by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, …and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research institution for the study of the countries and cultures of Asia and North Africa.


On November 13, 2019, the Impeachment Hearing before the Congress of the United States began to be publicly televised. Prior to that, the substance behind this move, whether it was a political game or something darker, its real consequences and historical framing, had been speculation and rumor.

What has become clear is that Trump wasn’t targeted by the Deep State but by rather something even more sinister, the vast mechanisms of the Cold War that survive to this day.

This is what we will be bringing into focus today. This information will be in no history book, will not be taught at any university and certainly will not enjoy a part in the narrative of the 20th and 21st centuries where such truths are long forbidden.

There is little question that Trump has surrounded himself with poor advisors. Shunning what Washington has to offer was, to Trump, a safe move. After all, his own party, the GOP, had staged the fake war on terror, looted the US economy in 2007-8, and set up a vast mechanism under the Department of Homeland Security and NSA that now threatens the freedom of everyone in the world, not just Americans.

These “mechanisms” now operate hand in hand with Google and Facebook in a thinly veiled effort to censor and pollute all sources of information on the planet. This is no accident.

Moreover, the fact that the GOP, since the 2005 Supreme Court decision under Citizens United v. FEC, had begun accepting billions in campaign contributions laundered through gambling, human trafficking and narcotics, Trump’s own party had become fertile ground for a deluge of wrongdoing.

All it needed was an opportunity and the “wrecking ball” style of Donald Trump to make it all possible.

What no one told Trump and what his “ill-advisors” were too ignorant to take into account was the massive lobby that “self-funds” through congress and endless series of hidden bureaucracies, which still exist to oppose the no longer existing Soviet Union.

This nearly invisible relic of an earlier time is at the root of the attack on the Presidency.

Though ISIS and al Qaeda may have many parents, the public relations organizations – as we kindly call them, the real term is “psychological warfare,” set up to fight the Soviets some years ago – took ISIS and al Qaeda under their wing, albeit obliquely.

No one around Trump understands any of these mechanisms, some like former advisor John Bolton, were, in fact, born of these efforts.

Thus, the institutes that were intended to take down the Soviet Union, fake radio networks, secret tendrils controlling all world media, and by “all” I mean every nation, still exist, albeit in an even more twisted and criminalized form.

During the 1990s, when Russia emerged, democratic and Christian, no one sought to end the “soft war,” thus losing fat paychecks.

Literally thousands of “agents of deceit” continue to operate in Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

Their endless stirrings and manufactured plots have spread. Their efforts, MH17, Syrian gas attacks, ultra-nationalism across Europe, Brexit, so much more, draw considerable blood.

As the Cold War ended, many of these operatives tied themselves to organized crime while retaining their ties to the “Cold War survivor” organizations in the US. This surviving relationship has now struck down a presidency, in this case through the weakness of those around the President, especially his personal attorney and advisor, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

While the President has sought accord with Russia, those around him “dance with the devil,” enmeshing themselves in aging plots and affiliating themselves with what has become a vast criminal underworld that runs the organization some call the Kosher Nostra.

What had begun as a series of phone calls between Trump and Zelinsky, clearly done without advice and counsel with huge lapses in judgement on Trump’s behalf, have opened other doors.

It has become clear that those around Trump have created their own “swamp” within the dregs of CIA plots decades old, a love affair between the ignorant and greedy and “oligarchs” and “facilitators” that emerged during the power vacuum created inside the former Soviet Union.

While some American institutions sought to create a Russian democracy, others, dark and sinister, saw Russia as fertile ground for creating something likely to be useful. Their goal was to plant the seeds of rot from within, creating a weakened state whose resources could be plundered, her people could be enslaved.

In the end, as is evident, those that targeted Russia ended up turning on the United States under the guise of “neo-conservatism,” unleashed during the “acting presidency” of Ronald Reagan.

Few today understand the disaster of the Reagan presidency. Those then working in America’s intelligence community soon found themselves no longer tasked with intrigue against the Soviet Union.

Washington’s business became arms dealing and chasing oil. This gave rise to massive financial crimes, the BCCI, one example of many. From the New York Times, July 28, 1991:

“More than 12 years ago, a major U.S. bank decided not to do any business with a Luxembourg-based institution called the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.

One of the American executives recalls that something about BCCI just didn’t add up. They were reluctant to provide information about the sources and uses of funds,” he said last week. ‘We got bad vibes from them … so we just put them on our internal blacklist.’

A lot of other people got bad vibes from BCCI, and among bankers it acquired the nickname of “Bank of Crooks and Criminals.” But it took a dozen years for regulators overseeing BCCI’s far-flung empire in Britain, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands and elsewhere to reach the same conclusion.

In the interim, BCCI wove what its auditors, Price Waterhouse, belatedly discovered and now describe as “probably one of the most complex deceptions in banking history.”

BCCI made phony loans, concealed deposits, hid huge losses, and was the bank for a host of shady customers ranging from terrorists and spies to drug runners and dictators.”

