Meet CNN’s Zionist Character Assassin Andrew Kaczynski

The "Ziobomber" Libeled Three Loyal Americans in Two Days—Will He Get a Paycheck from Tel Aviv?


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Have you ever said or written anything that pro-Israel fanatics like Andrew Kaczynsky don’t like? Then be afraid—be very afraid.

Kaczynski (no relation to the far smarter and more ethical Ted) is a hired killer working on behalf of the state of Israel. He doesn’t kill people physically. Instead, he destroys their reputations.

If Ted Kaczynski was the Unabomber, Andrew Kaczynsky is the Ziobomber. He is a terrorist hired to spread paralyzing fear among Americans who might otherwise stand up for their own nation’s interests against Israel’s.

During the past two days, Kaczynsky has published two long CNN hit pieces aimed at smearing people who once, many years ago, said something Israel and its agents and assets would prefer not be said. These hit pieces are textbook cases of Goebbels-style propaganda.

Hit Piece #1: Marianne Williamson entertained 9/11 conspiracy theories in 2012 interview


Hit Piece #2: GOP Senate candidate Jason Lewis said Republicans have ‘dual loyalties’ to Israel, ‘Jewish lobby’ controls the party

If Andrew Kaczynski isn’t taking a paycheck from Tel Aviv, he is getting ripped off…like the other tens of thousands of sayanim out there whoring free for Mossad.

Why do Americans tolerate having their media dominated by people loyal to a hostile foreign power?


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    While an American democrat – find close to word ‘dodo’ in dictionary, in Israel would get short shrift for any disparaging remarks against Zionist apparatchiks of that state it appears any Bolshevik is welcome with open arms and open checkbooks to fling dirt at any and all anti-Communists among ‘the last of the free’. I thought to write ‘land-of-the-free’ but surely – my subconscious says, that is a misnomer now. Even the country is run from afar – the heart of Bolshevik land, that Zionist beachhead in the Middle East. The army we need is far-flung too – Near East to the Far East, to placate the jittery lawmakers and law breakers keeping us in the US in thrall to Satan. Oh for the uplifting tramp-tramp of a soldiers’ march stomping to the martial airs of Sousa than put up any longer with the void of the vampires – drying the very marrow from the bone, and grinding the country into dust.

    And as for Kaczynsky – the turd, the sound and sense of that opening syllable in Kaczynsky – pronounced – it is and ever will be, as CACK! He is a bum living up to his name: –

    History and Etymology for cack “…Middle English cakken, from Latin cacare; akin to Greek kakkan to void excrement, Middle Irish cacc dung, and perhaps to Greek kakos bad.” As for the final two syllables – they I imagine from the huge effect of the CACK – to be nothing more that the resultant, insufferable stench. Ad hominem – you betcha!

  2. America is broke fiscally and morally. How can our government run this massive debt while giving free money to leaches in Israel? Most States cannot operate on deficit spending. All money from our federal government to all foreign countries must end immediately. Taxes must be raised, especially on the billionaires, to pay the debt off in no more than ten years. Running this massive debt is insanity. Congress is supposed to approve spending but they have abdicated on that and almost every other responsibility. They are nothing but prostitutes taking bribes from Israel and if that fails they are threatened or more with threats of harm to family etc. Please whores in Congress do us all a favor and resign today immediately. You should all be sitting inside a prison cell. You are worse than the worst criminals in America. Shame on all you gutless cowards on the take. You have betrayed everything our Constitution once stood for. All should look in a mirror and spit and watch the spit run down your cowardly faces.

    • The way to deal with the national debt is to declare all money “owed” to those bankers who created it out of thin air as “odious debt” that they cannot collect on. Or since the government still controls the mint, make a few $100 Billion dollar coins out of zinc to pay off the central bankers – good luck in getting change for one of those.

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