Snowjob! “More than 700 ISIS ‘Supporters’ Have Escaped from Syrian Camp Amid Heavy Fighting



The Daily Beast article below, from Sunday Ocober 13, 2019, is “fake news.”  These are leaders of the “Syrian National Army” which is ISIS, which Turkey is reinserting inside Syria as part of their program of ethnically cleansing Northern Syria of Kurds and again stealing everything that isn’t nailed down.

Turkey did the same in 2014-2016, stealing entire factories, robbing Syria of its industrial heart and natural wealth under the guise of “ISIS.”  Everything ISIS stole from Syria and Iraq was split with Turkey and members of the ruling family according to Syrian officials I interviewed.

There were to sets of “escapes” thus far, some released by the US as part of an agreement with Turkey at the outset of the Turkish invasion, ISIS commanders who were also Turkish military intelligence officers and now those actually held by the Kurds, who Turkey has broken out and is using to rebuild ISIS.  The fake version below:

More Than 700 ISIS Supporters Have Escaped Syrian Camp Amid Heavy Fighting

Stoyan Nenov/Reuters


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  1. bullshit. how can they “escape”? “shelling”? yea they would be dead then not “escaped”. pkk terrorists released them for propaganda purposes against the turks. you would have to be an idiot to think you can just steal industrial factories or that anyone would want to in the first place. why would turkey steal shitty, outdated machinery when they can just buy modern ones or make their own? shame on vt for lying.

  2. Pretty Soon , When these ISIS Imposter Cowards Slowly infiltrate back into Europe then I’d say Chicken Have Come Home to roost …….. Yes IF Your Federal Govt been secretly Supporting these all the While so of course Eventually You too will pay the Price ……… ISIS must be stopped dead in tracks at the ealiest but already there are reports of ISIS operating tortureously in Athens Refugee Camps ……. wake up …. it’s coming home …..

  3. It’s Snowing in Sweden — so early in the season too! That means: SNOW JOBS for all — SWEDEN NOW HIRING!!

    ISIS supporters have “escaped” . . . oh please. Since we live in such a transparent world . . . they’ve been seen getting on buses heading to STOCKHOLM. Once disembarked, they will be re-united — and it feels so good — with their Kurdish re-located family members, who were shuffled off to Sweden earlier in a full Monty circle jerk of Zionist ironical snow jobs: PROTESTING.

    People do realize that there is a phenom actually TERMED in Psychology and other psy ops, mind control crap.: STOCKHOLM SYNDROME

    Those Zionists in Stockholm, and there’s a ton of them . . . Zio-Think Tanks which develop the next fun filled toy . . . *Half-Baked News*

    Speaking of half-baked snooze products the Swedes are rearing up, and bringing to life: ‘Lil Pippi Long Stock(holm)ing, of the Epstain Kind.

    Esptain’s gone but what about all his ‘Lil Lolitas — and the half-baked parents they are financially supporting? Have to go solo and become creative in their Honey Boo Boo Traps, I guess. It’s a blessing the latest Pippi Greta Stock(holm) has show-biz pimps, err, I mean . . . parents to help her on the path.

    First it was fake, now it’s half-baked. Still delicious, the pablum pacifier.

    Greta Garbo was a nice export. Now we get a twitchy little twerp?!?

    Where, oh, where did ISIS (Kurd) supporters go? Try looking UNDER the Swedish Välkommen mat, which Zion tossed under the bus

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