Galima Galiullina, Ph.D, for VT

The prediction of Joseph Stalin that a lot of garbage will be brought to his grave, but then the wind of history will dispel it, is coming true today before our eyes. Fully 70% of Russians positively assess Stalin’s role in history, a Levada Center poll showed. This is a record for all years of relevant research. Almost half of the respondents are ready to understand the repressions of the Stalin era, without blaming Stalin for them.

Such a revolutionary breakthrough in assessing the role of Stalin’s personality in the history of Russia occurred for several reasons:

  1. A fierce and cynical attack of the collective West on the shrines of Russian history – first of all, victory in the Second World War;


  1. Persistent and annoying calls for repentance following the example of Germany. Germany has something to repent for, and the descendants of the USSR have important reasons for pride;


  1. The unfair and absolutely unfortunate persistent attacks on the leader of modern Russia, Vladimir Putin;


  1. Meaningless and doomed to failure attempts to isolate Russia on the world stage while Russia today responds to the most important requests of mankind;


  1. An increasingly confident return of Russia to the global arena as a defender of traditional values, justice in international relations and a guarantor of peace.

The 75th anniversary of the Great Victory will be marked by the return of Stalin to the podium of national hero, the creator of a new civilization unprecedented in the history of mankind, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, who led the Soviet people to victory over the enemy of mankind – fascism. According to the law of the pendulum, in the memory of generations of modern Russians and peoples of the post-Soviet space, the composition of lies and slander around the name of Stalin, we observe a process of returning to historical truth. The most important thing in this process is that the understanding of Stalin’s personality and his role in the fate of all people living on the planet happens almost spontaneously, at the behest of hearts with memory and conscience.

We also note that the geopolitical context of the revival of the name of Stalin as a genius in modern history is incredibly favorable for destroying the plans of lovers for repentance for other people’s crimes.

Trotskyism as the main enemy of Stalin and modern mankind

The Russian fifth column in the early 90s of the 20th century was extremely inspired by the return to the political arena of Trotskyism both in Russia itself, and in Europe and the USA. The modern USA is Trotsky’s embodied dream, where global capital is omnipresent and at the same time securely faceless, its power over the world is practically unlimited, but the crimes of this power have no name. Trotsky’s ghost hovers behind every “color revolution”, in endless streams of refugees from devastated countries, in the ruins of cities where rockets and bombs brought democracy, to 4.5 million children on the streets of Russian cities in the 90s, in the empty villages of Russia, in the chaos of drowning fragile little ships, who did not save their desperate passengers from the war.

The problem is that God has not yet sent Stalin to America. If modern thinkers can courageously abandon the ideological trash that their predecessors piled around Stalin’s name for 75 years and risk honestly and objectively answering just a few questions on recent history, there is little hope that the younger generation of politicians will be able to expel Trotsky’s ghost from the future of the country.

Was the USSR an existential enemy of the United States?

In the days of Stalin, the USSR was not yet called the existential enemy of the United States, but the fact that the USSR caused unconscious fear and hatred among the leaders of capitalist countries is noticeable in many events of that time. US President Herbert Hoover, observing the increase in the military power of Nazi Germany, expressed the hope that the two dictatorial regimes would weaken each other in the upcoming war and Hitler would be able to destroy Stalin and his country.

Later, Harry Truman, having tested the destructive power of atomic weapons on the Japanese, hoped to finally solve the problem with Stalin and the USSR. Speaking at a large rally in New York in the fall of 1945, Truman said that the United States possessed the most powerful navy, the most powerful military aircraft, and unprecedented powerful weapons of mass destruction. He assured the world that the United States would not tolerate violations of democracy in any country in the world. So, Truman announced the beginning of the Cold War – Churchill and his speech at Fulton was only an afterword to Truman’s prediction.

Russian historian Yuri Zhukov told the story of a meeting between Henry Kissinger and Stalin in November 1944.  Kissinger, then a young journalist was in charge of the Moscow Bureau of the Associated Press, did not hesitate to headline the interview “Stalin’s Days are Expiring.” His passionate thirst for death of a man who gave so much strength and efforts to victory over fascist Germany – what is it? Infernal hatred of Stalin as a leader.  After all the western view of Stalin then was as one who dared to go beyond the red line of their totalitarian views?

