VT Italia: 4 Commissioners and 73 Members of EU Parliament Owned by Soros


___di  Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio per VT Italia

The plutarch George Soros, the Hungarian-American magnate of Zionist origins, can celebrate the appointment of his Italian “friend” Paolo Gentiloni as European Commissioner for Economic Affairs: a role that will prove to be strategic in future financial maneuvers in Italy both for the current yellow-red government M5S-PD both for a possible future coalition resulting in successive early elections.

And he may well be pleased that German President Ursula Von der Leyen has chosen as Commissioners three other politicians who appeared on the famous list of friendly MEPs. Some of them, like many of the Brussels parliamentarians, are supporters of that “no gender” theory as dear to the financier as the support to NGOs for indiscriminate immigration.

A recent close encounter between European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen and financiers George Soros and Nicolas Berggruennel

In recent months, the American billionaire had had to suffer a small defeat in the European Parliament. The revival of the Populist and Sovereign movements in the May 2019 elections had effectively reduced the number of politicians considered reliable and filed on behalf of its known Foundation by two thirds. A blow sharpened by the lack of re-election of Renate Weber, former president of the Open Society in Romania.



Of the 226 members of the European Parliament of the previous legislature (2014-2019) that the research carried out by the Kumquat Consult of Brussels, on behalf of the Open Society European Policy Institute of Soros, considered “proven or probable allies of the Open Society” were reconfirmed only 73 ( see New Soros List at the bottom of the page – source 1 ).

This shows that the well-known political influence of the Hungarian magnate, supporter of the New World Order conceived by the Illuminati of Bavaria based on Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s inspiration , is creaking before the “open sources” that reveal all the intrigues in real time . But it remains powerful thanks to a cross-party group of MEPs from different sides (especially leftists like S&D, Greens / EFA, GUE / NGL, but also of the Alde center and EPP center-right) which represents 10% of the 748 elected parliamentarians in Brussels.

That 177-page dossier had aroused indignation throughout Europe (2) where it had been reported in preview by journalist Marcello Foa, before he became president of the Cda RAI, enough to trigger even the threat of complaints from the Democratic Party who had as many as 13 MEPs on the list.

The recent elections have precisely cut off the PD that lost to Brussels prominent members such as the former trade unionist Sergio Cofferati, the former minister Cecile Kienge but also Daniele Viotti, co-president of the Lgbt europarlmentare intergroup. Not even the left-wing journalist Barbara Spinelli, independent of the Tsipras list, pugnacious antiberlusconiana from the columns of La Repubblica and already present at the Bilderberg meetings, was re-elected.

The Italian MEPs considered close to the Open Society by the Kumquat study from 14 are thus left with only 3: Brando Benifei, Andrea Cozzolino and Roberto Gualtieri, finished in the spotlight in those days after his appointment as Minister of Economy.

The historian Roberto Gualtieri, Minister of Economy of the Conte Bis Government supported by 5Stelle and Democratic Party

It is not difficult to argue that Soros’s “henchmen” will already be at work to identify and approach new MEPs from the current legislature. And in the games of power it should not be forgotten that the Italy of the Conte Bis, strong of the Democratic Party alliance and 5 Star, even before obtaining a majority, in recent days proposed the candidacy of the former premier Renziano Paolo Gentiloni as European commissioner. The appointment was immediately accepted by the president elected by the European Parliament, Ursula von der Leyen, who today, Tuesday 10 September, revealed the attributions of the portfolios of EU commissioners who will have the almost foregone approval of the Brussels assembly at a press conference.


«Paolo Gentiloni has been appointed commissioner for EU economic affairs. It is the first time that an Italian gets the responsibility for the EcFin package. The indication will now have to be validated by the European Parliament, which in the coming weeks will start the hearings of all the commissioners appointed by the German leader »writes ANSA (3) which then reports the statements of the former Italian premier.

“I thank President Ursula Von der Leyen for the assignment she gave me in the new commission. I will work first of all to contribute to the relaunch of growth and its social and environmental sustainability in a major role at a crucial moment for the future of the European economy “, said the Italian politician.