It was BCCI cash that founded al Qaeda and paid for Saddam’s WMD program, all financial deals that backwashed into the pockets of American political leaders.

Within weeks of his inauguration, Reagan was shot down in the streets – a “lone gunman” again – surviving but quite probably diminished intellectually according to reliable reports.

What sprung up around him, led by former military officers, was the seeds of what we have today − a privatized military and intelligence capability that, though nominally “American,” serves corporate or nation state clients at will, while corporate owners or shareholders hold or control the highest public offices inside the US.

Many now claim that Erik Prince runs American foreign policy through Chinese shell corporations. Those saying this are not uniformed, they are not “amateurs.”

Reagan’s shadow cabinet of advisors took over CIA operations through the Vice President, a former CIA director himself, and created al Qaeda, an organization intended to be a “jack of all trades” for the CIA to use against the Soviet Union.

They also built a cocaine empire which, later through NAFTA, a supposed trade agreement between Mexico, the US and Canada, created a money laundering empire that embedded itself within America’s subculture of banks and hedge funds.

Banks have always ruled America, no secret there.

This is the America inherited by Donald Trump. Those around during its creation long gone, those who understand its mechanisms, dead, retired or silenced.

The institutions capable of resisting were long ago destroyed, and, as the impeachment process will prove, the endeavor itself will be fruitless except, of course, for airing the “dirty laundry” of the criminal underbelly that existed long before Trump took office.

Then again, with controlled press and rigged elections, nothing can or will be fixed. All mechanisms of informing the public are now subject to newly minted “fake news filters” under the control of the “worst of the worst” fabricators and deceptionists.


A re-examination of history is needed for framing. Americans still generally assume that there was a “golden era” of American democracy and, at one time, “good wars.”

These concepts are rooted in psychological warfare, the efforts of the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and their role in building a society so gullible that it would never know up from down and black from white, a world built on the “big lie.”

There is no clear vector for the rot that entered America, perhaps the Federalists under Hamilton and their Rothschild sponsors, the seeds that created a weakened Constitution.

Others look at the Schiff-Warburg stranglehold on America’s economic life in the early 20th century culminating in the Federal Reserve Act, which instituted 100% foreign control of America’s banking and currency.

Today, however, we might choose to look to 1947 when America’s “China Lobby,” bought by Soong-Rothschild banking cash, engineered a plan under Secretary of State George Marshall to encircle and destabilize the Soviet Union.

This is the process that continues, feeding Trump through Giuliani into a grinder.

Personal weakness got them there. Ignorance helped; but ignorance is institutional in America. Within that culture of ignorance, the criminalized mechanisms of the Cold War on the defunct Soviet Union have “come home to roost.”

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

[ At the beginning of the 20th century, by the 100th anniversary of its foundation, the Asian Museum became a major Oriental center with a collection of manuscripts in 45 oriental languages and a library. In 1929-30 the Oriental Department of the Academy of Sciences was reorganized, and the Institute of Oriental Studies was created on the basis of the Museum under the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

In 1950 the institute was transferred to Moscow. At the end of the 1950s the institute became a center of oriental studies, the largest one in the USSR.

Now, the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a research center where history and culture, economics and politics, languages and literature of the countries of Asia and North Africa are studied. The chronology covers all periods of the history of the Orient – from antiquity to the present day. About 500 experts work there. ]


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  1. __Mr. Duff AKA “The Truth Teller”

    Starting Today, (D) or (R) Presidents “MUST REPLACE” Every Single
    “Foreign Service Officers” here & ALL over the Globe before
    They Start “THE LAST-WAR” aka WW-3.

    Why? Since ALL of them Treat “Russia” NOT as a “Super
    Power” just like us, but like “A Banana Republic”

    The Amazing part is that, the Ukraine President recently said
    “I Want Peace With Russia”

  2. It is the most comprehensive, the most realistic and excellent article by Gordon Duff. In context of it, one can note that the USA always needs a scapegoat to obtain the illegitimate interests of political and economic mafia groups-the neo-conservatives. Al Qaeda and ISI were created by America and now these are used as the scapegoats. Similarly, the Soviet Union was scapegoat. Question arises, Congress which is conducting Trump’s impeachment, was sleeping during those times. In fact, Russia has become another scapegoat, which is the main target of impeachment, as Russia is rapidly restoring balance of power the uni-polar world led by the US.
    Writer and Author

  3. Do I hear laughter in Heaven ?
    Is Mr Trump laughing himself to death ?
    If he is then there is cause for concern.
    We all know that laughter is the best medicine but we also know
    that too much of anything may be harmful and as sinful as indulgence is.

    So my word of advice to Mr Prez is please take it easy and take it slow.
    Stop laughing yourself to an early grave but laugh commensurate with
    how the world laughs at your armchair opponents. Gas Bags.