Even today, the Western historian, who dared to dispense with the image of the red devil in the portrait of Stalin, runs the risk of incurring the wrath of his colleagues and falling out of the grip of handshakes.

Incredibly, the man who managed to prepare the country for an imminent war in a short time against the manic plans of enslaving millions and murdering other unnecessary souls, involved tens of millions of illiterate peasants in the process that swept Russian people to the heights of industrial progress. The man to whom mankind owes salvation from the plague of Nazi terror is emerging from a campaign of anti-Stalinist paranoia that managed to turn him into a frightening myth for half a century.

The lie that has poisoned the world

Let’s open a layered pie of lies about Stalin and the new civilization created by the Soviet people. For more than half a century this whole lump has been fervently fed the whole world, and especially the Russians.  At the bottom of the pie is the assertion that Stalin created an evil empire that threatened the world with universal poverty, total control and suppression of freedoms. In 1991, the USSR collapsed without war and military aggression, voluntarily surrendering all the positions of the gains of socialism and practically nullifying the agreements of Yalta and Potsdam after the victory of the USSR in World War II.

Liberal capitalism has come to freedom-hungry peoples. Are these nations happy today? Do they enjoy their freedoms and curse the tyrant who shielded them from the prosperous nations by the iron curtain?  Russians today recall with horror the first years of impending freedom. Only one figure – 4.5 million children on the streets of Russian cities, a repetition of the nightmare of the Civil War.

Are young Tajiks happy now, thousands of whom are illiterate today? Maybe the hearts of the Kyrgyz people, who lost almost all national resources in one day of the summer of 2019, are filled with joy? Perhaps young Kazakhs are happy to see an increase in the number of fascist youths? Undoubtedly, the Ukrainians are happy, who recently learned that the Maidan, for the sake of which they sacrificed their country, was arranged only to divide $ 100 billion between the lucky ones.

The second layer of the pie – all saturated with the blood of the victims of the tyrant. Yet, recently historians in Russia and other countries, for example, in the USA, began to make sobering arguments about the causes of repression and the environment in which Stalin had to make decisions. Often unbearably difficult, because they concerned not only a close circle of associates and friends. It is encouraging that among American researchers there were those who analyzed in detail the internal and external atmosphere in which Stalin acted, forsaking world revolution instead making the decision to build socialism in one country. The works of Arch Getty are devoid of odious hatred of Stalin’s personality and bring American readers closer to the realities of Soviet history. It is enough to realize that Stalin’s goal, starting in 1936, was to build a new civilization in one country. In fact, this was a rejection of the plan for a world revolution approved by the backstage strategists of global finance, plunging the countries into chaos and depression, and Russia into the center of an all-planetary fire.

The third layer of the pie of lies – being a villain and a bloody tyrant, Stalin surrounded himself with a gang of the same psychopaths and bandits. Lavrenty Beria was the most unlucky. In front of new generations of Russians and foreigners inexperienced in the secrets of Russian history, he was represented by the brisk pen of lying liberal historians as a pedophile and a lecher, an incredibly cruel executioner. But the actual role of Beria in Soviet history is just opening now and indicates that it was Beria who managed to organize the creation of atomic weapons by Soviet scientists in four years of incredible exertion. Truman and Churchill’s plan to scare Stalin with the incredible power of the atomic bomb failed, already in 1949 the USSR tested its atomic bomb. And it saved the country again.

The fourth layer of the pie of lies – the totalitarian regime of Stalin created Homo Sovieticus – a new type of person deprived of thirst for freedom, full of slavish fear, living under the strict dictates of social norms, deprived of freedom of choice in everything. The historian M. Geller describes his compatriots as:

“Homosos is accustomed to living in relatively poor conditions, ready to meet difficulties, constantly waiting for the worst; approves the actions of the authorities; seeks to prevent those who violate the usual forms of behavior, fully supports the leadership; possesses a standard ideologized consciousness; a sense of responsibility for his country, ready for sacrifices and ready to doom others to sacrifice.”

According to the English Slavic, an employee of the University of Leeds, F. Ellis, the constant attacks on the mind, common sense and the rules of decency and distort and cripple both personality and intelligence, eliminate the boundary between truth and falsehood. As a result, Homo sovieticus, full of fear and devoid of intellectual initiative, is formed, which is “a mouthpiece for party ideas and slogans, it is not so much a human being as a vessel that is filled and emptied as directed by the party.”

