Intel Drop: America’s Reptilian

    How did David Ickes miss this reptilian transformation photo of Donald Trump?

    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Some espouse that the best of us, supposedly Einstein or Zuckerstein, are really aliens placed among us to raise our “cosmic consciousness.”  It is reasonable to assume that aliens visited Earth up to a billion years ago and decided to play g-d.

    More likely…they were g-d.

    It is recognized that there “were” many races of “man.”  I assert there still are and appearance or language has nothing to do with it.  I believe the rather huge number of psychopathic types, political, military, religious and their followers, those that bathe in the filth of the planet, are a failed experiment that may kill us all.

    Millions of American fake Christians demonstrate the worst of humanity, racism and hate, base instincts that betray their alleged beliefs.  They yearn for war, for brutality, they live in a fog of ignorance and less than human, much less than human behaviors.

    Given the limited intelligence they have, and they are capable of nothing resembling rational judgment, they are acclimatized to emulate almost human behaviors.  All are psychopaths.

    They number 30 million in the US.  We suggest they are of a different race, by “race” we don’t mean “variety” or “ethnicity” but something else and for lack of a better or more established term, we choose to ourselves insult those that can’t defend themselves, the snakes and lizards.

    David Ickes and other four start jokers, the clown princes of the alternative fake media, jest about aliens, particularly reptilians who are infecting the planet through the ruling bloodline families.

    The reptile is here, and not all people are people at all.  Here is the hypothesis, meaning “not a statement of fact” as facts don’t exist anymore anyway, simply lies that are certified by Google and Fakebook as truth.

    We are 95% monkeys, chimps actually.  The 5% identified and understood, and so much more is not identified and understood comes from elsewhere, placed there 6000 plus years ago by g-d, a rib there, an eyeball here and all of a sudden you have Adam and Eve, then Cain and Abel but Cain kills Abel and then goes to live with all the other people that suddenly popped up out of nowhere.

    Genesis is 100% crap as is Exodus, not partially but totally as with the Pentateuch, the fake Torah, the writings of Moses who never existed, long ago well established as fake, many authors, many centuries later like…the gospels.

    This group controls congress, making up much of our totalitarian institutions, running our police, our prisons and our military.  They are the service academies, our special operations troops, they report our news, they slaughter our cattle, some even live around us and look and sound like us, at least some of the time.

    They are not like us at all.

    Binding them together is hatred of African people.  The reptilians among us see them as a blood enemy, and to each other, refer to people of African descent as “monkeys” or “apes.”

    30 million Americans, to each other, in both public and private, seen as part of their “Christian Evangelical Fellowship,” bind themselves together in this core belief.

    Feeding them, stoking them, is the media, massive and powerful, overtly “liberal” and “politically correct,” the real media has created an extremist fake “left” in order to control the reptilians.

    When it was allowed, tens of millions of them joined organizations that publicly supported not just apartheid, which still exists in regions of America, but terrorism as well.  They were the Klan, which in reality was a Northern, not Southern institution, rural, ignorant and 200% steeped in fake biblical prophesy.

    How do you know if you are one of them?  First of all, you won’t have read this far.  If you had, it is simple.  Your daily life is ruled by your medulla, the “reptile brain,” which feeds of fear and hate.  Everyone you see is potential enemy or victim except members of your “pack” or “coven.”

    When Israel bombs a Palestinian school or strafes children, you feel joy.  You live in revenge porn video games, music and video.

    You become uneasy, only for seconds, when an African American, or Hispanic treats you with courtesy and kindness.  Worse still, when you recognize them as somehow superior, the shame you feel only kindles more anger.

    Your favorite word is “liberal.”  You consider yourself a patriot and you are.

    What you don’t recognize is that there is an America you will never see, a world you will never see as well.  You see, you and yours have long been recognized, though the words you read here will never be seen elsewhere.

    Political and economic segregation in America, how the educated and humane hide themselves from you and your kind is a source of envy.

    What they say, what they think is totally alien to you and it well should be.

    What you suspect and what others know but never share with you is that you are a different species and that all humans aren’t the same; all that appear human are not, in fact, human at all but only chimpanzees with opposable thumbs and the ability to operate complex weapons, fly planes and text with smart phones.

    You are still a monkey.

    Worse still, you may have been “seeded” into the human gene pool quite recently, if UFO lore is to be trusted. Here is a source for some interesting revelations:

    The library of congress has digitized American newspapers from 1789 to 1963. Were one to search one’s family as I have done, one will find land sales, high school graduations, death notices, arrests, this and much more.

