Now It’s Our Turn, Trump Guts VA Care


The Donald recently wrote 3 executive orders intended to save the VA $49 million a year but gutting union agreements at VA facilities.

To begin with, in Los Angeles alone, the VA has misplaced over $200m per year in revenue, giving sweetheart deals to big GOP donors who want to use VA land, VA buildings and block VA programs that put unwanted disabled veterans too close to fatcat neighborhoods.

Around the nation, this waste comes to over $2b.  The VA is a massive boondoggle of death panels, 3rd world health care and employee tyranny.  Working for the VA is worse than being in prison.

Every third VA employee is a snitch, often with fake medical licenses, felony convictions and psychiatric problems.  The VA hunts them out and hires them to create chaos.  Chaos allows theft and the VA is all about theft.

The deal now, get rid of the unions.  Problem is, whatever the many ignorant out there think unions do, all that VA patients have to protect them from abuse and neglect is the unions.  Patient advocates, as they are called, listen to complaints which they universally bury or retaliate against.  No sane vet ever speaks up about abuse, including and up to murder and rape, things that are very common at VA facilities.

Denial of treatment is the standard.  Being abused or denied care is as good as it gets.

The unions were all that stood between the armies of snitches and quacks and the poor abused vets.

Trump is removing that last safetyguard while the VA touts this as a huge win for vets.

Where things are?  Shut it all down.  Turn vets over to Medicare, which most turn to at 65 anyway, medicare is far better than VA treatment even for POWs and 100% disabled vets.

Oh, you didn’t know there were 8 categories for vets.  If you are in the wrong category, too low a disability rating, too old, a diabetic or combat related amputee, you don’t qualify for high cost drugs and certain treatments as you are listed as having too short a life expectancy.

Let’s look at dental, which is only for 100% disabled, a small group.  If you have Agent Orange symptoms, you only qualify for fillings and extractions because you are considered dead already.

Otherwise…root canals, bridges, implants…if you are among the lucky 3% of the 5%, math very few vets survive.

And none of these rules are published….


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  1. Why have Veterans not been permitted to go to local emergency rooms and local hospitals or regional hospitals as a starter? I have never understood why they are forced to the totally corrupt
    VA. This good article explains it all. Again whores in Congress are the main problem here as with virtually everything no?
    Both corrupt political parties must be abolished and replaced. Remember who said, “We must clean out the barn in D.C.”! They even attacked his family too. Our government is lower than the worst monster on the planet. What happened to all the great reports from the Veteran in LA?
    All the hot air and nothing was changed was it because of the billionaires living around UCLA. VT should attack those corrupt folks running my alma mater the University of California. They are responsible for this corrupt treatment of the Vets in LA. No one should join the totally corrupt expletive deleted U.S. Military today. How did the four star generals do “defending” on 9/11/01? Any fool could see they stood down like the cowards they really are. Today they are retired on lavish undeserved pensions. Boycott the whole corrupt U.S. military monster.

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