IF I WERE PRESIDENT – How Not to Piss Off 70% of the Eligible Voters…


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As planned for presentation to Dimensions of Disclosure (Live Steam Still Available).

I am not running for President. While I have been disappointed by unkept promises our President has been fighting the Deep State from Day One, and I believe he can and should be re-elected provided he meets my three non-negotiable conditions:

  1. Defend the Constitution, especially the 1st, 2nd, and 4thAmendments;
  2. Put America First, not Israel First; and
  3. Enact #UNRIG – election reform – in time for us to put Independents, Libertarians, Greens, and others into Congress in 2022.

One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  Not what we have today.

I will NOT be addressing most of the questions that over 750 of you suggested when I posted a call for questions, and I will NOT be addressing the specifics of each policy issue that I would lean toward if I were President.

All of this is free online – I have answered every question, and provided links to further reading, as well as provided my 2008 policy platform that I will update after the two-party tyranny confirms its candidates.

All free online at http://tinyurl.com/Steele-DD-2019.

There are those that think I lack a sense of humor so I thought to start by proving them right. This is as funny as I get, read it from lower left clockwise.

No one, political or professional, is held accountable for informed consensus. We live in a world of lies and waste because that is what the Deep State profits from, and we let them get away with it.

All hail Marianne Williamson, she’s funnier than I am.

Bill Binney and I agreed on 30 minutes each followed by an hour of give and take. I am not going to apologize for the density of this briefing, which could easily consume two hours if done slowly. I am going to firehose you. You can study the briefing, answers, and slides online at your leisure.

I reiterate my support for President Donald Trump.  I do not think he can be beat, particularly as he begins to pull economic and social rabbits out of the hat going toward Election Day.

What I *can* do is educate the public – and particularly the 70% that are disenfranchised – on what they can demand for their vote in 2020: an honest Congress by 2022 and a government that makes evidence-based decisions for America First by 2024.

Our Declaration of Independence is quite clear – we all have inalienable rights under natural law, and we created this government to serve us, not rule over us. When we are called cockroaches by the Zionist-trained police, or deplorables by the Deep State’s Front End, we have a DUTY to either fix or abolish the government we created.

This should not be negotiable, but after centuries of double-speak most of us have not learned that we are and should always be FREE.

I am an intelligence professional. I think for a living. For the past forty years I have not only been an intelligence professional, I have also consumed non-fiction books across 97 categories of reading.  I have also written two graduate theses, the first on predicting revolution, the second on strategic information mismanagement and information pathologies.

We live in a world of lies and waste that this keeps us from living in peace and prosperity.

China, Iran, and Russia are not our enemy. Anyone who says they are is either a traitor or an idiot. Yes, we compete with them, but the real enemies of America the Beautiful are the Borg – I buy into what David Icke and David Wilcock and others have studied so ably – and its Earthy enabler, the Deep State – and ourselves.

We are our own worst enemy because we have allowed the Borg and the Deep State to fragment our minds, hearts, souls, and bodies.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA with the complicity of the FBI, the Secret Service, his Vice President, Texas energy barons, and New York money merchants. Israel had two witnesses in Dallas on the day: Yitzhak Rabin who is dead and Arnon Milchan who is not. Israel was complicit but not the prime mover for the JFK assassination.

Israel was very much the prime mover for the USS Liberty and 9/11 atrocities, with the complicity of US Government leaders who betrayed us all.

We cannot defend the 2nd Amendment without understanding false flag operations.

How does Israel control not only the US Congress but 27 state legislatures across the USA that have made it a felony to criticize Israel?

Bribery and blackmail. Pedophilia entrapment is an art form, and the Mossad is very good at it.  Take a moment to read these nine veils of evil, this is the fullness of the Epstein story no one will report.

The inside joke: how many pedophiles does it take to cover up our blackmail? Answer: all of them.

Yes, he is still alive.  Hold your questions, please.

Why are we so ignorant? This is by design. The CIA created the Artificial Intelligence Staff around me in 1986, I was the first speaker at Hackers on Planet Earth in 1994, and I am well familiar with the pathologies of the information world.