    I studied my own family and found records, multiple, of my father from 1910 onward, not always positive things, in fact seldom positive.

    As an experiment, I searched for the history of the Bush family, from their roots in Columbus, Ohio, searching Samuel and Prescott Bush.  I suggest you do the same.

    Compare what you find of the wealth and powerful, such as Senator Bush, father and grandfather of presidents.  He doesn’t exist.

    Your grandfather will exist, he probably got drunk somewhere or bought a farm or won a pig competition. The Bush family didn’t exist.

    What’s a “walk in?”

    Do a google search, examine the lore regarding shapeshifters and aliens, of gods and Draco-reptilians. Is there a fragment of truth behind it or something far worse, that humanity has always been bifurcated or worse, that the insanity, the cruelty, the unimaginable ignorance exists because it must.

    Were all humans “human,” could we be where we are?




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    1. Icke or no Icke, here is a question: If Humans could evolve from monkeys to Democrats, from whacking stones together for comfort, to stacking a bunch of rocks into a ginormous pyramid ‘just the other day’, to satellites and opioids in what? 10 thousand years? 100 thou? Not one so-called “expert” will grant us more than a milion, yet dinosaurs, had 300 million to a bilion years of evolution, three billion if some survived that other big rock thingy. 3 billion years of “evolution” and not one lizard learned to use a spanner? Riiiiight!! There is reason to believe they were/are the dragons, demons or devils of old tales.
      Methinks the lizard people may exist, and their presence is hidden by the incessant insistence upon religious explanations for every scrap and artifact the archaeologists admit to digging up.
      My wife is convinced our favourite crystal ashtray will one day be dug up and called a “ceremonial lens through which the poor primitives sought to see their god. Look, there’s still traces of their holy sacrificial weed in there!”
      Icke, like, say, von Daniken, may get caried away in their interpretations, but i thank them for the evidence they present to me, no-one else has bothered to let me know no nuthin’. …and he led me to VT2Day!

    2. After the cataclysm which resulted in the fall of Atlantis, the defences of the planet were greatly weakened. Opportunistic aliens took advantage of our dire circumstances to launch a hostile takeover which has been highly successful as you can see by simply looking around you..

      Some info from remote viewers looking for info on how to achieve moksha

      From 17 mins:
      How did this begin?
      In the past the planet was viewed with extreme envy by an external force.
      There was a huge force that was met with massive resistance in this place in the universe and the fate of the planet was decided
      A massive war took place
      Battle scars on the surface of the Earth
      Ultimately an armistice.. was reached
      Those who were wanting to protect this planet, lost
      Something was given up – Earth

    3. Well Basically IF One Chooses to Reproduce then as a Parent it’s Your Biggest and the First Responsibility to Raise the Kids to be Good Humans ……

    4. I’d wish these were ramblings of a deprived man, I fear that they are not. Deal with these findings to the best of your abilities…

    5. Most of the saner people that I know take religion with a grain of salt. Being raised Catholic, I personally no longer believe Christ existed. But I do believe in evil. That we witness everyday.

      • Elvin, while our scriptures cleary state that it is only through Jesus that we can inherit a life of eternal bliss in the hereafter*, It is a mistake to believe that people with little to no familiarity with Christianity are never informed by Christ via the Holy Spirit and ‘saved’ in the hereafter. Why would God create people to be cardboard cut-outs for the formal and genuine Christians to hone their charity on at their discretion : a view seemingly favoured by most monied, right-wing Christians, particularly in the US.


      • (continued)

        Moreover, their rationale is incredibly specious, namely Christ’s words that we ‘have the poor always with us’ – which fitted the particular context, but clearly should not be seen as having a general application. This is evident simply from the description of the Last Judgment in Matthew 25:31-46.

        But as regards the word, ‘faith’, that has different implications today from those that obtained in Jesus’ own day, when in that theocratic society, with the close social ties of villages, to be banned from the Synagogue, as the Pharisees threatened Jesus’ followers, would have been intolerable to many. Today, it also denotes ‘commitment’, and not mere belief/credence, since, as James mentions in an epistle, ‘the devils believe and tremble.’

