Johnson in Trouble!

Michael Shrimpton comments on the British Government's current travails and the latest German atrocity.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy is in tatters, unless he advises Her Majesty to refuse Royal Assent to the Benn bill, which aims to keep the UK trapped inside the EU for a further three months. Labour has finally revealed its true, Remainer colors.  Labour claimed they wanted a General Election, suckering the PM into agreeing an accelerated passage of the bill through the Lords, then changing their minds once the bill was through. Although the deception worked it was a high-risk strategy, which has ramped up tensions in Westminster.

Boris created a rod for his own back when he left me out of his Cabinet and gave the legal posts to Remainers. The upshot is that he’s only getting bad legal advice, frankly. He’s strongly opposed to the Benn bill but is being told that he cannot advise The Queen to refuse Royal Assent. That is nonsense, of course.

No British government can be forced to accept legislation against its will. It is always competent for a Prime Minister to advise the Sovereign to refuse Royal Assent. If the House of Commons doesn’t like it, it can always vote for a General Election.

If Royal Assent is refused then it’s likely Labour will vote tomorrow for a General Election. If they didn’t, they’d be accepting a No Deal Brexit on 31st October.

If Royal Assent is granted then the Benn bill becomes law and Boris will have to abide by it, whether he likes it or not. Half-crazed Remainers, no offense intended, like Lord Macdonald, a former Director of Public Prosecutions, are already threatening him with prison for contempt of court. There is no way that Gina Miller, the Soros associate whose absurd judicial review of the prorogation of Parliament failed this week and rightly so, would not bring judicial review proceedings for a mandatory order to send the extension request to Brussels.

The EU are desperate to keep us trapped inside the Evil Empire and will automatically agree any extension request. All 27 EU governments are more or less German clients. When Berlin tells them to jump they just ask how high. That applies even to Viktor Orban in Hungary. He’s a good man, with respect, but comparatively weak. We have no friends in power in Europe, or at any rate only fair weather friends.  No one will help us by vetoing an extension request.

French foreign minister Le Drian (a.k.a. “the Drain”) is talking about a veto, but it’s only talk. Berlin wants us in and the Fifth Republic is essentially Vichyist, i.e. France is a German vassal state. If Berlin ordered them to resume deporting Jews they’d do it and ask ‘how many?’ Macron is no more capable of standing up to Merkel than Pétain was to Hitler. (It’s a sad fact that of all of the Chancellors of Germany since Bismarck Adolf Hitler remains the most charming, charm being a relative concept with dealing with German Chancellors of course.)

Boris’s strategy of leaving by 31st October will go with the bill if Royal Assent is granted. He won’t get an election before then. There’s almost bound to be an election in November, but Boris’s credibility will be badly affected if he lets the bill become law. He would need to do a deal with the Brexit Party, which he’s reluctant to do, since it means abandoning his obsession with agreeing a deal with Brussels.

The good news is that the UK taxpayer is likely to benefit to the tune of £50 billion a year, which is roughly the displacement cost of accommodating unskilled and semi-skilled EU labour. Obviously EU nationals are likely to be required to return to Europe in a no-deal scenario.

The hated Cabinet Secretary

The Cabinet Secretary

The Cabinet Secretary, ‘Ritter’ Mark ‘von’ Sedwill, is dancing all around the PM at the moment, sadly. I thought he’d cut a deal to resign after Brexit, but clearly not. The Benn bill was probably drafted in the Cabinet Office, which has been coordinating Project Fear.

Prior to Parliament reconvening after the summer recess the Cabinet Office leaked the Operation Yellowhammer documents, predicting chaos in the event of a No Deal Brexit. The documents were drawn up in bad faith, of course. The Cabinet Office doesn’t believe in the projections, any more than it believes in man-made global warming. I don’t believe that the Cabinet Office has acted in good faith since it was created, as an emanation of the Imperial German Secret Service, in 1916.

Part of the problem is that the PM and the Cabinet are intelligence illiterate. So far as I know none of the Cabinet know why the EU was created, or when the concept was first thought of (1939). The PM is a nice chap, but a bit naïve, with respect – so far as I know he’s not even aware that the so-called ‘Father of the EU’, Jean Monnet, was a bloodthirsty German agent, responsible for thousands of Allied deaths in both wars.

It’s unclear how much Sir Mark knows about the £50 million bung arranged by his predecessor Lord Heywood in 2013 to try and stop the referendum. Lord Heywood’s personal share was £1m, paid after a currency swap into his offshore account in the British Virgin Islands. I’m aware of the other recipients, including political parties, but can’t of course name them. Boris was briefed in by a mutual contact prior to the 2016 campaign, but as so often happens the mutual contact pretended to be the sole source. This is always dangerous, since the recipient of the intelligence is unaware of the true source. Had the PM known I was the sub-source he might not be in the mess he’s in now, with respect.

