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In 2016, after Reince Preibue and Sean Spicer refused to deliver my ten page memorandum to the President that was given to them via Federal Express, I was fortunate to have Zero Hedge publish Former CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message For Trump on 24 December 2019.  Over a million people ultimately read that message (190,153 recorded at Zero Hedge, the rest at Phi Beta Iota and other publications).

And here is the transcript with a tip of the hat to YouTube for making this possible.


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00:18 God bless you Mr. President I know you’re busy I did a Christmas message to you [in 2016] that was read by over 1 million people after it was featured on Zero Hedge after your election when it was not delivered to you when I sent the 10-page memo to Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer like Chris Christie’s work on the transition you were deprived of ideas that might have helped you do more.

00:42 You’ve done wonderful things 289 new things according to the Washington Examiner but there’s more to be done

00:49 Here in one graphic I’m giving you 5 ideas that I’ve championed for a while but I think that you need to consider them for 2020 time is the one strategic variable that cannot be bought and it cannot be replaced we cannot wait until after you’ve been reelected to do these five things or at least some of these five things that’s your call

01:12 I humbly and respectfully propose that you consider vacating the press area in the White House these people are scum and they are betraying the public trust every single day there is no reason for the most precious real estate on the planet to be wasted on scum instead I propose you consider five new golf clubs.

01:35 I’m calling them three new woods and two new wedges Wood number one is a Trump Studio where you can walk in anytime dayor night and tape a short video to America that is then pushed or pulled depending on how you want to handle it this also becomes where you can have people from your administration and foreign leaders and others come to you you talk about what message you want them to give out and then they go in and they tape a short seven-minute video

02:05 Over time we create a matrix a mosaic of what you feel Americans need to know in order to be engaged conform citizen to restore democracy Trump studio one would number two is a Truth Channel we have to bypass what I call #GoogleGestapo or Big Tech.  Google is manipulating surveys Amazon is banning books and reviewers and reviews Twitter is blocking you from reaching your full hundred-percent potential YouTube is censoring and deplatforming people

02:41 You need your own social media ecology and this can be created within 30 to 60 days very quickly it would allow you to TRUMPET out to over 180 million people what you’re getting with Twitter today is chump change 180 million citizens can be reached by you if you follow this idea for two wood. This would also give you a two-way channel so that you would have a presidential dashboard where you can pull and pulse 180 million citizens by demographic by location and by issue no one has this today

03:21 Your number three wood is your own presidential open-source intelligence capability no more than six people with a robust budget OMB has actually approved this as a new agency at two billion dollars a year but CIA has fought me on it for 30 years

03:38 The beauty of open-source intelligence or decision support is you can share it with Congress the press and the media and the public as well as foreign allies and you can do domestic decision support which means you can do comparative trade you can do the kinds of things you need to do in relation to governors and andcounties and specific local issues

04:03 Your first wedge in my opinion is a Grand Strategy Staff neither OMB nor the National Security Council do grand strategy they don’t actually make a coherent package for you out of ends ways and means a grant strategy staff will do that

04:23 then your fifth and final idea the optional but I think you’re too busy to try to manage the entire cabinet one at a time I have long championed an idea of three deputy vice presidents a deputy vice president for the Commonwealth a deputy vice president for global engagement and a deputy vice president for education intelligence and research

04:49 if you would have those three individuals and actually give them offices in the White House in combination with the ideas that I’m giving you for the now wasted press area you would actually finally have a command and control building with everybody right there and you would be able to move heaven and earth to create the greatest country the world has everseen

05:18 This is Mount Rushmore stuff you and John F Kennedy one day on Mount Rushmore

05:24 Five ideas one message god bless you Mr. President and God Bless America.

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  1. 4/3… one last thought. Trump wants the world to love Israel more. You seek the devolution of Israel. Do you see how this would be an impasse in getting through to him?