In fact, Stalin dreamed that the Soviet people would be an example of the highest spiritual development. For this, the world’s best education system was created, free of charge at all levels, theater, cinema, art all were involved in the ennoblement of Soviet people. If you now watch old Soviet films and view photographs, you can see amazing inspired faces, beautiful in their incomprehensible brightness of the life of the spirit.

Fifth, the richest in incredible lies, decorated with spreading cranberries, the top of the pie is the story of Stalin’s mental abnormality, that he was sick with paranoia and that millions of people became victims of his fears. A brilliant strategist, a man who managed to make his great dreams a dream of millions and bring them to life, the one whom the Soviet people called the father of the nation, through the efforts of two international propaganda campaigns, became a maniac and a psychopath.

The episode about which Marshal Zhukov told, opened to me most of all about Stalin’s human qualities is when the generals came to Stalin and reported on the proposal of the German command to exchange Marshal Paulus, who was captured in Stalingrad, for Stalin’s eldest son, who was also held captive. Stalin listened to the proposal, went to the window and looked silently outside for a long time. When he returned, he said one phrase: “What will the other fathers say about this?”

Yakov Dzhugashvili died in captivity.

The origins of anti-Stalin paranoia

In a mortal battle with Hitler, Stalin managed to drive him into the bunker as a fiend of Hell forever. But the instructions of the Führer to fight the Russians turned out to be more tenacious. Vitaly Legostaev, a former employee of the apparatus of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, writes in his memoirs: “There is a deeper reason for the re-vaccinated Yakovlev (the main ideologist of perestroika) to the society of anti-Stalin paranoia. To name it, one will have to turn once more to the writings of the authorities of the Third Reich. Oddly enough, but it is in them that the explanations of many practical actions of the current generation of Russian liberals are easily found.

The notorious Walter Schellenberg, a former chief of German foreign intelligence, tells in his memoirs that in July 1941 Hitler convened a high-level meeting at which the foundations of the future policy of Germany with attention to Soviet Russia were determined. The Führer set the task: “In the East, in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to create a powerful information service that should work so unmistakably and harmoniously that such a person as Stalin could not appear in any region of the Soviet Union. It’s not the masses of the Russian people themselves that are dangerous, but the inherent power to generate such personalities that can, based on knowledge of the soul of the Russian people, set the masses in motion.”

The secret of the survival of the peoples of Russia in a continuous, indefinite and merciless war for their complete destruction was unraveled by Hitler. When the peoples of Russia are united in their pursuit of a great goal, and to that goal they are led by the one to whom they entrusted their future, they are capable of unthinkable feats.

I remember this absolutely unbridled campaign to destroy the people’s memory of Stalin in the 80s and 90s. Even Hitler, the culprit of the terrible disasters of millions of people and the deaths of 27 million Soviet people, appears as a victim of circumstances against the backdrop of the monstrous portrait of Stalin, created by the joint efforts of Russian and Western liberals and enemies of Russia.

The personification of infernal evil in the image of Stalin facilitated the grandiose work of destroying the USSR and its heritage in World history.

Why is Stalin returning?

Stalin still had many unfinished grandiose plans on Earth. The historian Yuri Zhukov describes the state of Stalin in 1944 as a state of extreme fatigue as 4 years of war and the struggle for victory drained the forces of the Commander-in-Chief. But only in October 1945 did Stalin leave for vacation for the first time after 1931. Truman immediately sent Harriman to personally verify the condition of the Soviet leader. Harriman had to wait two weeks while the doctors put Stalin on his feet. After his first stroke, Stalin’s condition worsened continuously. And at this time an anti-Soviet bloc was being created around the USSR, NATO, SEATO and CENTO became the links of this bloc. The arms race begins. Stalin tried to convince the West that the world needs a respite, perhaps a peaceful coexistence of systems. Cities and villages in the USSR were still the ashes and ruins of bombed houses, and they needed time and energy to restore destroyed factories and plants. Many families were left without fathers; a heavy burden of loneliness and survival in ruined homes fell on women’s shoulders. But the West was in a hurry, they did not want to see again in the USSR a successful denial of their ideals.