In a nutshell, we process 1% of what we collect, collect 1% of what is published which is 1% of what is written which is 1% of what is known. The secret world ignores multi-lingual open sources by and large, and produces, “at best” 4% of what is needed. Note the web of isolated academic domains.

This is completely apart from the Deep State and CIA active measures to dumb us down and drug us up.

There are many reasons why we have a retarded information ecology.

First of course, this is what is wanted. Dick Cheney has publicly said his worst mistake ever was letting the public have the Internet.

Second, government contracting has corrupted the entire economy – we no longer do quality engineering, doing more with less. Instead we do government specification cost plus contracting.

This makes waste profitable and provides no incentive for general innovation.

CIA has had some truly brilliant people working for it – until they quit in frustration after five years. I lasted nine.

Diane Webb, Dennis McCormick, and Gordon Oehler, none of them under cover, in 1989 defined these eighteen functionalities as needed “tools for thinking” and we still do not have them today, in one integrated toolkit, never mind that it would only have access to 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of the relevant information.

This is one of my favorite graphics, created for a conference many years ago, when I was asked to answer the question, “why is US intelligence so retarded?”

The reality is that the US secret world exists to wreak havoc on others with regime change, torture & rendition, drone assassination, and miscellaneous mayhem.

It is not designed to think and it is most certainly not designed to help every Cabinet member serve the public interest.

We focus on spies, lies, and wars and ignore everything else.

Even if we were paid to think, we do not know how to think. Our colleges today are shit – generally speaking you leave with the equivalent of a 1950’s high school education and a lot of debt.

You can study all these graphics later, the core point to make right now is that no one, anywhere, does holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) which is sad, because that is the shortest, fastest, cheapest path to creating a prosperous world at peace in which all 17 Sustainable Development Goals are met.

I’ve established that we are stupid, now allow me to establish that we are not free. Democracy does not exist.

What we have is a two-party tyranny that controls everything including electronic voting machines so as to ensure that the Deep State candidate is elected. In those rare instances when an independent spirit slips through – as with some Sandernistas and some Tea Party candidates – they are immediately bribed or blackmailed into line.

One bird, two wings, same shit.

If I could get President Trump to look at just one graphic, this is the one.

The two-party tyranny has shut 70% of the eligible voters out of the political process at all levels – local, state, and federal.

My goal with #UNRIG is to put the public – 100% of the public – back into politics.

The system is rigged, the President has said. The question we must all ask him is this: why is he not embracing #UNRIG to unrig the rigged system?

I meant to add a Marianne Williamson “yada yada yada ” insert here.  She’s right, the general public does not want detailed policy positions, they just want to know that the politician feels their pain.  That is what got Donald Trump elected and that is what will get him re-elected.

Having said that, someone has to do the hard work of thinking about solutions, and after years of studying what all others have done, this is what I have come up with.

This unrigs the system.

Howard Dean had enormous potential as a presidential candidate, but he was destroyed because he was not convenient for the Deep State.

I asked Joe Trippi to teach me the mysteries of the Big Bat process and I am satisfied that given a $10M mobilization investment, I can raise no less than $1B from small donors as well as $1B in earned media.

I will not reveal all of my top secret plans today, but they do include the use of comic impersonators on national tour, and 10,000 wrapped vans playing love songs.

We do not lack for money to win.

That takes care of money, what about #GoogleGestapo? When Cynthia McKinney and I launched #UNRIG the Zionists immediately saw the threat and destroyed us six ways in ninety days. What does not kill you makes you stronger. They have earned my attention as America’s main enemy.

I know how to displace #GoogleGestapo, and am planning two conferences for next spring, one to mobilize – world-wide – the pieces of a new federated Web 3.0, and the other to mobilize – world-wide – class action lawsuits against the guilty.

President Donald Trump has something I want: the power to legislate #UNRIG. If he will embrace #UNRIG and end the hypocrisy of saying the system is rigged and then embracing the rigged system to his own ends, we can make a deal.

There is no question but that he would be better than any of the losers on the left and there is also no question but that we have moral, honest, competent leaders in the middle who have no chance at all of being elected.

