by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  …with Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: French strikes during the holiday season seem to be designed to hurt the economy, with the protesters betting/hoping that the public will blame the loss on the government and not the unions.

The Yellow Vest people are joining in, but will be eclipsed by the union political power, as the game played there is that the government will give good deals to the main ones they need to break the strike, leaving the others screwed, especially the Yellow Vests.

As money goes up in smoke during this period of economic upheaval, the government will have even less money to dole out to make people happy, so debt/deficit funding will be the only available source.

This seems to be what the people want, passing the hypothetical, eventual payment of the debt down the line or risking inflation, which is effectively an indirect tax. Dummies don’t grasp this until the economy is in ashes.

Farmers will make their wishes known by blocking roads with their huge tractor “sit ins”, something they do in the planting “off season” to make sure they are not forgotten.

Rail traffic today is gridlocked but airline travel is close to normal, with the general strikes planned to continue through early next week. The French early retirement system has been a political sugar plum that the country cannot afford; and the battle is now about who will be winners and losers.

Macron sails through the turbulence in a nonchalant manner, while posing as a major player on the world stage. I suspect he will want to run for a major EU position eventually, and is grooming himself for that. He does NOT want to retire earlyJim W. Dean ]

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– First aired … December 05, 2019


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  1. It’s 31 now, and will get up to 43 tomorrow. The Grand Rapids city gets half the snow that they get on the Lake, and they get twice the rain there too, with the most air coming off the lake. But for the city the day time temps melt the light to moderate snow so it is not too bad. Global warming, or whatever it is, you can see it here as the lake is rising and most of the beaches from 10 years ago are almost gone, and the inland waterways are higher. Everyone tho build on the old water level is screwed. Fresh veggies are still at summer prices. I have no idea how they do it.

  2. The constant thread in all of this is that the divide and conquer game is still being played because it works so well. Look at Iraq now, or how all the different groups that had gotten along in Syria went for each other once the imported actors were introduce. Look at the EU squabbles, here in the US…it whips coalition building.

  3. “…dummies don’t grasp this until the economy is in ashes”,…seriously? Blaming the working class? I wish the American people had a tenth the chutzpah the French have. Who wrecked the US economy in 2008? When Brooksley Borne, over at the CFTC, warned of the dangers of OTC unregulated derivatives,, Clinton, Rubin and Greenspan got rid of her. Then, Dubya’s Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson went before congress and said if Wall St. didn’t get an immediate $700 billion bailout, there’d be riots in the streets.The big Wall Street banks got bailouts from the Fed. They even had the cajones to give themselves Holiday bonuses after that. Meanwhile, over five million families lost their homes. It’s been hidden QE funny money ever since.

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