And Stalin was already thinking about the future. Under him, a space exploration project was launched, a project to develop the Arctic. The railway, which under Stalin began to be built in the Far North, and later abandoned under Khrushchev, is only now being continued.  School books written in the USSR under Stalin are again in demand today. It turned out that it is in them that the knowledge necessary for the harmonious development of children is best represented.

The Russians, who for 30 years have experienced the tragedy of losing the country, national pride, the bitterness of betrayal and the despair of the crumbling familiar world, are looking for lessons from their mistakes in the past. The return of Stalin to the pedestals of monuments is not just a challenge to the cynical grin of the enemies of the Fatherland, it is a reminder to ourselves and the world: we are the winners!

Happy Birthday Joseph Dzhugashvili Stalin, we remember and miss you.


Galima Galiullina, Ph.D, for VT



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  1. The genocide and mass murder of the soviet communists (rolled):

    The Civil War period till 1922: 3,284,000
    The NEP period till 1928: 5,484,000
    The collectivization period till 1935:16,924,000
    The Great Terror period till 1938: 21,269,000
    Pre-World War II period till June 1941:26,373,000
    World War II period till 1945: 39,426,000
    Postwar and Stalin’s twilight till 1953: 55,039,000
    Post-Stalin period till 1987: 61,911,000
    (R. J. Rummel: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder since 1917, Transaction Publisher, 1990.)

    • Rolling up numbers of deaths and attributing them to communist governments is a fools errand. If Rummels numbers are to be believed virtually everyone in Russia was killed by the government. Only now are Russian historians sorting out the numbers of people killed by the government due to various reasons. What has emerged so far is that the numbers are grossly over western claims based on estimates published pre 1990. Adding the 27 million Russian (combat + civilian) death toll in WW2 seems foolish. How many were saved by the Soviet government durning the war?

    • Rolling up numbers of deaths and attributing them to communist governments is a fools errand. If Rummels numbers are to be believed virtually everyone in Russia was killed by the government. Only now are Russian historians sorting out the numbers of people killed by the government due to various reasons. What has emerged so far is that the numbers are grossly under the western claims based on estimates published pre 1990. Adding the 27 million Russian (combat + civilian) death toll in WW2 seems foolish. How many were saved by the Soviet government durning the war?

  2. “Russian historian Yuri Zhukov told the story of a meeting between Henry Kissinger and Stalin in November 1944. Kissinger, then a young journalist was in charge of the Moscow Bureau of the Associated Press, did not hesitate to headline the interview “Stalin’s Days are Expiring.” ”

    I looked at Kissinger’s Wiki (I know, not the best source) and see no mention of him being a journalist or a bureau chief in Moscow. In 1944 he would have been only 21 yrs. old so I strongly doubt Stalin would have talked to anyone like him. During the war Kissinger is said to be in the US Army. Not sure what to make of this.

  3. There is also a POV that Stalin was a mere super-gofer for Lazar Kaganovich. That Kaganovich was really calling the shots. (Just as Col House and Bernard Baruch were in actual charge of Woodrow Wilson.)

    ” It was the atheist, revolutionary Jews, ultimately funded by the Rothschilds using as their tools Marx, the Warburgs, and Schiff (who directly bankrolled the Bolshevik leaders Lenin, Trotsky, and their ilk), who targeted Tsarist Russia out of sheer hatred for Christianity and because of the Rothschild vendetta against Russia extending back many decades.

    The Jews have a long memory, and in this case they vented the full fury of their diabolical rage on Czarist Russia to the tune of tens of millions of deaths of Orthodox Christians murdered in the most brutal ways, whether through starvation in the Ukrainian Holodomor, the Gulag camps spread throughout the land overseen by Jewish commissars, or bloodbaths in the cities overrun by the Jewish Cheka and other henchmen of Lenin and later Stalin. These worst atrocities in human history began in 1917 and extended through the 1920s and 1930s long before the allegations against Hitler

  4. There has been so much deliberate lying that sometimes I despair that we will never know the truth about persons such as Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt (both of them), Churchill, FDR, and for that matter even Trump.