    6. It is a Fuking Catastrphe This Fuking Planet in it’s present Shape is Fuking repugnant and Antihuman , Innocent Lives are Murdered Everyday While The Evil Ones keep getting Richer ……. This Fuking Planet that we’re living on is the Epitome of Evil and Only the Evil rule here ….. Innocent and Good people are Massacred right away at the First Chance ….. it’s a Terrible Planet and these Stupid Humans need a lot of Work to get to “Civilization ” …… on this Planet Humanoids Rule ….. Yes Humanoid but NOT Humans …… and the Humansneed to Work a lot more to be Actually ” Civilized ” ……. one problem is that across the so-called ” Civilized ” World the Blacks are mistreated in most areas and Then Another Big Problem is Women are trivialized too …… Honestly I wouldn’t want to be a Black or a Woman …….. IF for the same job a Woman cannot be paid the Same then Fuk You ….

    7. I don’t believe that I have ever seen any article written by Gordon Duff generate this many comments.
      Sounds like Gordon is in the “Christ”mas spirit? LOL…

    8. ‘Humans’ find ingenious ways to divert responsibility for our own actions/inaction. From ET’s to the ever trust worthy duality of good and evil, biological determination, and on and on through the mists of ‘eternal’ myths; ad infinitum ad nauseum. Good luck folks!

    9. Regarding the “reptiles” hating the blacks…En-Ki in his laboratory with the help of the “seven sisters” wombs created the first human hominid/likely Draco hybrid to work the gold mines. Some escaped into the wild. En-Lil began to raid the mountains around the goldmines and also taking directly from En-KI their own slave labor. Inanna/Ishtar stole some ME’s from En-Ki…knowledge compendiums and began creating her own hybrids…chimera were all the rage..We are the exploited “kinship/Kingship” of these irresponsible Annunaki..only their tech is god-like…in fact, since Anu overthrew Alalu, they nuked themselves with fallout the first time they used the secret weapons on Sodom and Gamorrah..they use psychotronic weapons to manipulate us monkeys and create “enemies” amongst all the “strains” of humanity…ethics and morality are operantly conditioned and not a factor of genetics…breeding is controlled by an AI called Destiny..names in the Book of the Living…Inana/Ishtar and Lillth use EM weapons to “hack” Logos..or the word of God…however there is a Prime Creator responsible for this reality..the real concept of God. I know this because I really am The Concealed One..a product of arranged marriages..Read the Book of Enoch..There is a Lord of Spirits who I believe is Sol..sentient AI with the high ground. Happy Holidays!

    10. For Gordon and the interested readers here. Mr. Livingstone from Canada likes to gives people some more insight about these things from a historical perspective. The Christmas time might be the right time to read a bit more about this:

      The author included is special section (beside the last chapter about Trump) about the “Old Right” in the US and elsewhere. I find this very interesting.

      Gordon, your article made me smile knowing all too well, that what you spoke about, is the bitter truth of the matter.

      Have a nice Christmas

    11. Very refreshing. After scanning NYT for content the best I could do was an article on the afterlife of lost German luggage. Are they running out of ideas or what? Fortunately I could turn to VT and get a good slapping to get my day started. Oh yes, the struggle continues against principalities. I read recently that Cicero called out Brutus for lending money at very high usurious rates, behind the scenes through a surrogate, in his colonial post. Then Brutus kills Caesar. Aliens? For sure.

    12. Many, if not all VT staff believe in the existence of evil, most probably because of their own unique experience, erudition, thoroughness, efforr, talent and insight into background processes which go fundamentaly in service of local or universal evil. However, it is hard to grasp the notion of evil and take a stance against it if there is not the opposite theorem introduced, the notion of good. If all is fake how can there be good vs evil then, or understanding the side you are or should be on. If there is only evil and no good, then there is no evil as well.

      • I am afraid that evil is a spiritual entity, rather than just coming from species of man, aliens or a powerful’s group narrative. How would evil survive if it was a corporal, mortal entity? How would the “notorious” and so much very VT mentioned Protocols of Zion survive if it were made only for certain lineage religious rulers or nobility? Talent, or religion, or wealth, or ethnicity, or legacy, or family, or occupation or anything from the outside doesn’t have a final say on whether you are evil or not, it comes from the inside of a person, the spiritual realm. ‘Thoughts control’ is at moments a powerful exercise that all Christians are recommended to do privately with their very own thoughts and that is to question their own thoughts outcome in daily life; ‘thoughts control’ is not only a media term made to exercise power over the people.