    Who would have thought that it were possible to break the law by using
    it to break itself into countless little smithereens with no self awareness
    of where it would lead ? Lead to the s*it pit ??

    The Dems did it to America and neither the Dems nor the Reps can escape the hurt
    and to us outsiders all over the world this charade impeachment cacophony against Mr Trump is not only a travesty against Justice but it gives that sense to the rest of us that….

    My Special message to Mr Trump is:
    You are SPECIAL !

    • Stunned by the idiocy displayed here.
      TRumps base of religious types will give him a second term for sure.
      Maybe that’s for the best as voting will be shown to be a worthless activity and tRumps job is to demonstrate that America is a bananna republic without the banannas!

      Opinion only of course…

  4. Damn! You nailed it… yeah, the criminal forces unleashed against Russia in the 1990’s have indeed been turned on us.

    Unfortunately, it looks like they’re “luck” with us (USA) is better than they had with Russia. The irony is staggering.

    They profit while doing us in.

  5. Remember. The Republican party is the neo conservative party now lock stock and barrel.
    The social safety net? Trump to his credit says he won’t cut it but yet massive cuts to it are in the White House budget.

    There used to be progressives in the old school republican party before Reagan as I am old enough to remember however, now they are the party of Paul Ryan and his ilk as they will throw us all under the bus.
    The purpose of the weaponized internet? To shift the society right ward.
    Just an opinion.

  6. It’s true, we didn’t give Russia the help they needed when the Soviet Union collapsed like we did for Germany and Japan after WW II. Instead the worse of the West came in to help with the looting. As a result, Russia never had the luxury of a transition to a functioning democratic capitalism. Instead it’s now a mafia cleptocracy. And this is exactly what Donald Trump wants to import into the United States, destroying what little is left of any rule of law or professionalism in our business, government and legal systems.

    I’m sorry, this guy is not a victim of the Deep State. His own arrogance forced Nancy Pelosi to do what she had been very unwilling to do until then. He CHOSE those advisors of his. HE was the one who pushed out all “the adults.”

    You want to know where he wants to take the US? Just look at that article posted this morning about Jakarta, it says it all. If we don’t get rid of this guy and he wins re-election next year, God help the world. This has to be our top priority.

  7. Gordon, I think you’re wandering way too deep into the weeds here and I urge you to stick to the facts as you’ve so clearly stated them before. All of these corrupt forces you mentioned all play a part in the collective crisis the world is in right now. Myself, I trace most of the problem back to the tribal, aggressive and manipulative philosophy of Phariseeism/Zionism that justifies inheriting the earth by any means necessary regardless of who else gets crushed in the process. This is at the root of Russia’s long struggles with the Khazarians as you well know, and the Russian people do deserve our support in this.

    But I don’t think you see the danger this man Donald Trump plays in this situation. You give him way too much credit for ever having had one thought about actually trying to “drain the swamp.” This is a man who deliberately sought out Roy Cohn to learn all he could from that cynic. This is the man who willingly admired the idea of being a Mafia don. He has nothing but contempt for the best in the American system, tradition and values. Every day he spews forth his bile all over even the slightest notion of a rule of law. He is a man thoroughly owned by the Russians ever since his first trip there in 1987. The fact that he came back and immediately starting attacking America’s alliance with Japan no less, exactly the campaign the Russians were in the middle of themselves, proves that he has been their willing agent ever since. Kompromat? He’s a walking kompromat machine.

  8. what are the remedies for a future president or for the American people? Is it even prudent to telegraph the remedy to the enemies?

    • The remedy would appear to be an Article 5 Convention. What that would look like, I have no idea, although the first thing would be restrict any federal politician, lobbyist, and especially corporation, from participation. After all, they are collectively the reason it’s needed

  9. How about American Civil War then? At the same time the “brave” Abraham Lincoln was fighting against Southern Slavery, while his Robber Baron comrades were shipping child slaves from orphan houses all around the Europe. What was the real story of Irish Famine, what was the real story of Finnish famine and etc. After 150 years the descendants of those child slaves are blamed to be slave owners? Very rancid and very typical. I wouldn’t trust DNA test if someone asks where he/she comes from, those test Companies most likely are a part of the same hundreds of years old Company.

  10. I wonder, will Trump visit Moscow and the Parade of Victory devoted to 75th anniversary after WW2… This act would create a lot of fuel into russophobia fire. The Washington swamp won’t miss such a chance to blame.

    • @Gall: yes, the western neocons and our russian neoliberals – they both got used to put on panties over their heads. Even in Russia there are some liberals that try to rewrite history. They are paid for that. Also we have those bastards like skinheads or football hooligans, who have tattoo svastics. Great shame… Alas… But this Victory is our common and i express gratitude to the memory of all US Veterans, dead or alive, who helped us to gain that Victory, ASAP. We, the simple peoples of USA and ex-USSR have nothing to divide. We have the full right to share common values and never let anyone steal or blackpaint it.

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