INTERVIEW: US-Iranian Nuclear Talks – What Comes Next?


By Javad Heirannia

US – Iranian Nuclear Talks – What Comes Next?

Tehran Times, 24 August 2019

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), regularly answers questions for Tehran Times.

Q. The US President Donald Trump has driven up the pressure against Iran while at the same time suggested he might be willing to talk to Iranian leaders. How serious he is in this offer? Does he really want to engage Iran diplomatically?

Q. I cannot say this often enough and I urge the Iranian leadership to read all of the comments that have been made about President Donald Trump by his daughter Ivanka, authors, and others who have dealt with him: he is a pragmatist, a transactional negotiator, everything is theater as part of the “art of the deal.” Our president is a genius. He also recognizes the genius of his counterparts Xi Jinping in China and Vladimir Putin in Russia. It was Xi Jinping that set up the Korean unification and denuclearization, and our president learned from that.  He KNOWS that peace in the Middle East cannot be achieved without uninventing Israel, restoring Palestine to the Palestinians, and respecting the re-emergent roles of Egypt, Iran, and Turkey.

While our President has been somewhat blocked by our own traitors and the mediocrity of our captured Department of State and Central Intelligence Agency (both controlled by Zionists) from fully appreciating the depth and breadth of Iranian power, he has a business sense of Iran as an economic GIANT that will, together with Turkey, China, and Russia, DOMINATE Central Asia as it once did when Herat in Afghanistan was the capital of Persia.

The President does not want to engage Iran diplomatically because he knows he has a fat ignorant Christian Zionist as Secretary of State and is just waiting for the right time to get rid of him.  The President wants to engage Iran PRESIDENTIALLY and eventually at the Supreme Leader level.  Our President now understands that President Hassan Rouhani is more like a Chief of Staff to the Supreme Leader rather than a full president in his own right, and our President understands that a positive conversation with President Rouhani in Washington or Florida is a pre-condition for our President being invited to Iran to meet with the Supreme Leader.

There is NOTHING our President loves more than the pomp and circumstance of a state visit COMBINED with being the first.  He was the first to actually meet the Supreme Leader of North Korea and the first US president in history to set foot on North Korean soil. He wants to do the same with Iran, please do not doubt this – he would be the first US president to visit in the post-Shah era.

The key is to understand that in the Trump Administration, the only person, the only encounter, the only conversation, that matters, is with President Donald Trump directly. Once Iran engages him at the Presidential level, our President will take “ownership” of US-Iranian relations, the Zionists will be sidelined, and he will have a personal investment, in an election year, of ensuring that he does nothing to detract from achieving peace in the Middle East, a peace he knows is impossible without the good will of Iran and its Supreme Leader.

Q. As a 2020 election gesture, it is important for Trump to talk on the phone or in person with Iranian officials. In this regard, some experts believe that he should give special concessions such as oil waivers to Iran so that they come to negotiation table. Do you think that Trump is ready to make any kind of concessions?

A. Every telephone call the President has, including so-called secret telephone calls, is monitored in Tel Aviv.  There is no substitute for a face to face meeting with NO WITNESSES.

The greatest concession Iran could expect to receive from our President is a private commitment, NO WITNESSES, to the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinian people, and the termination of all US support for the genocidal apartheid criminal invented state of Israel. Everything else is cosmetic.

Our President promised to remove our troops from the Middle East and invest in America First. Iran is doing fine selling its oil to China and does not need US concessions, Iran would benefit from the President being held accountable by the US public for honoring his promise to get us out of the Middle East. Iran needs to make it easy for our President to withdraw all our troops from the Middle East and close the 44 military bases around Iran that serve only the Zionists and the Deep State as lily pads for smuggling drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children.

I recommend that Iran focus less  on pre-conditions for a meeting, and more on achieving a presidential face to face meeting, first in the US and then in Tehran.  There is no substitute.

Q. It seems as if Trump administration wants Iran to withdraw from JCPOA. Will be the US-Israeli interests better provided In case of Iran’s withdrawal?

A. America First means not Israel First. Our President is having difficulty navigating his commitment to America First in the context of the Zionists owning the US economy, US government, and US society (as well as the Zionists owning the British elite who are now full servants to the Zionists) but our President is a genius.  He KNOWS that Henry Kissinger was right, the invented state of Israel is both a cancer in the Middle East and a parasite within America the Beautiful. Do not doubt his acute awareness of the issue.

In my view, Iran should not withdraw from JCPOA, and Iran should not confuse Zionist interests with the interests of America First.  Our President is on record as saying that we have spent trillions of dollars in the Middle East and have nothing to show for it (other than millions dead and displaced and hundreds of thousands of US troops with mental illnesses, amputations, and other disabilities).

