Daily Mail: Maxwell Photo Faked But Why is No One Arresting Her?

The first picture of Ghislaine Maxwell in more than three years was staged by her close friend and attorney, Leah Saffian, DailyMail.com has learned exclusively Maxwell, 57, was photographed at an In-N-Out burger joint in Los Angeles and the photo was published on Thursday In the photo, Maxwell is seen staring at the camera with a tray of food and two drinks. A dog, understood to be Saffian's dog named Dexter, is at her feet   Saffian, 60, is president of Meadowgate Media Investments Inc, according to public records According to the photograph's metadata, reviewed by DailyMail.com, the photograph is tagged with 'Meadowgate' Saffian and fellow barrister, Alun Jones QC, an (Peters & Peters) represented Maxwell's brother Kevin for the firm Peters & Peters in the British courts  The photo emerged a day after DailyMail.com revealed she had been living under the radar at a Massachusetts mansion with her boyfriend Scott Borgerson 



  1. “Why the hell there isn’t a warrant issued on the bitch?” – Gall

    I assume this is a rhetorical question.

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