstein’s ‘death’. Instead, Crickets.

    9. …”what ever happened/”… three things right off the bat; 1996 Communications Act subsequently allowing six corporations to own ninety percent of all media in the US; the theft of the presidency in 2000 by the US Supreme Court leading to 9/11 and “seven countries in seven years”, the DHS; also by the Supreme Court, the Citizens United decision.

    10. Like virtually all the other false flags going on in the USA today we will NEVER have rigorous proof of his death period, NEVER. Excellent summary by Gordon. NOTHING government at any level can be believed, NOTHING. All pathological liars and cheaters.

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