The end of Israel is not only an Iranian mission written into its modern foundational documents, it is the proper cultural, economic, and historical objective for all of us.  The Jews themselves are calling for an end to the invented state of Israel. The Jews themselves are being abused and beaten by Zionist “storm troopers,” such as recently occurred when the Zionists trashed a synagogue in Israel and badly beat many of the devout Jews who were present.

Our President is not only a businessman, he knows more about the secret space program and the stellar civilization neutralization of nuclear weapons than anyone else. The end game with Iran is not about nuclear weapons, which is just a Zionist disinformation operation, fear-mongering to promote war and spending on war. The end game for the USA with Iran is about ending the illegal immigration of unemployed Muslims from the Middle East and Africa, stabilizing the Middle East, introducing free energy which makes unlimited desalinated water possible (e.g. in Somalia and Yemen), and about Iran’s known future dominance, with China and Russia, of all the rare earth minerals in Central Asia.

I do want to point out that the President appears ready to declassify all the technologies, including free energy, which have been under secrecy order.  That is one reason he accelerated US fossil fuel production. This will change the oil market, and in my view, reduce the attractiveness of oil shipped by sea and increase the value to China of oil delivered overland via pipelines. This will also radically increase the marketplace for producing unlimited desalinated water that can be pumped into Central Asia, India, and Africa.

Q. We are witnessing French President Emmanuel Macron efforts to convince Trump to rejoin JCPOA. How serious should we take these efforts? Shall we think of them as a US coordinated plan?

A. Macron appears to be both an idiot and a Satanist, and very likely a pedophile and murderous pedophile as well. I believe Macron to have been behind the Notre Dame false flag atrocity. My French colleagues tell me he is not the legitimate President of France. I anticipate the resolution of the Savoy case in the next few years, that case will not only create a new French Republic that leaves the European Union, it will also impact on Golan, Donbass, and Crimea. Nothing any of the European leaders less Boris Johnson say is worth listening to.  Angela Merkel will die soon. Iran should anticipate the end of the EU and deal with each country bilaterally, starting with Span and Italy, both of which have suffered historically from the Zionist scourge. The time has come for Iran, in partnership with Egypt, Turkey, China, and Russia – and eventually with President Trump personally – to begin planning for the termination of the Israeli state – the flag will be retired – and the raising of the Palestinian flag over Tel Aviv.  Jews who wish to remain in Palestine must accept Palestinian citizenship or emigrate – the new Jewish Autonomous Zone in Manchuria and the long-standing Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia are both ripe for economic development combined with cultural containment.

Q. You are the only person on the planet – and certainly the only American – who has been speaking directly to the end of Zionism, not just the evils of Zionism. Please explain to our readers why the Supreme Leader should consider your views on the end of Zionism as a useful context for agreeing to engage directly with President Donald Trump.

A. Let me answer with both a historical or strategic perspective, and a current or operational perspective.

Historically, despite centuries of disinformation and active censorship by the Zionists and those they control with bribery and blackmail, it is now known that virtually everything they have ever claimed is a lie, and that they have played a disproportionally large role in subverting many countries by bribing and blackmailing the leaders of those countries while also controlling academics, bankers, corporate chiefs, and media personalities. Zionists (not Jews) are a predatory cult that considers all of us – Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and non-orthodox Jews – to be sub-human.  They consider us – and our laws – to be beneath contempt. They are the single greatest counterintelligence threat to humanity, apart from hostile stellar civilizations.

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Today in the USA the Zionists are staggering toward dissolution because of the combination of three scandals that in turn are making past Zionist atrocities such as the USS Liberty, ever more visible to the American public. Despite a complete media “black-out” of these three scandals, each is certain to be relevant to the outcome of the 2022 election, and therefore relevant to achieving a meeting between the Supreme Leader of Iran and President Donald Trump prior to that Election Day.

Mossad Pedophilia Entrapment & Blackmail

I have published three major posts on Jeffrey Epstein, one of them entitled “Nine Veils of Evil.” The real “operator” in all this has been Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Zionist super-spy Robert Maxwell, who appears to have been a “madame” for elite prostitution including child prostitutes, an early version of the Mossad pedophilia entrapment and blackmail model. Epstein was brought in, funded by Les Wexner who may also have funded 9/11, to elevate this operation particularly – the Mossad is running another 50 or more such rings with less visibility across the USA and around the world – to the presidential and royal family level. They needed a “boy” to lure the other boys, especially Bill Clinton, into doing terrible things to small children on video. The media is desperately avoiding the fact that the CIA and FBI have been complicit in all Mossad operations in the USA to date, and this one particularly.