  5. Galima, – thank you for the article. Really it is a true that many people like Stalin. I won’t talk about his greatest input into Soviet Union development – it was obvious for all world. People like him for the justice, that now we have lost. When a poor peasant could get education, job and become a boss of a factory, scientist, etc. When there were no oligarchs, robbers. When people were sure that it will be tomorrow: a house, food, education, job. Try now to bomb any developed country and see how it will manage to reach cosmos, to rebuild thousands of factories and huge plants. Those times were not so distant and many people are still living, who saw those times. I was surprised to know that many Pepsi Cola- generation and Z-generation youth respect Stalin, though they could know about him only at school and from ancestors. His name associates with a breakthrough and justice.The last one we have lost, as i mentioned. When now it becomes a carma: born poor – die poor. When politicians have trucks of cash and are scornful to the needs of simple workers. When a richman’s kid has a car for $1mln, but he never worked a single day in his life. When poor people fundraise money for ill kids, and oligarchs just build huge yachts. Stalin would never let this. We may blame or praise him, but he was the right man, in those very time, in the right place.
    USA, i think, needs a bit of Stalin in his best abilities right now. To put an order in their country.

  6. Edward… see Galiullina’s articles here on VT. She is painfully aware of Lev Bronshtein and his role in Russian history. See her article “Trotsky: The Wall Street Thug”

    • Regardless of who Stalin (Dzhugashvili) really was, what is beyond a reasonable doubt is all the evils of USSR were initiated by Bronshtein (Trotsky) – possibly the most evil man ever, Ulyanov (Lenin), and other Old Bolsheviks prior to Stalin winning the bureaucratic infighting to be Ulyanov’s successor. Of course this is whitewashed for a couple of reasons:

      – 90+% of the Old Bolsheviks were members of the 13th Tribe, while it is unclear if Stalin (Dzhugashvili) was or was not;
      – The current neo-cons who dominate US stink, er think-tanks are followers of Bronshtein (Trotsky).

  7. I listened to some youtube program with E. Michael Jones as the guest. He was talking about architecture in the context of his book, “The Slaughter of Cities”. He very much interjected his Catholic beliefs in the discussion. Afterwards, in the comment section, regarding architecture, I asked him for his opinion of the Paul Vi Auditorium at the Vatican. I was trying to elicit a response from him defending it (and the heresy of Vatican II), while steadfastly maintaining his allegiance to the faith, and he knew it. (Now, if you haven’t seen the Paul VI Auditorium, just google images of it, and it should be readily apparent what I was driving at.) He totally skirted the question with reply…”I prefer the Sistine Chapel”. He wouldn’t “go there”. He may be an intellectual and scholastic giant. Be that as it may, I won’t waste my time with him.

  8. I imagine this article strikes most Americans as challenging to their belief about the former leader of the USSR. For the VT audience it would be less curious since the topic questions well crafted narratives and offers alternative viewpoints now shared in Russia and beginning to spread across the western world.
    What is most notable is the similarities with the mythical image of Stalin created and managed for 75 years, and the cries of western liberals seeking to transform America into what Trotsky sought through world revolution. Thanks to VT for publishing this and other articles from Galima Galiullina. It is a Russian perspective not found in America media or academic, or policy institutions.

    • The author seems motivated by a genuine love of country, but when she writes “the modern USA is Trotsky’s embodied dream, where global capital is omnipresent and at the same time securely faceless,…”, she strides neck deep into disingenuous omission. Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild agent who financed the Bolshevik Revolution, was not some faceless capitalist, as with today’s financier’s of global mayhem. She dabbles around “manufactured history” but she won’t call a spade a spade. Seems to me the biggest contribution Stalin made, from an American perspective, is that he took “Trotskyists” like Irving Kristol, and magically turned them into neoconservatives, who now proliferate and direct America’s war happy, Zionist backing, disastrous foreign policy, and all for a foreign power, which Ms. Galiullina completely ignores.

  9. Germany has repented enough. It’s been 75 years. Most living Germans were not even alive then. It goes hand in glove with the holocaust industry, and the world has tired of it.

    • Hard to find exact population distribution by age, but of 72 million German citizens, by statistical distribution fewer than 100 are now alive who voted NSDAP in 1933. Of course, there is this nasty part of Abrahamic religions that considers lineal ancestors and descendants to be as one regarding privilege and guilt rather than considering them independent organisms; therefore, Holohoax reparations can be justified through this religious nonsense for many more generations of Germans.

      “Trotsky” is preferred to “Bronshtein”, since for great masses it is not obvious that Trotsky was a member of the 13th Tribe, while a name such as “Bronshtein” gives the game away.

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