Blockbuster: Trump’s War Crime Pardons, “American Officers are Taught they are Above the Laws of Man and God,” Duff on Press TV (video)



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    1. Don’t try this at Nuclear Power Plant, allegedly said the progressive Shift chief of Chernobyl Plant. Conservatives want to make something new with the same recipe as yesterday, while progressives want to make something new with a new recipe. Both of them got a point, sometimes better sometimes the worst, but what upper class fake left Antifa is doing, is that they are indirectly pushing traditional right to further (economical) right. It’s obvious that Antifa thugs has gone through the same school as American officers, that they are above any Law.

      The whole political discussion is absurd, to be conservative or not to be, that is anticonservative that is to be destructive. I’m somewhat conservative to conserve the liberal values we once had, which Antifa would like to smash into little pieces. But their time is coming to end as well as the maximum of foolishness been achieved, then the MSM will turn their back and say to Dems You too lazy, stupid and ugly too and the unofficial one party system is offical after that.

    2. I can’t think of another human being who holds himself higher than God’s and man’s laws than Donald J. Trump.

    3. Henry L. Garrett III and Richard B. Cheney take the prize for top EXECUTIVE SCUMBAG, as Navy Secretary and Vice President, respectively, for awarding that other scumbag, Will Rogers III, commanding officer USS Vincennes, a commendation for meritorious service for shooting down Iran Air Flight 665, murdering 290 innocent civilians, including 66 children.

    4. Thanks for the obvious truth, Mr.Duff. The reallity of the things about US military crimes export.

    5. I’m going to say those boys that fought the War of 1812 (opposing central bank control) fought a good and honorable war, under the leadership of their commander-in-chief, James Madison.

    6. Trump could care less about these already adjudicated criminals in the corrupt U.S. Military. He needs good publicity very very badly. This is how low a corrupt U.S. President will go for a good photo op with the fools in the public. How do you think the thousands of others who did not get pardoned feel? Trump should not have such powers. This is a shameful disgrace. Our Military today is a shameful disgrace. Just look at the traitorous four star generals and how they obviously to all Americans stood DOWN on 9/11/01 because they were part of the con! What a disgrace that they now have been rewarded with fancy undeserved pensions instead of a firing squad. General George S. Patton, were he still alive instead of being murdered by our own government, would handle the job personally.

      • This is the revenge of a cheap, lying, cheating (keeping his tax returns hidden), lying New York draft dodger who is president in name only.

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