The two former premieres Paolo Gentiloni and Matteo Renzi

The Dutchman Frans Timmermans was appointed as executive vice president of the EU Commission for the Green Pact with delegation to the Climate; the Danish Margrethe Vestager is executive vice president for Digital, with responsibility for Competition. The Latvian Valdis Dombrovskis will return to be vice-president for European economic policies, delegated to financial services and will work closely with Commissioner Gentiloni, while Vice-President Maros Sefcovic (Slovakia) will deal with institutional relations and planning;

The French Sylvie Goulard Commissioner for Industry, Defense and Space; the Finnish company Jutta Urpilainen to international partnerships; the Greek Margaritis Schinas, vice president will go to Security with delegation to migration; Slovenian Janez Lenarcic will deal with crisis management. Irishman Phil Hogan will be in charge of Commerce, while Austrian Johannes Hahn will have the budget delegation.

The list is completed: Věra Jourová (Czech Republic) will be vice president with responsibility for values ​​and transparency; Justice to Didier Reynders (Belgium); Innovation and youth at Mariya Gabriel (Bulgaria); Democracy and demography in Dubravka Suica (Croatia) who will also be vice-president; Salute to Stella Kyriakides (Cyprus); Energy to Kadri Simson (Estonia); Neighborhood and Enlargement in Laszlo Trocsányi (Hungary); Environment and oceans to Virginijus Sinkievičius (Lithuania); I work for Nicolas Schmit (Luxembourg); Equality to Helena Dalli (Malta); Agriculture to Janusz Wojciechowski (Poland); Cohesion and reforms to Elisa Ferreira (Portugal); Transportation in Rovana Plumb (Romania); crisis management to Janez Lenarcic (Slovenia); Internal Affairs at Ylva Johansson (Sweden). Josep Borrell (Spain) appointed by the European Council High Representative of the EU.

The card of the Portuguese Elisa Ferreira in the Soros List

Some of the Commissioners were among the MEPs of the famous Soros List: the Bulgarian MEP re-elected Mariya Gabriel, a teacher working on civil liberties and gender equality, the French Sylvie Goulard, a professor of the College of Europe, a European thinker and founder of the think-tank Spinelli Group, already influential MEP on economic and monetary policies, and the Portuguese Elisa Ferreira, a university professor registered by the Open Society for the same interests of her colleague and both are no longer members of the European Parliament in May 2019.

The governor of the Bank of France, Sylvie Goulard, “dolphin” of President Emmanuel Macron

Goulard had joined the En Marche movement! in 2016. She was appointed Minister of Defense on 17 May 2017, in the First Government of Edouard Philippe, resigning one month later, on 20 June 2017, following the investigation into the alleged abuse of payments to assistants of the European Parliament. On 17 January 2018 she was appointed deputy governor of the Bank of France, replacing Anne Le Lorier.


Gentiloni, former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Renzi government (2014-2016), was later indicated by the former prime minister and former secretary of the Democratic Party Matteo Renzi as his successor in the fourth Left government (after Monti, Letta, Renzi) supported by a significant majority also supported by center-right members in difficulty due to serious judicial investigations such as former Senator Denis Verdini (ALA), then sentenced on September 13, 2018 by the Court of Florence to 5 years imprisonment with perpetual interdiction from public offices for fraudulent bankruptcy in the investigation into the failure of the Toscana Edizioni Company.

Gentiloni was appointed prime minister by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, former deputy of his own PD group, and on 3 May 2017 he received at Palazzo Chigi, seat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the financier Soros for an official meeting that was reserved for the contents to raise a hornet of controversy.

The meeting between the former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni of the Democratic Party and the financier George Soros in May 2017 at Palazzo Chigi

“George Soros, billionaire thanks to financial speculation on the skin of citizens like that of ’92 against Italy which caused a loss of 30% of the value of the lira and a currency loss of 48 billion dollars, yesterday was welcomed with all honors from the President of the Gentiloni Council. In spite of transparency, a duty in its role as an institution, the premier held the hidden meeting: Palazzo Chigi did not release any communiqué either before or after the meeting and the story became public knowledge thanks to a news agency ». On 4 May he wrote Beppe Grillo in a post on his blog as reported by Adnkronos (4).