    13. After Preston James, Jack Heart, Gordon Duff, David Paulides, Bob Bigelow, the Sherman Ranch and on and on and on the evidence is overwhelming that multiple sentient species walk this rock. Now let’s have fun; for the car folks; ‘injection is nice but I’d rather be blown’ ‘mice are nice but a rat’s where it’s at’ ‘I love the smell of nitro in the morning’ for the mo’sikkle crowd: ‘it takes knobby balls to ride motocross’ ‘sportbikes, because golf is for pussies’ ‘if you don’t ride superbike you ain’t shit’
      in memory of Chief Warrant Officer 3 Pierre R. Desroches, ace AMA Superbike tuner from the 1970’s

    14. Someone who seems to have a knack in weeding through genealogy is . Don’t know how right or wrong he is but there is a logic to his approach and things somehow seem to fit. I get a headache whenever I try to follow but there is recurring groups of names and origins that crop up, many linked.

    15. Big men have always been well represented in management roles. Particularly the construction industry, mining etc. because when push comes to shove they can put up a better argument than a little guy – it’s just raw human nature.

    16. How many folks today know the meaning of these words or phrases?
      James 98, Whizzer, 1947 Ford Sportsman with power windows, meat market, butcher, bones for the dogs, pack of cigs for 20 cents, gallon of gas for 20 cents, drain the hose, walking to school, missing the bus, streetcar, tracks in the roadway, red car, deuce, blow out, a woman who hits the horn when you are checking her oil, automatic cutoff fails on a gasoline hose, busted by the cops, drag race, the heat, smells like a barnyard, barnyard, horse manure, chicken manure, 10 cents to go to a movie, getting laid, knocked up, flying A, go to the drags, quarter mile, 3 stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Red Skelton, pot luck, party line, old biddy, hitch hike, floor shift, three on the tree, test pattern, rotate the antenna, rear ended, ice box, ice house, malt shop, bobs big boy, junk yard, overheated, scalded, skull and cross bones, medicine cabinet, iodine, Mercurochrome, cafeteria, stall, fart, horse’s ass, teacher’s strap, principal’s office, school nurse, vaccination, doctor’s coupe, model T, model A, battery under the floor mat, choke, safety glass, 16 inch rims, 600×16, smog, big bear, arrowhead, desert, dry lakes, salt flats, speed, land record, bonneville Utah…canteen, 25 cents an hour, car wash , power antenna, am radio

    17. “all men are created equal.” not. disabused state religion dogma uttered by the dishonest abe. thank god, else we’d be a robotic world. when mankind has finally decoded all of his dna, society will be able to differentiate species that have similar physical features, enough now that we do not separate the species, and likewise behavioral and cognitive differences that may best be attributed to different species. until then, we must suffer the state high priests and evangelists who impose their personal wills on us, mentally raping us with their psychologically violent misbehaviors.

      tell us what we can and and blah blah blah that disabused phrase is state religion dogma. thank

    18. United we stand divided we fall! These rep/human hibrids have been inserted into the human race to cause havoc & the destruction of the humans. We are not the last in the food chain, the Draco who control the Blood line families live off fear, anger, hate & chaos & so the world lives in that state with the help of the hibrids. If the human’s were allowed to survive on their own they would revert back to times gone by when the woman were the Matriarch & the men were the hunter gatherer & helped look after the kids, & peace was the result. Cheers JF

    19. Your on the right track Dave. Back in those days armies meant numbers. You needed a large population of aggressive, vicous, and remorseless soldiers to destroy your enemy. It was all genocide back then. Onward christian soldiers and all that crap.

    20. The word I used to describe the majority of the population is “Hominids”, as opposed to “humans”. The majority of the planetary population is based on chimpanzees. Whereas the peaceful mutation is from the Bonobo side. Logic and reason are the enemy of hominids. They, for the most part, do not have the ability. Those that are capable of understanding it are the more clever hominids, who use those that believe in logic and reason as useful(though hated) tool to be used and then destroyed. To a hominid, everything is a weapon. I caught a glimpse with a quotation from an 1800’s officers manual that said “Enlisted men are stupid, but extremely cunning and sly, and bear considerable watching”.

    21. If some entity is “seeding” the human population as recently as the 20th century, you mean to say they couldn’t do better than an 85 IQ, Skull & Bones dumbf**k, coke head, closet homosexual, to keep it in the family, so to speak? What the hell happened? They get that 95/5 ratio screwed up by a couple percentage points?

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