Caught: Trump Full Treason Exposed by Intel Whistleblower, this is not a joke

The whistleblowing process Congress set up for the intelligence community has been used up to 20 times a year, according to official reports. But never like the Trump complaint.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to voters on February 17, 2016 in Bluffton, South Carolina. Trump addressed the Sun City Republicans with three days remaining before the South Carolina Republican primary. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The facts show not only criminal acts by Trump but that Barr as Attorney General and others are now fully engaged in a criminal coverup that involves Attorney General Barr in an act of treason against the United States if allegations, which have already been judged both of substance and well documented, move toward the required judicial process.

An intelligence whistleblower, acting within the law, has brought before congress evidence that President Trump made an “offer of service” to a foreign leader, specifically to act as an agent or representative of said government, misusing his power as Commander in Chief to employ the armed forces of the United States for personal gain. This is how it began:

A second accusation says that Trump withheld $250m in aid to Ukraine because they refused to fake evidence Trump could use to get Joseph Biden to drop out of the presidential race. The Washington Post carries this story:

To be clear, this does not involve a diplomatic negotiation involving a potential agreement between the US and a foreign nation but rather a personal offer that goes way beyond violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Of course, Donald is fighting back, using the tricks he learned from his very very very close friend, mob boss Roy Cohn (left in photo, Trump on right “in drag”)

It involves not just emoluments, payments from a foreign leader, but also the “rental” of the powers of the American presidency.

We are told the report involves Trump and the Ukraine, but our sources say it is Saudi Arabia.

Max Boot of the Washington Post reports the following:

On Wednesday, The Post reported that an intelligence community whistleblower had lodged a report alleging that Trump had made an improper “promise” to a foreign leader. This complaint was considered so troubling by a Trump-appointed inspector general that he asked that the acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, immediately forward the complaint to Congress, but Maguire refused to do so, reportedly on the advice of William Barr’s Justice Department. Then on Thursday night, The Post reported that the complaint centers on Ukraine.

We don’t know yet precisely what this means. But the most likely explanation is that this is a reference to a July 25 call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

It is no secret that Trump and his attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, have been pressuring Ukraine to open a corruption investigation into Democratic front-runner Joe Biden. Their contention is that Biden, as vice president, encouraged the firing of Ukraine’s top prosecutor because he was probing a company that employed Biden’s son. Numerous journalists have shown that this accusation is bogus. The prosecutor was notoriously lax in pursuing corruption cases. So rather than fomenting corruption, Biden was fighting it. Trump and Giuliani have been acting in a highly improper fashion to induce a foreign government to lie on Trump’s behalf.

How improper? On Sept. 5, The Post’s editorial page reported that Trump had put a hold on $250 million in U.S. military aid to Ukraine to force Zelensky to launch a probe of Biden. Several congressional committees are now investigating this explosive accusation for which there is considerable circumstantial evidence.

Kiev’s own readout of the call between Zelensky and Trump says that Trump urged Ukraine to “complete investigation of corruption cases, which inhibited the interaction between Ukraine and the USA.”

Vice President Pence, who recently met with Zelensky, was asked by a reporter  whether they discussed Biden and whether he could offer assurances that the hold-up of funds to Ukraine “has absolutely nothing to do with efforts … to dig up dirt on the Biden family.” Pence denied that Biden was discussed, but pointedly would not deny that the administration had stopped the funds to spur an investigation.

Oddly enough, just as Congress began looking into these allegations last week, the White House finally released its hold on the $250 million for Ukraine.

Editor’s note:  What we are told; that this wasn’t only the deal to blackmail Zelensky to fake evidence on Biden but something far worse. Our sources say Trump cut a deal with a foreign leader (Saudi Arabia) to attack Iran based on personal financial dealings and a guarantee of Saudi Arabia financing Trump’s re-election campaign.

If there is any substance to the official allegations now before congress, the continuation of the Trump/Pence administration threatens American sovereignty as outlined specifically in the constitution. There is no legal protection against arrest in such a case.

The charge being discussed here is treason.  The punishment, execution.

When Congress first put together a whistleblower process for employees of the intelligence community, lawmakers probably didn’t expect that it would be used to report potential misconduct by the president, but here we are.

There’s a complaint by someone in the intelligence community that President Trump made some inappropriate promise to a foreign leader over a series of communications. So just how bizarre is this scenario and how is the whistleblower process supposed to work?

Welcome to Rabbit Hole. 

Untrodden territory: The whistleblowing process to report intelligence community employee concerns to Congress is used anywhere from four to 20 times a year, according to official reports. From what little we can tell from those reports, the intelligence community has never faced an issue remotely like the one raised by a complaint against Trump. The complaint, first filed on Aug. 12, reportedly involves Trump’s conversations with an unnamed foreign leader about Ukraine, according to The Washington Post.”

It began two days ago with this:

“A whistleblower complaint that has caused a standoff between Congress and the U.S. intelligence community reportedly involves President Trump and a foreign leader, The Washington Post reports. The communications also reportedly involve a “promise” that an intelligence official found concerning enough to file a formal whistleblower complaint with intel’s inspector general. It’s reportedly not clear who the foreign leader involved in the interaction was.

Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson determined the complaint to be credible and troubling enough to alert the congressional oversight committees. However, Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Joseph Maguire did not transmit the complaint to Congress within seven days—as required by law—after reportedly seeking legal guidance from Justice Department officials. Atkinson notified the House and Senate intelligence committees about the complaint instead, without revealing its substance.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has since demanded the full complaint be disclosed, but Maguire reportedly argued the complaint was outside of his jurisdiction. Recent communications between the offices of the DNI and House Intel reportedly pointed to the White House without directly implicating Trump and disclosed the complaint “involves confidential and potentially privileged communications.” Atkinson is scheduled to appear before House Intel on Thursday in a closed session, and Maguire agreed to testify before the committee next week. The White House, the Office of the DNI, and a lawyer representing the whistleblower have not commented on the matter.”

read more at Daily Beast and Washington Post


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  1. wjabbe, the entire Congress… Except Barbara Lee… Voted yes to invade Afghanistan, and give war power to POTUS. Dereliction.

  2. BS we have a tape up on zerohedge where Biden at a CFR meeting actually says get that prosecutor FIRED or your not getting any aid…..Nice try you whiteshoeboy banking buddies but, this time you are dead wrong.

  3. The whole government is rotten, from your city council to the president. Every level and station has been subverted and bastardized. It would take a major upheaval to get rid of it all, and the promise of public execution to those who abuse their position even in the slightest way.
    Once no one gets rich, and has to answer to their constituents, perhaps it may get better.

  4. Yup, Congress & Senate, bribed, blackmailed and threatened to serve Israeli interests.
    And President Trump declared Himself to be the Best Friend of Israeli interests.
    And the whole USA has mandated the Talmudic Noahide code as the religion for America & the world.

  5. I agree with Gall. The entire Congress of 535 whores for Israel, along with Bush, Cheney and most of the general officers of the corrupt military are overdue for charges of Treason for their part in the 9/11/01 con on
    America and its cover up. All belong in a jail cell for life or more. These criminals have gang raped the Constitution and succeeded. What a disgrace.

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