Tulsi Gabbard: Trump committed unconstitutional ‘act of war’ with killing of Soleimani


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Friday said President Trump violated the U.S. Constitution with an “act of war” in the targeted killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

“This was very clearly an act of war by this president without any kind of authorization or declaration of war from Congress, clearly violating the Constitution,” the Hawaii Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate said on “Fox and Friends.”

“It further escalates this tit-for-tat that’s going on and on and on, will elicit a very serious response from Iran and [push] us deeper and deeper into this quagmire,” she said. “And it really begs the question, for what?”

Ms. Gabbard, a veteran of the Iraq War, has consistently warned against U.S. military involvement in the Middle East.

“I’ve said for a long time that going to war with Iran would make the war in Iraq and even Afghanistan look like a picnic,” she said. “There has been no declaration of war against Iran, and I think that’s a really important point.”

The Defense Department confirmed Thursday that, at the direction of Mr. Trump, the U.S. military killed Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds force.

The Pentagon characterized the move as a “defensive action” to protect U.S. personnel abroad.

Source:  WashingtonTimes.com


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  1. An admirable sentiment from Tulsi. Not that this is a first act of war without congressional approval (and that approval itself needs to be questioned as to its validity with I-First declarations by congressmen). In other words, the swamp is full of illegality and pointing to your opponents actions, without taking a broader view, seems a tad shallow. I guess we have to start somewhere, but it’d be easy enough to say something like: “I don’t approve of any unconstitutional actions, and this is one of them!”
    Tulsi also said that no one should shed single tear for this man. (What about his family Tulsi? You have a family don’t you, and they would mourn if you were assassinated, wouldn’t they?) That brings out the warrior’s human weakness, which is their professionally trained hard-heartedness towards human suffering. Yes they need that in battle, but it is wholly inappropriate to a politician. Just my take.

  2. The action against the late Iranian “general” would have been legal IF he’d been the subject of a “Letter of Marquee/Reprisal”.

    If Soleimani was acting with the authority of his government, then his actions constituted an act of war. The President ought to have gone to the Congress with the evidence against the Iranian government and asked for a declaration of war, and THEN proceeded to carry it out.

    If the Iranian government disavowed Soleimani’s actions, then he’s simply a criminal, and could be dealt with accordingly. Ideally, taken alive and brought to trial, but if he wasn’t going quietly, then use of deadly force would indeed be proper.

    IMO, this killing simply asserts”might makes right”. Iran might not be stupid enough to confront the USA directly, but be assured that this affair is far from done. It also fails to “win hearts and minds” among those whose good will we ought not to discount.

    The way I see it, re: Middle East the USA has but two general ways to proceed: (1) get entirely OUT of it, and simply engage in free trade with whomsover will trade with us, and let the parties involved settle their affairs, regardless of outcome. If the Star of David flies over the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Pyraminds, so be it. If not one Jew is left alive in Palestine, not our problem. OR…(2) we take the oil fields and whatever we want for OURSELVES, and kill all whom get in our way. At least with the latter, we’re being “honest” about it, if brutally so.

  3. Tulsi, you now claim Trump violated the Constitution, something he’s done repeated since being sworn in, yet you didn’t think his crimes were worthy of IMPEACHMENT. You’re the only Democrat to Twice vote “PRESENT” to remove him from office before he gets us into WW3. Do you realize if he gets re-elected, and McConnell retains the Senate, you can kiss the Constitution GOODBYE? He will get his Monarchy, and the Trump crime family will be forever.

  4. Think of all the wars the U.S. has been involved in since the Civil War where psychopath
    Sherman and Drunk Grant and Dishonest Abe raped and plundered the South without any legal authority whatsoever. So far as I know WWI, WWII, Viet Nam all provided zero pain to civilians in the homeland. The only ones who suffered pain were the low level soldiers fighting these mostly illegal wars for others. The only way attitudes might change toward love of war in the U.S. is if the folks back home feel some pain. Otherwise nothing is going to ever change. And it may not anyway. 9/11/01 was a total scam done by Israel with the aid of criminals here and criminals in our own military. None have been brought to “justice” for their crimes against the U.S. and likely never will. Our government is a totally corrupt expletive deleted. “The jails are full of petty thieves but the grand thieves are running the country.” Howard Zinn Ph.D., former professor of History.

  5. Why doesn’t coward Trump from New York just order his cowardly four star generals, who did nothing on the fake false flag attack by Israel on 9/11/01, to nuke the rest of the planet like that former thug Truman did with Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Then the fools in American and die a slow death all by themselves.

  6. In 586 BC, the Persians sacked a child sacrifice temple, and the chosen few have been on a mass extermination warpath ever since. End this feudal nightmare.

  7. Another winner being ostracized and silenced, Tulsi Gabbard.
    Ok, VT, here’s a good idea for a title you can run with the next time you prepare an article on Tulsi Gabbard; “The Marginalization of Tulsi Gabbard”

    That ought to get some attention and head spinning going!

  8. “It further escalates this tit-for-tat that’s going on and on and on, will elicit a very serious response from Iran and [push] us deeper and deeper into this quagmire,” she said. “And it really begs the question, for what?”

    For Trump’s masters in Israel, and a nice distraction for him and Bibi who are both on the hook for corruption.

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