The media is desperately avoiding the reality that this is not just about sodomizing children, this is about torturing children, murdering children, drinking their adrenochrome-infused blood, and eating fetuses and child body parts in the underground caverns at Lolita Island – all covered by television. This was an intelligence collection and compromise operation with four targets: political, cyber, intellectual, and nuclear. We have a joke in my business, “how many pedophiles does it take to cover up our blackmail operations?” The answer: “all of them.” Everyone in the USA who is not covering this story properly is either being bribed or blackmailed. Before Election Day, the truth in detail about this Mossad operations, all the other Mossad operations in the USA, and the complicity of the CIA and FBI in all these operations, will be known. Our President, if he desires to be re-elected, will have no alternative but to take public action including the expulsion of a number of Zionist “diplomats,” the sharp reduction if not the abolishment of the FBI, and severe reductions at CIA with a special focus on its MASSIVE illegal domestic operations that have compromised governments, judges, prosecutors, and others in every single one of our fifty sovereign states.

27 States Blackmailed Into Passing Anti-BDS Laws. Twenty-seven US states have passed anti-BDS laws that criminalize free speech calling for the boycott of Israel. While these laws are unconstitutional – a clear violation of the 1st Amendment – and also politically insane (many of them also refuse state jobs and refuse disaster relief assistance to those who do not swear an oath of loyalty to Israel) – the fact that they were passed provides the American public with a roadmap for identifying the governors and state legislators who were bribed or blackmailed into passing these laws.  I anticipate a purge of most of these people in the 2020 elections.  The Zionists over-reached and very foolishly exposed the degree to which they control individual state legislatures, this is “actionable intelligence” that could, with the right public relations campaign, lead to public recognition of just how embedded the Zionist parasite is within the USA. Separately we now have articles coming out that document the degree to which Jews (not only Zionists) are over-represented in our elite universities and key banking, corporate, government, and media positions – a population of 2% is controlling 60% of our resources. They have succeeded not because they are smarter or work harder, but because they are a cabal that treats everyone else as a “shiksa” – a gentile whore that can be abused – and breaks all the established rules including insider trading and the easy use of bribery and blackmail at a scale not imagined or practiced by anyone else including the Vatican and its Jesuits. Our President has no alternative, if he wishes to be re-elected, but to denounce all 27 state legislatures; demand they rescind these unconstitutional laws; and reassert his commitment to the 1st Amendment (freedom of speech) as well as the 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms) and the 4th Amendment (freedom from unreasonable search & seizure).

9/11 Writ of Mandamus on Criminal Grand Jury. Our President is fully aware of the who, what, how, and why of 9/11 – he knew a great deal on his own, and on 8 August 2018 he received 9/11 Truth, a collection of 28 memoranda documenting this atrocity – and Zionist complicity – in detail.  He knows that planning for 9/11 started in 1988 when the Twin Towers were condemned and at the same time, controlled demolition was forbidden by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because of the asbestos and other toxins. This made the Twin Towers, owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) and hence the states of New York and New Jersey, an immediate $2 billion “manual deconstruction” nightmare. Early on, probably with the complicity of the two state governments and the American International Group (AIG) insurance giant, and almost certainly with the approval of Dick Cheney, 9/11 morphed from an insurance fraud need to a contrived false flag terrorist incident that would justify both endless war aboard and a police state at home. Benjamin Netanyahu was fully appraised to the point of writing about the future attack – and its nuclear component – in his 1995 book, Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorism. Zionists also sponsored think-tank publications on “catastrophic terrorism” to set the stage for the Patriot Act, the police state act — that was written and ready long before 9/11 actually occurred. 9/11 was enabled by Dick Cheney as Vice President (virtually, the President, George W. Bush is a well-intentioned dolt of no consequence) and Donald Rumsfeld. Cheney announced months in advance that he would manage a national counterterrorism exercise on 9/11, and then ensured that all the standard protections were disabled.  In the aftermath of 9/11 Robert Mueller, as Director of the FBI, covered everything up.  In my view Mueller is indictable on 3,000 counts of obstructing justice and 3,000 counts of complicity in murder after the fact. Finally, Zionist controlled judges and prosecutors ensured that no 9/11 claim made it to the federal court – everything was “settled” out of court, thus preventing “discovery” via subpoena. It is in this context that the Lawyers Committee of Inquiry into 9/11, and its demand for a criminal grand jury on 9/11 recently endorsed by the NYC firefighters, and its most recent writ of mandamus against a Zionist controlled US Attorney in the Southern District of New York, assures that 9/11 culpability will be a 2020 election issue. Our President has no alternative but to fulfill his campaign promise of 16 February 2016, made in Bluffton, South Carolina, of full disclosure on 9/11.

I am quite certain our President was hoping to leave the matter of the Zionists until after re-election. Q, his brilliant channel for waking up and educating the American public, has said “Zionists last.” I fear that the matter cannot wait, and it is therefore in Iran’s best interests to establish a direct personal relationship between our President and the Supreme Leader, prior to Election Day 2020. With absolute conviction and sincerity, I believe that history now favors peace in the Middle East and of course a central role for Iran as well as Turkey and Egypt. I believe our President, a pragmatist, understands this; and that he needs to “make the deal” with Iran, not with Israel.


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