If Sir Mark knew about the bung and failed to act then he would be an accessory after the fact, since the payments were illegal, quite apart, in the case of  individuals, from the defrauding of Her Majesty’s Commissioners of Revenue and Customs over income tax. It is right that I should emphasise that so far as I know Sir Mark was not involved in the original bung. He was probably mystified when Boris joined the Vote Leave campaign. If he has covered up (and I don’t know whether he has or he hasn’t) then he will need to consider his position, with respect.

The situation wouldn’t be so bad if the Cabinet knew that it needed serious intelligence advice, but it doesn’t. The British government stumbles on in ignorance, swallowing whatever nonsense the Joint Intelligence Committee, which reports to the Cabinet Secretary, chooses to feed it. The situation is so bad I doubt that a single member of the Cabinet understands that Germany ordered the deaths of thousands of British Subjects last week in the Bahamas.

Hurricane Dorian

I have been warning of Scalar High Energy Weapons Systems (SHEWS) for several years. They are covered in Spyhunter, but of course not a single member of the British Cabinet has read it.

The attack on the Bahamas was doubly cynical in that no one in the British government would have known what was going on. High energy physics is a topic for those with high intelligence but there isn’t a single government minister with the necessary intellectual equipment, no offense intended. I’m not saying that they’re stupid – the current crop of Cabinet Ministers is actually quite bright, at any rate by Cabinet standards, but none of them possesses the intellectual capacity to grapple with high-energy storm-boosting and earthquake weapons.

Just as the New Zealand government knew nothing about what caused the Christchurch earthquake, since the New Zealand intelligence community suppressed the data from them, so the Bahamian government didn’t know who’d hit them or why. Some commentators have been smart enough to pick up on the fact that Dorian didn’t behave like a natural hurricane. Of course it didn’t – it was artificially boosted, and stayed over the target area for over 24 hours, ensuring near total destruction.

Nobody warned the Bahamian government, indeed nobody has warned any government in the West Indies about weather weapons and artificial boosting. GCHQ are in the loop, as they’re able to monitor both the transmissions from the ground stations (I know of three, in Alaska, Norway and Russia) and NSA counter-measures, but GCHQ reports to the Cabinet Office and wouldn’t dream of trying to save lives in a Commonwealth country, especially black ones.

Those who are sitting on Spyhunter and stopping it from reaching President Trump are carrying on doing what they’re doing, or rather not doing. The sight of hundreds of bodies being washed out to sea to become shark food has not been enough, sadly, to blast them out of their complacency. Like the poor victims of the San Antonio and Dayton German-sponsored mass shootings the victims of Hurricane Dorian died in vain.

Being able to boost storms and trigger earthquakes is a powerful weapon in the hands of German Intelligence. Current British and American policy is to leave it in their hands, sacrifice as many lives as the Jerries want to take and ensure that the death toll is as high as possible by not warning the civil authorities in affected areas. It’s an utterly shameful situation. As Germany once again drenches herself in the blood of innocents my advice to her leaders is to go to Dresden and take the short tour of the city’s pre-war architecture. There is no long tour.

I’m not sure how many more lives have to be lost before someone gets copies of Spyhunter into the hands of the President and the Prime Minister. My guess is tens of thousands. It’s not that those who have access to the President and the PM want people to die. It’s just that they’re out of their depth and won’t pass the intelligence on to those who can verify it. If Ambassador Bolton reads this, then yes, I did ring the White House on Wednesday with an urgent message for him.

We’ve been here before. It took several years before intelligence on the Holocaust was acted on, boosting the death toll by several million. Sadly the lesson wasn’t learnt. Those inside the official Intelligence Community daren’t act for fear of ending up dead in a field with an empty packet of Co-Proxamol beside them, or ‘being hanged’ in a federal prison cell after their cellmate has been moved out. Those outside the official agencies aren’t listened to because they’re not official. Thus are lives and treasure thrown away.

Democracy is the fairest and most efficient form of government yet devised, but it requires a blood-sacrifice. Highly intelligent people can’t get elected (the last highly intelligent MP elected in Britain, e.g., was my old friend the late Enoch Powell, first elected in 1945 and later viciously smeared as a racist because he threatened to stop Britain’s enslavement inside the EEC.)