  2. 3/3 Now, the natives are getting restless. @Trump_Regrets has 243K followers. Do the math. This is not taking into account people who are not on social media. I’m on Twitter daily following ‘loud voices’ and I can tell you Americans are getting a belly-full of Trump. Google this: “Christian prophet: If Trump doesn’t make a high profile arrest soon”. Don’t wait until 2024. Sound off now. As you know, the Mormon mafia has my number & I many not be around much longer. So, to use the vernacular, I couldn’t give a flying fvck what anyone thinks of my comments. America first.

  3. 2/3 I gave you a list of his top 50 Zio-insiders. This is not an accident that there should be that many Zio-tools in his inner circle, Kushner being chief among them. His “MAGA”, “CONSTITUTION OF BY FOR THE PEOPLE”. the “SYSTEM IS RIGGED” talking points (causing your knee-jerk #UNRIG reaction), not to mention “I AM GOING TO DRAIN THE SWAMP”….all of these and more were not Trump originals. He spouted what his Zionist masters (and perhaps even Russian masters – we have many pictures of him with Lev Parnas) prescribed to win him the election – a rigged election. We can debate as to how he won, whether it was by some miracle, etc. Net-net: He was surprised that he won.

  4. 1/ 3 Thanks for the response to my previous comment. Trump, as the accidental president – and you were the first to characterize him as such – walked into a mess and has been flying by the seat of his pants; witness his turnstile administration & erratic policies on trade and foreign relations. He was, is and always will be TRUMP-first. The soundbites that he propounded in 2016 & is now repeating were carefully crafted to draw votes, to reach out to the ‘forgotten man’. Behind the sound bites were the puppet masters: Adelson, Stephen Miller, Stephen Bannon, etc.

  5. I hate to pop your bubble, but Trump respects on Roy Cohn ‘idea men’, not guys who use ‘humbly and respectfully’ in their verbiage. He respects MF like him. This should be very easy to deduce, given how he communicates & who he associates with. He might rip-off your ideas and not ever thank you. Your gambit to appeal to his sense of decency so that he can invite you into his inner circle has not succeeded and will not succeed. And, he hires only people who can be compromised, who have skeletons in their closet. You just need to look at those in his circle who are now in jail or teetering – Giuliani comes to mind. Step up to the plate and run for POTUS. Ass-kissing Trump is a total waste of time. Unless you are trying to gain the respect of his base after he is removed from office. Then, yes, this approach works. But, Zio-tool Trump who had a Cyrus-Trump coin created by Israel, who just signed the EO that prohibits disparaging Israel, who is controlled by his Kosher-Nostra shareholders, who has accrued $2 Trillion to the debt and thinks the stockmarket rises to new highs organically, without the Fed’s QE, will not in a million years risk inviting a truth-teller into his inner circle. You don’t need to be ex-CIA to figure out that one.

    • There is a lot to what you say and I respect that. My focus is on the Constitution and the Republic and the 70% of the eligible voters who are disenfranchised….and on the truth. Trump is my best path until 2024 when a new team that I help assemble might finish the job he started of taking down the Deep State and the Shadow Government that betrays the public trust every single day. Let’s see what 2020 brings.

  6. 1. 9/11/01 attack on the towers in NY.

    2. “Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla sparks international outrage …2010″.

    3. The Sandy Hook Scam, Dec. 14, 2012

    4. Dual citizenship of any employee or official of U.S. Government with any other country.

    Mr. Steele: I have great respect for your efforts. Here is what I suggest must be done for Trump to redeem himself if he is to succeed: By now he had read every secret report in our government on each of the above topics. He must release every one to the public without any redactions and a signed oath by him that nothing has been withheld. He must demand apologies from Israel to our public for any crimes they are guilty of or lies they have told our citizens. He must issue an executive order prohibiting any and all dual citizenships for any employees or officials of our government with any country retroactively. Everyone involved with any criminal activity in Sandy Hook or 9/11/01 or the 2010 incident must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If he did all these acts and admitted honestly and openly the crimes of our government in all these incidents and those of Israel, he would be redeemed so far as I am concerned. However all further aid to Israel must be halted immediately and they must be forced to apologize to our citizens and provide some sort of compensation for their crimes and lies about these international crimes.

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