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– First published … November 11, 2019

In September, the Russian Defence Ministry underscored that the Kaliningrad region, a Russian exclave located between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, is fully protected “against any aggressive plans developed by US generals”.

The Chinese website Eastday.com has cited the country’s Major General Du Wenlong, a leading People’s Liberation Army (PLA) military strategist, as saying that in the event of a possible NATO-Russia conflict in the Baltic Sea region, the alliance would be able to seize the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad within two days.

According to Du, Kaliningrad is “not a big place”; it has an area of 15,000 square kilometres, and is located 1,000 kilometres away from Moscow, but “very close to the NATO countries”.

He suggested that Russia may quickly retaliate by launching strikes on several European capitals, in what Du warned may lead to a situation where “a large-scale operation will be triggered throughout Europe”. Russian officials have not commented on the Chinese website’s publication yet.

His comments come after Richard Hooker of the Jamestown Foundation, a US thinktank, claimed in a report that under a “hypothetical” scenario of a NATO armed conflict with Russia in the Baltic Sea region, the alliance should specifically focus on seizing the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad within at least two weeks.

“[…] It is imperative that 1) NATO forces overcome the Kaliningrad air-defence bastion within 14 days to bring the alliance’s airpower advantages into play; 2) in-place forces and rapidly arriving reinforcements hold out for 30 days; and 3) heavy reinforcements arrive in strength and enter the fight not later than 30 days after the commencement of hostilities. Today, NATO is not prepared to accomplish any of these objectives,” Hooker asserted.

At the same time, he did not elaborate on what could provoke the armed conflict, simply claiming that Moscow has plans pertaining to the Baltic region.

Kaliningrad Region Head Rejects Hooker Report

Anton Alikhanov, head of the Kaliningrad region, for his part, described Hooker’s report as “tabloid fiction”, adding that “he was tired of commenting on American nonsense”.

Hooker’s claims followed the Russian Defence Ministry stressing in a statement in September that “the capabilities of the air defence in the Kaliningrad Region on detecting, escorting and, if needed, guaranteed neutralisation of any airborne targets in its coverage zone, are well known to all NATO pilots that have ever approached Russia’s borders in the Baltics”.

The statement followed reports that the Pentagon is working on plans to potentially breach the region’s air defence.

The plan and relevant training were reported by the outlet Breaking Defence which quoted Commander of the US Air Forces in Europe and Africa, Gen. Jeffrey Lee Harrigian as saying that “if that would ever come to fruition, we’d be ready to execute”.

Commenting on the matter, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that all Russian regions are properly protected, while Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow sees the Pentagon’s “irresponsible” statements on developing a plan to breach the air defences of the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad as a threat.


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  1. Pro-Russian and et al…. Instead of taking Major General Du Wenlong hypothetical comment as a wake up call, you bashed someone that took an interest to study the overall geography of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. An out of the blue attack from all sides by NATO will have Kaliningrad overran within days. However, according to Major General Du Wenlong If and When NATO moves on Kaliningrad, expects Russian massive counteraction. A WW3 is of no ones interest.

  2. The days when wealthy was measured by farmland are long gone. West Germany would have been more prosperous had not so much money been poured into East Germany. East Germans would also have been better or and they would still have industry. By bringing in West Germany’s labour laws and wages, the industry of East Germany was destroyed. Converting the Mark on a one-for-one basis was entirely ridiculous.

    What used to be called East Prussia no longer has a German population. Anyway, 150 years ago, the Germans were in the cities and the peasants were not German. Scratching that particular scab is not a great idea.

  3. “Major General Du Wenlong, a leading People’s Liberation Army (PLA) military strategist, as saying that in the event of a possible NATO-Russia conflict in the Baltic Sea region, the alliance would be able to seize the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad within two days.”

    And whatever Maj. Gen. Wenlong is smoking . . . I’ll have some of that!! WOW. Talk about PIPE DREAMS while blowing smoke up one’s own arse.

    Who, in China, even gives a rat’s patoot about . . . Kaliningrad?


    Kaliningrad lost in two days to NATO. Let me know when to buy the popcorn and wait for the reply by post from Moscow. When what you think tanks, it proves illusional so the idea of think-tanks is counter-intuitive – irrational in other words. A get-together for dumb-asses to be paid for talking all out their rumps. Washington, God help us, is full of them.

    My response to any and all think-tanks is a ditty class of a rhyme close to a Limerick by Napoleon Blownapart.

    Vladimir the Russian can fight
    and his speed is faster than light
    Can go to Kaliningrad in a day – in a relative way
    and return on the previous night.

  5. Tell me: can these people be called smart? Do they even have a mind, or instead of the brains there is Coca-Cola splashing in the skull? Do they even realize what they are talking about?
    Well, there is no desire to comment more on this nonsense.
    My diagnosis: another pathetic idiot with an American passport.
    P.S. Thank you to the Chinese reporter for an objective assessment of the consequences of the attack on Kaliningrad.

    • @M.O.A.Bitches
      I never pay high attention to what talking heads say. I am simply outraged by the fact that they allow it themselves. These are adults, with epaulets and ranks, these are senators and people from power, public people. Have you ever heard an official statement from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation that it is necessary to attack and return Texas to Mexico? (eg). Or bring back Alaska. All this is nonsense. And serious people will not allow themselves this in statements. And because of the morons who write such articles about Kaliningrad (who needs it ?!) or the star generals of NATO who dream of war at night in nightmares – that’s because of such personalities people judge other people, the nation. I wanted to say that.

    • Andy, when you finnish that pipeline…. Ha Ha Ha; you’ll be sticking it where the sun don’t shine! Best to you. Don’t mess with the Bear. (You’ll get the claws!).

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