This means that democracies are governed by people who are usually helpless spectators to events, like Boris Johnson, whilst smarter officials reporting to Germany run rings around them. The only answer is for politicians to appoint smart advisers and do them the courtesy of listening to them. Boris Johnson has appointed one such, Dominic Cummings, but of course he’s coming under vicious attack, co-ordinated from the Cabinet Office, and is unlikely to last long.

Once the Cabinet Secretary has taken Cummings down the PM will be at his mercy. He’ll get no end of junk advice, even worse than the rubbish he’s getting now, no offense to Sir Mark intended. Margaret Thatcher was undermined in the same way, her smartest advisers being assassinated by GO2, using IRA and INLA proxies. Margaret never knew, at least whilst she was in Number 10, who was targeting her advisers or why. Like the people of the Bahamas they went like lambs to the slaughter.

Another dictator bites the dust

It’s not been all bad news this week. Whilst sharks have been snacking on the bodies of innocent kiddies in the Bahamas another evil dictator, Robert Mugabe, snuffed it on Friday. Typically, given the mess his country’s medical services are in, Mugabe went to Singapore for his medical treatment.

There’s been no announcement of what killed him, although it might have been AIDS. Mugabe’s virulent homophobia probably disguised gay leanings, and thanks to the DVD’s HIV bio-weapon, surreptitious gay contacts in Harare (Salisbury) can be quite risky.

I’m not saying it was AIDS, for the avoidance of doubt. I haven’t reviewed his medical records. It might have cancer or a wasting disease. Whatever it was it was good news for the people of Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia).

Robert Mugabe was a Chinese asset, who turned Southern Rhodesia into a Chinese client-state, allowing China to rape her of her abundant natural resources. The notorious German agent Christopher Soames, father of the overlarge and obnoxious Nicholas (no offense intended), was instrumental in Mugabe’s installation. My old friend Margaret Thatcher supported the Lancaster House deal, wholly unaware that Soames was working for the Jerries and Mugabe for the Chinese.

No one’s quite sure of the death toll during Mugabe’s dictatorship. It was appalling on any view, and ran into the hundreds of thousands once deaths through starvation and deprivation of access to good healthcare are included. Most of the dead were black, many of them Matabele.

Ian Smith, whom I once had the privilege of meeting, was as appalled by the black deaths as he was by the white ones. He was no more a racist than dear old Enoch. Southern Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa. Zimbabwe is an African basket case.

Almost every journalist in the Western world fell for Mugabe’s claim to be a Marxist. If Robert Mugabe was a Marxist then I’m a Dutchman. It’s standard practice for German or Chinese operatives to proclaim themselves communists or socialists of one sort or another. Mao Tse-Tung even pretended to be a Maoist, for heaven’s sake! Stalin pretended to be a Stalinist and Lenin, even more absurdly, pretended to be a Leninist.

You can tell the non-operative Marxists, like Jeremy Corbyn, by their lack of intelligence, no offense intended. Jeremy’s so dim that he actually believes in socialism. No doubt he believes in global warming and the tooth fairy as well.

This Week’s Movie Review: Angel Has Fallen (2019, dir. Ric Waugh)

This enjoyable yarn, the third in the series about Secret Service agent Mike Banning, was released to theaters in the UK last week. The movie’s credible plot features a plan by the Vice-President to assassinate the President.

As I explain in Spyhunter, assassinating the President is one of the traditional duties of the Vice-President, along with attending funerals and Royal Weddings. George Bush Senior tried to have President Reagan whacked (and would have succeeded if his man could shoot straight). LBJ played a crucial role in the assassination of President Kennedy, supplying one of the hit teams. President Trump is fortunate indeed in having a loyal Vice-President, but then President Trump has always been a good judge of character.

Since the withdrawal of Secret Service protection was a crucial part of the Kennedy Assassination there is nothing particularly unreal in the movie’s suggestion of Secret Service complicity in an assassination. Of course our hero’s name is cleared.

The plot is fast-paced, with some humorous scenes involving Mike Banning’s father, well played by Nick Nolte. Morgan Freeman is the real star of course, outdoing Gerald Butler.

The odd thing is that America has a President who really cares about the American people, but he’s a white, right-wing Republican. Caring presidents in movies have to be black left-wing Democrats.

I’m not sure that Morgan Freeman will thank me for saying this, but I suspect that his first, uncredited, break came with Live and Let Die, where I think he played one of the motorcycle cops on the fictional San Monique. Watch the movie again and tell me what you think. It’s in the hilarious chase scene involving the double-decker bus which ends up as a single-decker. (Sir Roger Moore would not have made it as a bus driver, even these days.)


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