This is my plan. I pray the President will make the deal.

We must stop wasting the most precious real estate on the planet on scum – the media – and convert that space into a combination of Trump Studio and truth channel able to reach – and hear from – every American, while placing a grand strategy staff and an open source intelligence unit under the President’s direct command.

Second, we must restructure how our Commander in Chief commands – the Vice President and three Deputy Vice Presidents should be co-located with the President in the White House, and make better use of real-time multi-media to manage a distributed and much smaller federal government.

Dr. Cynthia McKinney is the perfect choice as a unity and healing Vice President ideally suited to dealing with our existing Congress.

I have spent thousands of miles with Dr. McKinney and a staffer in an RV, and I will tell you from my up close and personal experience, this is an honest and intelligent woman who puts the used toilet paper in the bag instead of the toilet. RVs are like boats, the toilets cannot handle toilet paper. She can be TRUSTED in the small things, and therefore in the large things.

We need a Governors Council and a Mayors Council.  The President needs these new organizations to both reinstate White House access for the fifty sovereign states, and to deal with the virtual city-states that exist across the country.

Bob Gates has extraordinary experience and knows how to move the system at scale.

If president Trump wants someone who can do what needs to be done in relation to integrating and modernizing education, intelligence, and research as one coherent construct, Bob Gates has my vote.

The others are as good as it gets in their respective domains.

Of all of the people I have observed in Washington over the years, the two that have resonated with me the most are Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. I cannot think of a better person to entrust the Commonwealth to than Dennis Kucinich.

Each of these others has been chosen as best in class – they already know what they need to know to be effective.  You can see the new capabilities on the left and the abolishments on the right.

Hold your questions until the final hour, please.

If we are to turn away from endless war there is no better person to oversee the beating of swords into plowshares, a foreign policy of peace, commerce, and friendship, than Dr. Ron Paul. Particularly priceless is his long-standing professional friendship with Dennis Kucinich, each of them reflecting a commitment to America First and evidence-based decisions in the public interest.

In keeping with having diplomacy, development, defense, and commerce (D3C) under one Deputy Vice President, we need an Inter-Agency Development Command and an Inter-Agency University, both to be located adjacent to the National Defense University complex at Fort McNair.

NASA is a defense agency and totally out of control. There may be someone better qualified than Jeff Bezos but for now he is my choice, partly in revenge against the second-generation Nazis that run the place now.

John tells me he was well-treated by Cuba, we have agreed he can make the deal there.  John can bring us the Libertarians and he is great at earned media in those circles.

Grand Strategy is about establishing your ends, devising your ways, and then generating the means to fund the ways that achieve the ends. The USA does not have a grand strategy today and needs one most desperately.

I will address ways to cut the federal budget in the next slide, for now it simply merits emphasis that we need to cut the federal budget by two thirds, localize virtually everything other than global engagement, and reassert the natural rights of every citizen.

This includes zero tolerance for illegal immigration, white collar criminals, traitors, and any politicians that lie to the public.

The only reason we have been borrowing two trillion dollars a year to pay for a three trillion dollar a year federal government is because We the People have been dumb asses and abdicated our role as the militia for integrity.

An honest President armed with an honest Congress and an attentive public can cut the federal government by two thirds within six years.

You can study this later. We can do this.

This is the other graphic I would like to have the President understand, and I am told he already gets this and is thinking about abolishing the IRS and ending all federal income taxes in time for Election Day 2020 appreciation.

Because of treason by multiple presidents, the working class has borne the greatest burden.

Devised by Professor Edgar Feige of Wisconsin, this alternative triples revenue while ending the tax free ride of Wall Street and corporations.

The third element of my strategic plan for an American renaissance – the first was intelligence with integrity, the scond #UNRIG for election reform that achieves unity with integrity – is localization.

Elinor Ostrom won a Nobel Economics Prize for demonstrating that only locals know enough to both govern (for example, local fisheries) and enforce (by presence and local knowledge).  Nassim Nicholas Taleb is similarly gifted, and has put the stake in the heart of top-down government – it does not work.

