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[ Editor’s Note: As sailboats tack with the wind and its changes, so we see the Trump administration acting, which is a good thing in this case. If the Houthis really did this attack, I would suspect some sane military people would explain to Trump and Pompeo what Iran could do if attacked.

More hits on oil facilities would trigger a form of economic sanctions on all those currently sitting back, thinking this crazy unipolar mania does not concern them. They would think differently when oil prices shoot up when loading platforms are struck in the Gulf.

Iran does not need to strike refineries, as that is overkill; they would merely strike the transport and loading facilities along the coast to block oil exports.

But there is a silver lining here, which is getting lost in the smoke and mirrors, and that is getting a ceasefire called on the Yemen war and beginning direct negotiations. Maybe the Saudis are looking back now on their Yemen war as a really dumb thing, just to have a puppet in place.

That said, this could be a fake move to ease Iran’s worries, while meticulous preparation is being made for a major strike. And who knows, Iran might be saved by Yemen launching a new attack just to prove that, yes, it was them. All will be known in time Jim W. Dean ]

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Will the Gulf States go up in flames?

– First published … September 20, 2019

US President Donald Trump does not want war with Iran and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has changed his tone accordingly, a former American Senate foreign policy analyst has said.

Pompeo has said the United States prefers a peaceful resolution to the crisis sparked by the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s state-run oil company.

“We’d like a peaceful resolution,” Pompeo said on Thursday in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.”I hope the Islamic Republic of Iran sees it the same way,” he told reporters.

Pompeo dialed back war rhetoric against Iran after Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif raised the prospect of “all-out war” if the United States carried out a possible military strike against the country.

Asked by CNN what the consequence of a US or Saudi military strike on Iran would be, Zarif said: “All-out war.”

“We won’t blink to defend our territory,” Iran’s foreign minister emphasized.

PressTV-Pompeo dials back war rhetoric against Iran

Speaking to Press TV on Friday, James Jatras, a former Senate foreign policy adviser in Washington, said, “It has been noticed that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s tone regarding Saudi Arabia, Iran and the crisis in the last week or so has changed somewhat.

He’s been quite militant at the beginning regarding the need for military action against Iran. It seems clear that President Trump does not want to do that, and that Secretary Pompeo has changed his tone accordingly.”

“I suspect that this is not something that Mr. Pompeo wants but he feels that this is what his boss wants and the options regarding military action by the United States against Iran are not at all appetizing from Washington’s point of view, and that they’re looking for some other way to resolve the crisis. It’s still very uncertain at this time but the fact that Mr. Pompeo had to back down rhetorically is a positive indication I believe,” he added.


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  1. It is widely believed that Trump is doing more to damage America’s credibility than any enemy could possibly have achieved. The damage done is not repairable.

    If Trump does manage to get re-elected in 2020 despite US corporations who are sick of paying tariffs on Chinese goods, Mid west farmers who have lost the sales of crops, economists and central bankers who are thinking of buying Twitter so they can SHUT IT DOWN and all foreign government especially America’s closest western allies doing everything they can to stop it happening, then Trump will die of ‘natural causes’ in a very quick and questionable fashion.

  2. Just sent this question to the Aussie Prime Minister
    Subject: The most obvious question of all – How will Australia deal with a false flag attack that sinks our military ship?
    Dear PM,

    The number one pub talk question is – How is Australia going to deal with an Israeli or Saudi false flag attack that sinks our military ship while it is patrolling the Straits of Hormuz?

    And please don’t tell me that Israel and the Saudis are our friend who cares about us and would never do this. First, read a history book, the Suez Canal attack involving the UK and France in 1956 should be a good starting point 🙂 Surely there is a military historian in Canberra who can fill you in on the many others.

    False Flags are a favourite and hugely obvious way to kick off a war. Losing a military ship would be embarrassing especially if we want to just shrug our shoulders and say we are not going to war with Iran, who will obviously be accused of the attack, the second it happens. The Americans make every event fit their strategy.

    Obviously, our government should have discussed scenarios involved our patrolling the Straits of Hormuz – including the most obvious one which I am asking. And yes, the Israelis do have nuclear armed submarines, I think they brought them from Germany.

    Maybe we are agreeing to send our military ship to the Straits of Hormuz so it will be sunk.

    • In the Trump/Morrison presentation to the media yesterday, Morrison said going to war with Iran was a moot point. Apparently Trump and Morrison did not discuss it – What the F^%K did they talk about?

      Got to love America – Scott Morrison Australia’s PM wanted to include Hillsong pastor Brian Houston to be part of his delegation to the United States but was rebuffed by the Trump administration.

      The Australian government put forward Mr Houston as an attendee for the official state dinner at the White House but gave up after the Americans “vetoed” the invitation during negotiations, Hillsong and Mr Houston were censured by the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse for their response to abuse by his father, Frank Houston.

      The commissioners found that the younger Mr Houston and the church’s senior leadership had failed a victim by not reporting abuse to the police.

  3. yes..very good !!
    wonder how things will pan out with israel, now that netanyahu realises how much the world hates him?

  4. Just think of all the human suffering and death all over the planet the criminals in the U.S. have causes led by thugs in Israel. The U.S. desperately needs a real lesson on its own turf, not a fake one like 9/11/01 paid for by corrupt insurance. Such a lesson might be just one city turned into ashes like the U.S. has been doing in Viet Nam, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq,…you get the drill. This is the only kind of language these corrupt fools might understand. Would such a lesson wake American fools up? Probably not.

    • Remember what that thug Truman did to the people of Japan in Nagasaki and Hiroshima? This terror act was done deliberately AFTER the war was basically over. It was totally unnecessary. It is amazing the outlaws running the U.S. have any friends anywhere.

  5. “Light dawns on Marblehead” as they say in Boston. A light at the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train. BTW, dear gentlemen and esteemed colleagues: when attempting to send “VeteransToday.com” in a Fb comment, my message was completely blocked because it “…violated Fb’s community standards.” So now these glib bastards claim to have “standards.” If so, those ‘standards’ are rooted in Evil.

    • To overcome the ridiculous FB blocking of VT what I do is copy the link article. Past it in any text editor (word, notepad, or anything where you can edit text and copy it) I then remove the www. part, change the .com part to ‘dotcom, and then leave everything else as is. People with smarts will work out to replace the ‘dotcom’ to .com. by doing this FB doesnt detect a link to VT. That said it may one day ban the word veteranstoday. It’s a work around that works for me so I can post VT articles on FB but unfortunatly it doesn’t offer a direct link but at least those who are interested will be bothered to add in the correct address format.

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