“Americans Will Respawn al Baghdadi” Assad Says US Faked Baghdadi Like bin Laden (proven)

Take any words from US politicians with a grain of salt, Syria’s Bashar Assad has urged, as he cast doubt on the story of the Islamic State leader being killed in US a raid, and compared it to the shady killing of Osama Bin Laden.

The widely publicized US special forces raid that allegedly killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group, left more questions than answers and it should not be taken at the face value, the Syrian President cautioned, during a lengthy interview with state media on Thursday.

Damascus did not participate in the raid by any means, Assad stated, adding that he’d learned about the claim only through media reports. Adding imaginary participants into the operation is likely supposed to give it credibility, he added, while countries on such a list would likely be flattered to be a “part of a ‘great’ operation.”

We do not need such credit. We are the ones fighting terrorism.  We have no relations and have had no contact with any American institutions.

Russian MoD doubts Trump’s announcement of killing ISIS chief al-Baghdadi, rejects claims it assisted US forces in opRussian MoD doubts Trump’s announcement of killing ISIS chief al-Baghdadi, rejects claims it assisted US forces in op

Washington’s loud praise of its own actions, a picture of the ‘hero dog’ that took part in the raid and footage purportedly of the aerial strikes have not convinced Assad if it “actually took place or not.” Moreover, he thought the whole affair suspiciously resembled the 2011 killing of another notorious terrorist – Al Qaeda’s head Osama Bin Laden.

“Why were the remains of Baghdadi not shown? This is the same scenario that was followed with Bin Laden. If they are going to use different pretexts in order not to show the remains, let us recall how [former Iraqi] President Saddam Hussein was captured and how the whole operation was shown from A to Z; they showed pictures and video clips after they captured him.”

The killing of Saddam’s sons was also well-documented and widely publicized, Assad went on to add, suggesting that the Americans “hide everything” about both the killing of bin Laden and that of al-Baghdadi for a reason.

This is part of the tricks played by the Americans. That is why we should not believe everything they say unless they come up with evidence. American politicians are actually guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.

All in all, it’s unlikely that death of the IS leader – if he really was killed – and even the ultimate destruction of the terrorist group would change anything, Assad said. The root of the problem – the Wahhabi ideology that is “more than two centuries old” would not disappear at once. The radical Islamist thought and al-Baghdadi were merely US tools all along, Assad claimed, adding that those tools could easily be re-purposed elsewhere.

“I believe the whole thing regarding this operation is a trick. Baghdadi will be recreated under a different name, a different individual, or ISIS in its entirety might be reproduced as needed under a different name but with the same thought and the same purpose. The director of the whole scenario is the same, the Americans.”


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  1. Assad is simply the most powerful national leader of today. Not in terms of military power or influence, but power in terms of inner strength, conviction, understanding, fairness, ability to survive by playing the weak cards that was his deal, and clarity of mind and heart in the face of a relentless attack by the international community, the banksters and their jihadist proxy forces. Putin is a close second by coming to his aid. Most of the rest of the world is mired with weak and morally corrupt morons who are like flags in the wind.
    Assad’s assessment in this article is totally correct.

  2. Take a coin into your right hand and tell the public that you can press it into your left hand. Then tell the public now it is in your left hand w/o showing it. Then tell the public that you can magically press it back into your right hand and show them the coin. It is called fake or magic

  3. The nastiness with what the Western Media spread the false narrative and the false congratulations they receive from politicians sucking up to Washington for the same narrative are immense. How is this helping the American century, or US global domination? US are modern Goebbels nest, they will be tried one day like in Nuremberg, for overlooking atrocities. There is no excuse anymore for European (NATO) heads of states, they can play fooled about 9/11, but they can certainly play no fools on Syria, their fellow countrymen will judge them.

  4. Trump is a pathological liar from New York as documented for over 30 years by top investigative journalist the late Wayne Barrett. First Trump tried to bribe him, then he tried to threaten him. Nothing worked. Trump needed some undeserved glory so he cooked up this lie of killing an individual the U.S. has been working with all along. All lies. Virtually everything from the U.S. Government today, are lies reported by the Israeli lying media. After all America is now the United States of Israel thanks to 9/11/01, done by Bush, Cheney and Israel and the 535 bribed whores in Congress who passed the illegal Patriot Act following the false flag attack of 9/11/01`all sustained further by the lies of the meaningless investigative commission. Do not believe anything your lying U.S. government says. All four star generals also pathological liars too. How did they do “defending” the country on 9/11/01? Why no criticism of these traitors? They were obviously in on the lies of 9/11/01. Shame on them. Do not spit in their faces if you pass them but at least think of how satisfying this act would be. They are the lowest of the low in the U.S. of Israel today.

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