Tulsi: War With Iran Has Begun…with a sea of Trump lies…


Make no mistake: Trump’s actions are an act of war.

Taken without any authorization or declaration of war from Congress, seriously escalating this tit for tat conflict, pushing us deeper into an endless quagmire and dangerously undermining our national security.

I invite you watch this video message about why Trump’s actions are so incredibly shortsighted, damaging and dangerous for our country and then stand with me in sending a message to Trump and his neocon advisers — no war with Iran, no more regime change wars, and no more delay in bringing our troops home.

Click to watch

Millions of people voted for Trump because he promised the American people he would get us out of these stupid wars; that he would bring our troops home. But his actions don’t match his rhetoric. He has deployed 15,000 US troops to the Middle East, just in the last 8 months. We have more troops in the Middle East now than when he was elected.

This reckless stupidity will end with me as your Commander in Chief. We have no time to waste.

Are you with me?



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  1. I was at a friend’s house on 9/11, we both watched on TV when the first tower went down.
    I immediately said, “That’s controlled demolition!” My friend responded, “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” After which, I tried to get the message out, but no one cared to listen.
    They all thought I was a “looney-tune”. Here we are nearly 20 years later, and what do we have?

    As far as Tulsi? She’s walking a thin line on the 9/11 thing. Maybe she’s not there yet on the truth, and who are the real perps (HINT: Cheney-Rumsfeld-Zionists, aka Nut-n-Yahoo), but give her time. The truth will come out! She’ll get it! She’ll do the right thing! Trust me! (-:

  2. While I agree with everything you say, I recall YOU were the ONLY Democratic Representative to twice VOTE “present” (instead of yea) when it came to removing the Toddler-In-Chief from office. That was BEFORE the moron’s “latest” EPISODE of “Wag-The-Dog”.

  3. Tulsi is the ONLY anti-war candidate. I will continue to support her and hope you will consider donating to her (small) campaign. She is the only possible candidate that can take Trump voters that want an alternative.

  4. Project for the New American Century, PNAC, released Sept 200 called for the US to overthrow seven mid east countries, but that this would require a New Pearl Harbor. PRESTO….”Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” and the OBL scapegoat. Operation Zero Footprint overthrew Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Libya. Operation Timber Sycamore was to overthrow Syria, but Putin intervened. Russians killed thousands of CIA proxy ISIS terrorists in Syria.
    “We killed hundreds of Russians in Syria” ~ madman Pompeo, nuff said

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