It is my intent to see the return of two thirds of the lands stolen from states by the federal government – that is our next frontier for a new distributed population leveraging free energy that also allows unlimited desalinated water from the sea to the heartland.

The fourth element of my strategic plan scares conventional corporations – I now have a clear picture of how to achieve a post-Western economy at 10-20% the cost of the Western model that is 50% waste and 90% profit for the banks.

I stand on the shoulders of others, such as Dr. Marcin Jakubowski, creator of the Global Village Construction Set, all open source.

Artificial Intelligence is not part of the solution. Artificial intelligence, like 5G and transhumanism, is a threat to humanity, not a solution.

I can feel Marianne Williamson lurking in the rafters. She’s right, there is a lot of yada, yada, yada in national conversations, but there is no one, anywhere, that is actually trying to achieve America First consistent with the first principles of our Declaration of Independence, that I know of.

The President claims to be doing this, I have not yet seen the beef.

I WANT our President to be the Greatest President Ever.

I WANT our President to Make America Great Again.

These should be our goals.  Why are they not?

Almost every American war including the wars on Cuba and Mexico, has been based on lies.

Our wars are also genocidal, ecocidal, and crimes against humanity in every possible sense of the term including those we imposed at Nuremberg.

The President must honor his promise to bring our troops home, and go a step further: close every military base we have around the world, each being used as lily pads for evil – for the smuggling of drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children.

While much of America is not suffering the police state atrocities depicted here, the writing is on the wall.  There will be another 9/11 false flag event, everyone will be declared mentally ill, disarmed, chipped, and turned into a virtual slave, which all too many are already today.

The best defense against both criminals and terrorists is not the police, but rather armed intelligent citizens who are both present and committed to the safety of their neighborhood.

We need to control crazies and criminals, not guns. Open Carry – and No Permit Needed Concealed Carry – should be the law of the land.

I am not what you would call a spiritual person in the California sense of the word, but I do believe I am a God particle, as are all of you, and we cannot ignore the wisdom of the ages that has been repressed by corrupt Western institutions.

No one should have to work as a slave to live.

Everyone should be able to blossom in freedom.

We have an opportunity, in becoming more aware and more active, to open an infinite range of possibilities both personal and communal.

Central to the future of humanity is the education of humanity. We have allowed Western governments captured by Western banks to turn us into ignorant consumers of drugs and poisons.

Plato had it right. Hans Morgenthau had it right. The core foundation for national power is an educated citizenry.

There are four values embedded here: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, and Sustainability.

So here we are, with our President losing a portion of his base to unkept promises while also stating that he is not going to go after the swing vote.

My deal is simple: I will vote for President Trump in November 2020 if he starts defending the Constitution; puts America First starting with a challenge to the 27 states violating the 1st Amendment; and embraces #UNRIG.

Please poke our President by making a token donation to Marianne Williamson before the 28th of August, and buzz her up on social media. Unless and until Cynthia McKinney announces her Democratic candidacy in early 2020, the Democrats have no one – no one – that combines intelligence, integrity, and imagination to my gold standard.  All losers – but Marianne has a cosmic use.

One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  Not what we have now but I do believe we can achieve this through #UNRIG.

God Bless America and God Bless each and every one of you.

PPT (36 Pages):  Steele Disclosure Briefing Draft 2.4
(Planned Words in Notes Format)


ANSWERS: Robert Steele for Dimensions of Disclosure Conference – 68 Questions from #Borg to Zionism versus Judaism

2008 Candidates on the Issues ELECTION 2008 – Lipstick on the Pig (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

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  1. The Jews in the USA need to be shown that (except for the criminal few) the existence of Israel in its current form is a bad thing for them.

  2. Suggest this be serialized. I have gone over the material with Robert on several occasions. I strongly suggest he read our Trump/Khazarian Mafia piece from yesterday. One must realize that Simon Mogeleivich is POTUS through Felix “Jewish man of the year” Sater.

