Up to 10k ISIS Prisoners Held by SDF Under US “Authority,” They Must be Released…Learn How and Why


    Why is the world finding this out now?  The answer is simple, the Americans left and the mess they left behind, dungeons filled with thousands of starving prisoners, reminiscent of the Nazi concentration camps, have finally come to light.

    The US kept all media out of Syria, hiding terror training camps, secret prisons and years of oil theft.  Now this problem is in our hands and it is time to do something with it before it is too late.

    One of the prime reasons for the restoration of Syrian sovereignty is for these thousands of prisoners, victims of a fake war, of fake ISIS, to be freed.

    At this time, the best course of action is that they be turned over to the Syrian government which, under former Minister of Justice, opened their courts and prisons to international inspection…nobody came but maybe me and, oh yes, Franklin Lamb.

    I am still alive.

    I understand the process, I have the contacts in Syria to do this and the effort requires some international oversight, which the US would block.

    The story is simply this.  When you meet these men, as you see in this film, they aren’t head chopping maniacs at all.  Many will never be returned home and it will be up to Syria to provide a home for them and the families many have.

    To do this, sanctions must end.

    Refugees must return, these men must be release…sorted, interviewed, there are some dangerous people here, but for the most part, they belong back to work, or in the Syrian Army but not in prison.

    They simply aren’t who propaganda says they are.  I know.

    We are dealing with a humanitarian disaster here and everyone that can be saved should be saved,  every farm made productive, every factory rebuilt, that which was stolen and carted off to Turkey must be found and returned, all stolen oil paid for, all childish sanctions ended and respect for law and human dignity returned.

    The Israeli-Saudi-CIA experiment in forming a nightmare nuclear terror state from the Indus to the Mediterranean must end.


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    1. Killing makes a stain on a man’s soul that mostly a lifetime doesn’t cover to remove. To be a Madeline albright, bush or hillary (there’s no difference in political team colours) that laughs off the deaths of half a million kids etc must take some practice in the art of evil. I’m constantly impressed in my travels how much people don’t want to destroy you for the differences but learn the similarities that humans have..

    2. As this scum of the earth, was created by the Americans and Israelis, send the miserable rabble back to their masters……………….yes a bad idea, as they will simply reappear in a years time, fed, re-trained and re-equipped to do their masters bidding again. I personally would put them to work in chain gangs, rebuilding Syria. No release for at least 20 years.

    3. Israel Lover Trump is basking in the Baghdadi story. Today a new diversion was promoted about how he is moving from NY to Florida and his rich friends. Trump has a mental block against unpleasant news like this article. He doesn’t want to be reminded of reality because he lives in a dream world of fake and lies. Trump has sold out just like the Traitorous Four Star Generals sold out on 9/11/01 and joined the enemy Bush, Cheney and criminals in Israel. The United States of Israel will do as it pleases in the world. Trump believes he will never be in a prison as described in this article. Throughout his life he has been totally above and outside of any law. He just says, “sue me”. He has unlimited money to pay unlimited lawyers to file endless lawsuit to prevent any final adjudication of any issue.

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