Beppe Grillo on the stage of Italia 5 Stelle at the Circus Maximus, Rome, 21 October 2018

«In what capacity – asks the leader M5S – Gentiloni met Soros and in what capacity was Soros received by Gentiloni? If he acted as prime minister why did he keep it hidden? Are they friends and have only seen each other for tea? Hard to believe and to accept that the President of the Council is dedicated to moments of leisure while around him there is a country in pieces. Has the billionaire warned you that another speculation is in sight? Do you want to buy some Italian jewelery that has not yet gone into foreign hands at ridiculous prices? Have you complained about the investigation by the prosecutor Zuccaro about the NGOs that would act as Mediterranean taxis and that are financed with millions of dollars each year by Soros himself? Did you ask to intervene to stop the investigation? And she instead: asked you about the damage done to Italy 25 years ago? Did you ask about the activity of the NGOs you financed in the Mediterranean? President Paolo Gentiloni Silveri, nobleman of Filottrano, Cingoli and Macerata, you must give an account to the people of your actions. He can come down from the pedestal and tell us all the truth about his meeting with Soros ».

Gentiloni did not realize his actions, but in recent days he was indicated as a candidate for the European Commission by the alliance M5S and PD strongly desired by the same Grillo which has therefore become “turncoat” probably because he will have had ample assurances from the former prime minister himself – or from Soros – privately…

The fact remains that Gentiloni, after the nearly granted approval of the European Parliament, will be the new Commissioner for Economic Affairs of the EU and will take on the task, like the entire executive, on 1 November 2019, under the macabre moon of Halloween night which has now made the ever-pagan Europe forget the Christian recurrence of All Saints.


If it is therefore true that the MEPs devoted to the globalist financier have not only halved but reduced to 1/3, it is nonetheless ascertained that leading figures such as the Belgian Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the ALDE centrists, remain in the political arena of Brussels the ALDE Liberal Democratic Alliance, one of the leading names in the Open Society European Policy Institute.

Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, Alde group leader in the European Parliament

We have already said and written in previous articles of the Italian Europeanist Roberto Gualtieri, who became Minister of the Economy in the Conte Bis government, despite his academic education not as an economist but as a historian.

Added to these are the Austrian trade unionist Evelyn Regner, an activist of Amnesty International, the Croatian sociologist Tonino Picula, both of the S&D Social Democrats, but also Martina Dkabajova, a member of the ALDE in the Czech Republic where she was president of the Zin Chamber of Commerce and also of the local Rotary section. Frenchman Yannick Jadot was confirmed, who had gained Soros’s attention as French director of Greenpeace, like the Finnish Sirpa Pietikainen, a former Minister of the Environment and described as “interested in LGBT problems; gender equality; sexual and reproductive health rights; environmental problems; public health; and consumer protection “from the Kumquat dossier.

Former Finnish minister Sirpa Pietikäinen, reappointed at the European Parliament

In Germany, Sven Giegold, founder of the anti-globalization NGO Attac, was re-elected, while not in Greece, Dimitrios Papadimoulis, former vice-president of the European Parliament, was re-elected, and in Lithuania Petras Austrevicius, former ambassador to Finland, and in Luxembourg the former minister Charles Goerens. Among the MEPs already included in the Soros List is the journalist Miriam Dalli from Malta to return to the European Parliament while in Holland the trade unionist Agnes Jogerius stands out, and in Poland Roza Thun Hoestein, president of the Robert Schuman Foundation. Among the reconfirmations also the Romanian Corina Cretu, portavove of the former president of Romania Ion Iliescu, the Spanish lawyer Izaskun Bilbao Barandica and the Swedish politics Malin Bjorg, member of the European Women’s Lobby.

Former IRA terrorist Martina Anderson during a symbolic demonstration of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

In the United Kingdom, pending developments on Brexit, MEPs such as Jude Kirton-Darling, secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation, Claude Moraes, director of the Council for Assistance to Immigrants, and the famous Irish Martina Ardenson filed with the Soros List as an activist of the clandestine military organization Ira (Irish Republican Army): twice arrested she was condemned for causing an explosion and for other attacks projects, she was released from prison in 1998 under the so-called Friday Agreement Holy.

Although the trusted EU parliamentarians of the so-called “Soros list” have been reduced to 73, the Open Society European Policy Institute can therefore count on very influential politicians. Added to these are the three commissioners and the former Italian premier Gentiloni who never even tried to hide his closeness to the Hungarian magnate, even going so far as to receive him at Palazzo Chigi. If and how the Zionist finance will use them we will find out only in the coming months …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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