    Massive flaws written into the constitution brought us where we are….and we can go through 250 years of US history (with the help of Howard Zinn) and see the needed corrections.
    We have failed to build a nation here…and perhaps the biggest enemy has been organized fake religion as a single component of a vast mind control system.

    Truth be told, I subject myself to deprogramming and a version of SERE unlike the fake computer class it is today. Everything we have learned in our lives has to be drycleaned.
    How can we expect people who have lived protected fake lives to lead?

    No more rich kids in public office. No more Ivy League fake leaders. No more bible-thumping kid diddling perverts and their Stepford wives.
    sometimes I look at Lee Wanta, a tool and die maker by trade or real street cops, by real, meaning not the donut eating assholes.

    As things are now, we simply aren’t going to survive nor do we deserve to.

    There is no US. This is a very international world where people of like values wherever they live are a central electorate. This nation-state crap invented by our overseers to keep us poking one another in the ass needs to come to an end. But then, what the heck o I know?

    • How long is it since you and I first wrote that Felix Sater was Trump’s Russian Mafia handler and that Simeon Mogilevich was Sater’s boss? Over three years, before Trump was even elected. Sater’s father was one of Mogilevch’s lieutenants and Mogilevich, in contrast to most Russian oligarchs, lives openly in Moscow, no fleeing to London like Berezovsky and Abramovich for him. This says a lot about the relationship between Mogilevich and Putin’s Kremlin. How much good did it do for us to expose all of this nexus of organised crime at the highest level? None at all, and now we have more than one supposed ‘intelligence expert’ making a mockery of our hard work by writing utter nonsense about Trump and those behind him. If the truth about how and why Trump was inserted into the White House and who was bhind it all didn’t do us any good, then what will?

    • “and we can go through 250 years of US history (with the help of Howard Zinn)” – GD

      Zinn’s book is great, except for the final chapter that has the fatal flaw of accepting most of the USGs version of the events of 9/11 as factual.

      “As things are now, we simply aren’t going to survive nor do we deserve to.” – GD

      Sadly, to borrow an expression, it does seem as most are too stupid to live, so few in fact that it would be better that humans do go extinct (sadly it seems likely that the evil 0.0001% will survive along with a few tens of millions to form a future slave race, with the difference between rulers and ruled becoming a difference in species due to genetic engineering).

    • You know a hell lot more than most Americans. Is the US the cash cow that everyone is milking? What is the relationship between the Russian Mafia and AIPAC or the Rothschild web or the Vatican or the MIC? We tend to zero in on one clear and present danger and neglect the rest of the constellation of enemies, foreign and domestic. Trump appears to definitely be a Zio tool. He also comes across as blackmailed and controlled by handlers. This notion held by RDS that somehow Trump can be the greatest present ever is naive wishful thinking. If there is evidence that he and Kushner laundered for Russians through Deutsche Bank why is this not getting traction? Forget the MSM. What about the legal system nailing him? Was Jamal Khashoggi’s death a message sent by Trump and MSB to media outlets? There comes a point where either we say ‘resistance is futile’ or ‘it’s time to unload both barrels’. The Republic is definitely no longer of by and for the People. Can it be re-engineered to give the People power over their reps? I’m thinking of online congressional districts where constituents poll on issues and recall reps. This would take an engaged public.

  3. The only way I can reconcile observations of Trump for the past four decades with what RDS and some others find him to potentially be is some sort of Jack Heart scenario where alterations of the timeline have resulted in an alternative reality Trump unlike in most ways to the one the rest of us see. The Trump we see has never exhibited any signs of moral decency, intellect, or bravery, but rather is a spoiled 8-year old mind in the body of an ever physically aging man. Or possibly one of the two groups (Trump supporters and Trump detractors) are composed of insane people out of touch with reality.

  4. Do you really expect a group with a history of genocidal violence to quietly stand aside, and allow a peaceful transition? They will burn the planet to a cinder before they give up one whit of power. And you know it! Their end game is to kill us all anyway, or have you forgotten? You think their fangs have been pulled when the warheads were disabled? Don’t forget what the words NBC stand for.

    On another note: the words “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance on Flag Day 1954 by President Eisenhower.

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