Russia’s Zhirinovsky: America Will Attack Iran!

The leader of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, shared his predictions with the public about the impending Middle East conflict.

Zhirinovsky is sure that there will be a war between the USA and Iran. He explained this as follows: “Americans need to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. There, the population is ready to revolt against them. And where to bring them? So they will give them a ground operation. ” (video in Russian)

The politician believes that Israel will start the war, which will provoke Iran in retaliation, and then larger players will enter the battle.

“How will the conflict begin? Israel will strike at those objects where it seems to it, its intelligence, there are nuclear centers for the enrichment of uranium, and, possibly, for the production of nuclear charges, ”Zhirinovsky explained. – Iran has rockets, carriers, up to two thousand kilometers, and there are enough two hundred. After striking Iran, it will answer, some small destruction in Israel, and then the older brother will come to the rescue. The US will mobilize NATO, and themselves, and then they will begin to bomb Iran, including using very scary long-range weapons, it cleans the territory completely. It’s possible to demolish the whole country by using one local nuclear strike. ”

Zhirinovsky justified the inevitability of his prediction with a historical example, with which Israel again linked: “Well, firstly, why is this necessary to happen? In Iraq, why did Bush Jr. give the command to invade and destroy the regime? Because Palestinians constantly threw rockets at Israel, Saddam Hussein paid twenty thousand dollars for each rocket. Well, how much can you endure them in Israel? I’m talking about them, not about myself. Here is the invasion. There is no Saddam Hussein, and Iraq is completely reformatted, but, unfortunately, for the worse. If earlier there was a Sunni leadership, then after the overthrow of them Shiites came. And in Iran, too, Shiites! And now, in the event of an attack on Iran, Shiite Iraq may side with Shiite Iran. This is also beneficial for Israel. It is beneficial to all Sunni Arab countries, for Shiites are ten percent. ”

The speaker likened Shiites to Orthodox Christians, who are also an absolute minority among Christians, and compared the desire of the Sunnis to uproot Shiites with “how Orthodox churches were conquered in Ukraine.”

Then the politician explained what a similar scenario is fraught with for Russia.

“What is the problem for us? This is sure to bring millions of refugees. And where will they rush? Only to the north. For to the south is the Sunni part of the Muslim world, there they will be destroyed. Forced will move north. In the north – Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia. They will be crushed. And already refugees not only from Iran, but from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia will trample into our North Caucasus. And there is an explosive atmosphere. There they will find their friends, supporters, opponents. All this will suit Astrakhan, Volgograd and Rostov. Here we will have to stop them. ”

In this regard, Zhirinovsky considers it necessary to begin to build barracks for refugees, since “it is impossible to meet them with machine gun fire.”

After that, he turned to the historical theme, complaining that after the Second World War the USSR strengthened its position not in the East, but in Eastern Europe, “which later separated anyway.”

“After the war, we stood in northern Iran. Stalin did not leave our army there. It was necessary to leave. And to unite Azerbaijan would be big Azerbaijan, ”Zhirinovsky said.

He ended his speech with the fact that since the whole world has turned into a global market, then you need to “buy it cheaper”, that is, do not get into expensive international scrapes, but “take care of your own country,” writes Minval.


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  1. Is this fool related to Trump? He sounds just as spent as ever. Ah, yes…the real reason Bush attacked Iraq, katyusha rockets and Saddams rewards…and I thought Trump was (is) a retard.

  2. Oh, that Zhirinovski… Hyper-person. The only politic who is allowed by the Kremlin to say what he wants and about whom he wants. Some real grain there is in his words, but many of us got used to meet his speech with irony. He is excentric.

  3. Zhirinovsky is a very famous entertaining character in Russian politics. However with certain interventionists in high Israeli politics there is never enough precaution. Israel could start war and drag US into it, but not sure about Zhirinovsky predications about afterwar migration. Does Zhirinovsky know that Russia stopped Syria from falling apart? Does he know about Sunnis in Russian provinces of Dagestan and Chechnya? Astrakhan 😁?!?

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